dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 15 April 2012

dsulistiyo quote dedicated for Valentino Rossi (MotoGP 2011 edition)


Yes life is balance, Not everything can go on as planned, that's why God created tears and smile. thats why God created the world with different time in each region, cause this earth need equilibrium.

sometimes we just ready to accept the happiness, but no with tears. The fact, that are two things can't be separated as long as we become human.

So when every condition come on you please see from the different side and the best way is from positive side

And The Important thing, Now Valentino Rossi know the characteristic in the race, and he with 46 team can start working to his bike and turn there attention to getting more power for top speed.

I'm sure he will back on Podium soon and make the podium not too odd, they need bright color on there, RED combine with YELLOW and MOTOGP podium will be more luxurious and gorgeous. The time will come, we all have to be patient to bring back  the REAL KING TO THE PLACE

I thought the drama never end until the next race or might be until  the end of season, but for me I'm so  excited about this, because I love racing sport, many happening in this sport and the best rider always try their best. 

This all I wrote is my opinion , everybody has one. So just enjoy and be brave to make your opinion. I love Racing Sport

That's the one of many best thing about Valentino Rossi, if you hearing the interview after Press conference and you see his happy face, you will be able to feel his spirit, his happiness, his soul of the racing. And its make you never stop to support him with any condition.

We love Valentino Rossi and we believe thats he has worked extremely hard for us. Yes for us for Ducati team, him self and his Fans.

See...so it was clearly who's more mature person, who's more honest and who's more understand what meaning of sport is. Sport is not war, its a game, he always happy and smile what the result he got, as long as the battle between two rider is fair, honest then it become a real sporting contest which delight the spectators. That's my Valentino Rossi be a legend, very popular and amazing person.

It's the one of a many great thing from Valentino, he always make us understand what the real meaning of sport. The one is accept what you get with all positive thing.  2nd The sport is not war but is a game so all the achievement is happy thing, even he must get the worst result as long as the battle is fair and honest he will accepted and with a big heart said congratulation for the best.

What's he did is very brilliant and Valentino Rossi is back, All people shouting for Valentino Rossi , called his name proudly. And he gave the best smile for us for his fans, for all team. 

And whats he said after he did the introduction race its very  detail and technique. 
He's very complete as Idol, not only rider, he's entertainer, engineer and good analysis too. What he said more complete than riders already did all laps in the real race on this circuit. That's why I said Valentino Rossi "never say never", he aways have idea to make all simple thing be a wonderful thing

But we can feeling it, The Ducati bike have a good proggres after Valentino Rossi join to this team on this season , but we can change anything like we change some clothes, to many problem before so when its improving its mean all in the right way, the gap from the top is more close only seven seconds more better even not close enough. And Valentino Rossi with the optimistic spirit always said all thing in the positive side,  really sure the new heavier crankshaft is good because he can overtake Dovi in the straight track and its was the good sign for his bike. 

Just believe the time will come soon and we will see the interesting race with great battle between Valentino rossi for the front row, for the Victory. No doubt of him, he still Valentino Rossi the best rider ever.

He never put his spirit down, he always has brilliant idea for his bike and his team. and he always know how to share what he feel to all his fans and make all fans send a thousand energy and spirit to support him for always sportive, smile and humble what ever his condition.


Yes the one make he be a big Legend in MotoGP and in others, is he always able to build up his spirit, trying anything possible to make any change, always know what the strength and the weakness of him self without blame the other, and always believe in every dark, the light will come soon like the sun always come in the morning without doubt. When we want grab our dream or some change in our life, we must able to try anything and we need dare to take the risk will come, and any risk will let to hope and wish, and base on our hope will make us to working more hard to achieve it

He already show to us some interesting race in Germany even though not for front row, it made us very sure some lighting will be bright soon, Valentino Rossi will be back and stand on top step again, and we will always say thanks to him because he always show to us again and again about what we called racing. Very Proud to have Idol like Valentino Rossi

Laguna Seca, Round 10 of MooGP 2011

Sometime people said what Valentino Rossi did by moving from Yamaha to Ducati it was a big gamble and he already take a wrong decision, but for me its not going like that, what Valentino Rossi did to end of contract with Yamaha and sign the new two years contract with Ducati, its the brave and the best decision, why??? because with the slow bike he show to all of us how to still move on with whatever he has, keep improving and fighting, and it was proved to us how big and high level techniques for riding, he able to always finished all race with a good result even the bike still not complete in develop. And he teach to us about patience will bring happiness at the end. 

Result and Review Qualifying Practice MotoGP Brno Circuit 2011

What he did just proving to us, with all passion, enthusiasm, commitment, cooperation and trust with all team, is the strongest foundation to rise up and bring the best of all things we did

The Real victory for Valentino Rossi Indianapolis Motor Speedway

So with all spirit he has, Valentino Rossi finished at 10th position. Can you imagine if he riding the complete bike what for he will be. Like this case Valentino Start from 14th and struggle with problemm bike and force him to start again fro 17th and than with briliant way he grabbed 10th place. The Real Victory of MotoGP

Skill for ride was very important for riders but the stable spirit most important to make riders can be the legend like Valentino Rossi

Aragon Difficult Race For Ducati but The Best Performance For Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi decided to used 7th engine to tried his Alumunium chassis and collecting the Data for his development bike. And automaticlly will make him start from pit lane 10 seconds after the race start. Really hurt to see him must start from the back but the risk he must taken for know better the bike for the next year.

Valentino Rossi did some interviewed he clearly said like that but the best way he took, he didn't blame anybody, with very humble he just said "I'm in wrong place and wrong time, after touch Lorenzo his front brake touched Spies, so I couldn't  do nothing, but I know Lorenzo didn't see me,  so we are  in the good way but unfortunately we were unlucky"

See all clear just like crystal and pure just like diamond and honest just like Sun, Valentino Rossi always know where to put him self in any case,Really proud to have him to be my Idol. We here to support you Valentino Rossi

What's the one we all waiting at Phillip Island circuit 2011 ?

So with his positive spirit and confident more with the bike we can hope some spectacular race will happen. All riders is good, race with lot of riders will very good also but why Valentino Rossi still the one people loved to watch because he's always know how to made race not only about fastest and leave other riders behind with a big gap, when he very fast with his bike and got a lot of victory he still manage to make the gap more close with the second riders and do some battle, to make race more entertaining.

We're here to support Valentino Rossi 

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