dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

MotoGP Sepang 2012 for Marco Simoncelli

After very great trip for Motegi GP, I got a chance to watch live MotoGP Sepang 2012 for couple times. But this time is a bit different felt in here. It was make us remember with the very talented rider who has very lovely attitude who passed away on this circuit last year.

Even the weather can feel the deep sorrow; rains came and make the situation of this event so touching. On Thursday all MotoGP peoples paid attribute to Marco Simoncelli on turn 11 the place of very tragic moment for the great rider from Italy Marco Simoncelli who more lovable we called him SuperSic.

Throughout this event from Friday Practice until Sunday race, rain always come to accompanied us. And lot of riders got crashed from Moto3 also MotoGP. Track was very slippery and wet. 

And the surprise come from Moto2 championship, all the riders can got the podium is truly not one we previously thought, after two time crashed for Marc Marqueze forcing him to stop the race and delay getting the title of Moto2 World Champion 2012 at Sepang, and Iannone who struggle a lot with this wet condition only able to finished at 6th place. But very elegant win for Alex De Angelis for finished first place a head of Anthony West and Gino Rea (One story special for Gino Rea)

And for the Malaysian spectators was very proud to know their rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin can get the 2nd podium on his birthday, what a special birthday gift ever for him.

And for MotoGP championship we can say it's good to watch Dani Pedrosa for one more time win the battle with Jorge Lorenzo after the red flag due the heavy rain there and seven laps left can't continue because the universe wants it. And it's very special win for Dani because it was the first time he can win on the wet condition. 

Ducati team had a very positive race on this circuit after started from fourth row Valentino Rossi can jump on 5th position and had a good battle with Dovizioso and Casey Stoner. And it was give us all his fans some chance to saw our hero back on the podium, but unlucky on the turn 7 he running out from the track but still grateful he can still ride on the track, not got crashed like the other riders Bradl, Dovizioso and Spies (who made Spies need to do surgery on his shoulder and close the fight on this year). After back to 9th place Valentino Rossi fighting back and finally he can reach 5th place. And Nicky Hayden for 4th place.

I just keep thinking MotoGP 2012 exactly more entertain than MotoGP 2011 but still too much boring. But we can hope for next year when he come back again to his baby M1 and fight on the place he should be and give us some interesting battle again.

Fantastic Podium at Motegi 2012 for Alvaro Bautista

MotoGP Motegi 2012 was very fantastic moment for me, because for the first time I came to this circuit after so many times I dream to be in here. I will write about my trip at Motegi on the other article. I think not only me who think it was fantastic moment but one of so many people is must be Alvaro Bautista. The Gresini rider with the Japanese bike, did very well battle until the final lap with the British rider Cal Crutchlow with his Yamaha bike and its Japanese bike also. 

I can saw very clearly on the awesome track how great and confident Alvaro ride his bike lap by lap after on  Saturday at Motegi he just renew his contract from one year again with Gresini racing. So maybe that thing gave him more spirit in Japan GP.

After the race he very nicely take a pic with some fans and talk a bit with me about how his felt after got a great weekend on Japan for his racing carrier.

Motegi also special for Casey Stoner because on this circuit he return back after rest from his recovery from Indianapolis injury and like we know with the very fast bike he has he able to finished at 5th place. And with his not 100% condition of cause it was very special podium for him.

The other who very impressive on Japan GP is when Dani Pedrosa finally can beat Lorenzo and made him still able to continue the dream to be MotoGP World Champion 2012. At least we not too early to know who will be the next World Champion, even Lorenzo still the one who has a big chance to get it again for 2 times on this class. I'm not fans of Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo, but I thanks to them to keep the battle for World Champion 2012 alive. 

Valentino Rossi always the most rider who get so many attentions from fans so lovely to see atmosphere of Japanese fans. Will write special story with him at Motegi.

Thanks a lot Valentino Rossi too always make us worth it to watch this championship even I need to fly so many kilo meters to meet with you and you always has a million way to made your fans happy. We always here to support and cheer you. We do love you Valentino Rossi 

MotoGP Aragon 2012 for Dani Pedrosa and Valentino Rossi

The five last MotoGP12 at Aragon circuit is very entertaining with all riders from Moto2, after a great overtaking by Iannone, who almost take a first podium at Aragon but at the end he miss out the podium after great battle with Marc Marquez for 2nd position, he also lost battle with Scott Redding for 3rd podium and the 1st podium finally for Pol Espargaro. But we need to honest Moto2 gave us a fresh blow after so many boring race from MotoGP.

But for Spanish GP of Aragon, The race of the Kings MotoGP went quite interesting, after disaster last race at Misano for Dani Pedrosa, he just come back strong and show his class. At the beginning he just following Jorge Lorenzo for 2nd place but after 6laps, Dani Pedrosa found his direction with the bike and slowly but sure he just over take Lorenzo and take a lead until finish line with very interesting gap + 6.472.

As we know Dani Pedrosa had a birthday at Sept 29 at this podium be the special present for his birthday. The lovely words come from him on his interviewed is " I tried to maintain my rhythm and put some good laps  in, so I was able to open up a good gap and the nice was working well overall especially in the corners. Thanks to all of the mechanics, my fans and my family - this victory is for them."

Lorenzo still lead the World Standing Championship even he just took 2nd place at Aragon, the gap for World standing with Dani Pedrosa is about 33 point. But at least we still can have a chance to guess who will be the next World Championship for MotoGP 2012 at the end of this season.

For the 3rd place at Aragon three riders from Yamaha, 2 satellites Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow with one Factory rider Ben Spies, have a good show for us. And at the end of the race Andrea Dovizioso come strong to get the podium for six times as he ride for Yamaha Tech 3 on MotoGP 2012. Brilliant ride by him on satellite bike and we all can't wait to see his performance with the factory team Ducati for next year. Hope he can tame the bike just like he did with Yamaha Tech 3.

Cal Crutchlow needs to be happy after lose battle with his team mate and finished at 4th place. And this time after very difficult season of Ben Spies on Yamaha 2013 he just takes good points here and finished strong at 5th place.

Jonathan Rea who ride for replace Stoner while he on recovery from the injured who get so many cheer for MotoGP fans to continue race on MotoGP just doing great with Honda RCV213V strong enough to take point on 7th place, only one step behind Alvaro Bautista.

And for Ducati team, once again it will be very hard season for them, Nicky Hayden got very terrible crashed, he jump out from the bike, hit the barrier of the circuit and crash out from the track area. Thanks God he's very luck, he wear very good leather and helmet to protect his body and he's not get any difficult injured. But yes it was really bad crashed ever happened on circuit with very empty area. 

Valentino Rossi who always get so many attention from fans and media with whatever he finish for, after miss track on the first lap after touching with Jonathan Rea and forced him to out from the track and make him on the last position. But like we all know Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, fight to the max with what he has and no need to wait long he passed CRT bike very fast and jump into 12th place and finished strong and proud on the 8th place. We all sure without the "mistake" on the first lap he can fight for 6th with Bautista, but whatever truly amazing to saw your spirit Vale. You're so complete for us, not only for yours fans but also for all who love this sport and for all people around the world. Your spirit is the force to make us always and always support you.