dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 30 April 2012

Nobody as tough as Rossi in MotoGP Jerez 2012

No one understands and no one can complete the puzzle of Valentino Rossi and Ducati be the one draw we all want to see "Fighting for the position he should be" and it must be in Front row.

After fantastic result he got on Free Practice 2 he was finished so strong on 2nd place behind Dani Pedrosa but when all fans so glad with this result but him self with very humble and honest just said him self don't understand well why this bike pretty easy to control in the corner when the track condition was wet and very difficult to control on the dry. But whatever this result was great meant he can get the felling with the bike.
But lot of journo said we need to patient and wait what will happen until FP 3 and Qualifying Practice. Which is it was true because we can able to know the bike is fix or still have the same problem when the condition of track is normal.

And when the FP3 came Valentino Rossi only able to put the bike on 5th pace and the worst one when he didn't get any speed for Qualifying Practice and very far from his team mate Nicky Hayden who able to finish the QP in front row on 3rd place and Valentino Rossi only can start the Jerez race from 13th on fifth grid. It was very difficult to grab the front row when we all know the bike still on development.

But like we all now Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, no one doubt his talent to ride, no body can say he very easy to give up, and it was fake when we heard Valentino Rossi on holiday that's why he always have gap so far in every race. I just don't belive when I heard something annoying like that.

Like enemy on the track
but the truth they are friend
He proved one more time again to us and show to us what means efort, even he know with his position to start was very far but he not stop to try, trying to give something to his team, his fans and himself. He push the the bike with the maximum of the bike can to move on. And he can finished at 9th even the gap still very far with the fastest but we can see clearly how Valentino Rossi look comfort on every corner and when he did a battle with Hector Barbera he can look so smooth to take over lap by lap. It's really not a result he and team want but it the starting to reach our dream to back in the front.

Thanks Nicky you show to us a
 good battle at Jerez 2012
Valentino Rossi used the seeting with the data of Nicky Hayden so more like Ducati setting and he try to change his riding style to following what the bike want, and seem it the best way to the Duke. So like he said after race he will using this setting as a basic in every race for this year, and he very thanks to Nicky who want to share the data he has.

The sweet smile to share 

So with the optimis spirit from Vale we can build a new hope and he said he, team and Ducati will try to build this big together and create some improvment  with this bike.

We love your spirit Valentino Rossi, with or without trophy you still The Champion in our heart. Thanks to give us the meaning of  fight, wven when we hit the wall and we can't tore it down, it doesn't mean the end of everything but we can still move on and try another way even though will be long way and complicated there must be a door that will make us arrive at the destination. We're here to Support Valentino Rossi

Rider Team Time/Gap
1 1 Casey STONER Repsol Honda Team 45'33.897
2 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha Factory Racing +0.947
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team +2.063
4 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +2.465
5 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +18.100
6 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA San Carlo Honda Gresini +21.395
7 6 Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP +28.637
8 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati Team +28.869
9 46 Valentino ROSSI Ducati Team +34.852
10 8 Hector BARBERA Pramac Racing Team +35.103
11 11 Ben SPIES Yamaha Factory Racing +38.041
12 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Power Electronics Aspar +1'12.728
13 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Came IodaRacing Project +1'18.669
14 54 Mattia PASINI Speed Master +1'29.142
15 22 Ivan SILVA Avintia Blusens +1'32.478
16 5 Colin EDWARDS NGM Mobile Forward Racing +1'40.577
17 17 Karel ABRAHAM Cardion AB Motoracing 1 Lap

Jumat, 27 April 2012

Valentino Rossi Return for Jerez 2012

After surprising commented by Valentino rossi after struggling and finished 10th place at Qatar, so for almost two weeks after we can read lot of issued and rumors came about Valentino Rossi relation with his new baby the duke and will divorce before the end of the contract.


@ValeYellow46 Siamo noi siamo noi i campioni
della terza siamo noi!!!Tavullia campione!bravi ragazzi
(Are we are the champions of the third is us!Tavullia champion! Good guys)

Add caption
The ironic one our hero Valentino Rossi keep calm and enjoying his rest for the next race at Jerez with some sport and activity he like. He followed monza race and driving his 4 wheels with Uccio and we can know from them account how they enjoyed a lot. And many enjoy things he was did with all his friend on Tavullia. It was mean he already release what make him so hard on Qatar and back to be Valentino Rossi who we know before with his spirit never give up

And its totally clear about Valentino Rossi situation when Italian TV invited him to be reporter for his father Graziano. In here we will not put all of them interview just some poin very interesting on my point of view.

How Graziano explain to Valentino Rossi when he asked about what the good one and the bad one The Duke need to do to make Vale easier to ride, and Graziano answeres with very technical words, he said the power of  the bike (engine) is very fast but need some modification to make the engine easy to ride and to change weight distribution to lose the understeer. Look so interesting and made us realize from who the great talent of Valentino Rossi come.

And when Valentino Rossi asking about what Vale must do in this situation and again Graziano with very smart and brilliant said "For me Valentino Rossi need more tougher than ever before (Even he already tougher) and he need to more commit and believe with himself fully. And if any case it will not going well he can't give up or give in because in my view it is really not time to quit, Here the truly chalange for Valentino to win here with Ducati"

Any idea how strong relation between Valentino and his father, how big the support he get from his family. That is the base for someone can be so big and excelent like Valentino when he do all thing with heart the reasult will be with him even now he on the difficult situation

We all know Valentino Rossi very like with Jerez track and on the last test before he had a good result for his GP12 so it will be very important race for him and the duke. he drawn it on the interviewed on Jerez and like usual with the wise he said  "When you sign a contract  you have to arrive at the end and always giving the maximum effort and this is the target for us"

Really love his way to face this situation and this one make him so special because not many people who have great behavior. Love you always

source : gpone.com & motomatters.com & my self :)

Minggu, 15 April 2012

dsulistiyo quote dedicated for Valentino Rossi (MotoGP 2011 edition)


Yes life is balance, Not everything can go on as planned, that's why God created tears and smile. thats why God created the world with different time in each region, cause this earth need equilibrium.

sometimes we just ready to accept the happiness, but no with tears. The fact, that are two things can't be separated as long as we become human.

So when every condition come on you please see from the different side and the best way is from positive side

And The Important thing, Now Valentino Rossi know the characteristic in the race, and he with 46 team can start working to his bike and turn there attention to getting more power for top speed.

I'm sure he will back on Podium soon and make the podium not too odd, they need bright color on there, RED combine with YELLOW and MOTOGP podium will be more luxurious and gorgeous. The time will come, we all have to be patient to bring back  the REAL KING TO THE PLACE

I thought the drama never end until the next race or might be until  the end of season, but for me I'm so  excited about this, because I love racing sport, many happening in this sport and the best rider always try their best. 

This all I wrote is my opinion , everybody has one. So just enjoy and be brave to make your opinion. I love Racing Sport

That's the one of many best thing about Valentino Rossi, if you hearing the interview after Press conference and you see his happy face, you will be able to feel his spirit, his happiness, his soul of the racing. And its make you never stop to support him with any condition.

We love Valentino Rossi and we believe thats he has worked extremely hard for us. Yes for us for Ducati team, him self and his Fans.

See...so it was clearly who's more mature person, who's more honest and who's more understand what meaning of sport is. Sport is not war, its a game, he always happy and smile what the result he got, as long as the battle between two rider is fair, honest then it become a real sporting contest which delight the spectators. That's my Valentino Rossi be a legend, very popular and amazing person.

It's the one of a many great thing from Valentino, he always make us understand what the real meaning of sport. The one is accept what you get with all positive thing.  2nd The sport is not war but is a game so all the achievement is happy thing, even he must get the worst result as long as the battle is fair and honest he will accepted and with a big heart said congratulation for the best.

What's he did is very brilliant and Valentino Rossi is back, All people shouting for Valentino Rossi , called his name proudly. And he gave the best smile for us for his fans, for all team. 

And whats he said after he did the introduction race its very  detail and technique. 
He's very complete as Idol, not only rider, he's entertainer, engineer and good analysis too. What he said more complete than riders already did all laps in the real race on this circuit. That's why I said Valentino Rossi "never say never", he aways have idea to make all simple thing be a wonderful thing

But we can feeling it, The Ducati bike have a good proggres after Valentino Rossi join to this team on this season , but we can change anything like we change some clothes, to many problem before so when its improving its mean all in the right way, the gap from the top is more close only seven seconds more better even not close enough. And Valentino Rossi with the optimistic spirit always said all thing in the positive side,  really sure the new heavier crankshaft is good because he can overtake Dovi in the straight track and its was the good sign for his bike. 

Just believe the time will come soon and we will see the interesting race with great battle between Valentino rossi for the front row, for the Victory. No doubt of him, he still Valentino Rossi the best rider ever.

He never put his spirit down, he always has brilliant idea for his bike and his team. and he always know how to share what he feel to all his fans and make all fans send a thousand energy and spirit to support him for always sportive, smile and humble what ever his condition.


Yes the one make he be a big Legend in MotoGP and in others, is he always able to build up his spirit, trying anything possible to make any change, always know what the strength and the weakness of him self without blame the other, and always believe in every dark, the light will come soon like the sun always come in the morning without doubt. When we want grab our dream or some change in our life, we must able to try anything and we need dare to take the risk will come, and any risk will let to hope and wish, and base on our hope will make us to working more hard to achieve it

He already show to us some interesting race in Germany even though not for front row, it made us very sure some lighting will be bright soon, Valentino Rossi will be back and stand on top step again, and we will always say thanks to him because he always show to us again and again about what we called racing. Very Proud to have Idol like Valentino Rossi

Laguna Seca, Round 10 of MooGP 2011

Sometime people said what Valentino Rossi did by moving from Yamaha to Ducati it was a big gamble and he already take a wrong decision, but for me its not going like that, what Valentino Rossi did to end of contract with Yamaha and sign the new two years contract with Ducati, its the brave and the best decision, why??? because with the slow bike he show to all of us how to still move on with whatever he has, keep improving and fighting, and it was proved to us how big and high level techniques for riding, he able to always finished all race with a good result even the bike still not complete in develop. And he teach to us about patience will bring happiness at the end. 

Result and Review Qualifying Practice MotoGP Brno Circuit 2011

What he did just proving to us, with all passion, enthusiasm, commitment, cooperation and trust with all team, is the strongest foundation to rise up and bring the best of all things we did

The Real victory for Valentino Rossi Indianapolis Motor Speedway

So with all spirit he has, Valentino Rossi finished at 10th position. Can you imagine if he riding the complete bike what for he will be. Like this case Valentino Start from 14th and struggle with problemm bike and force him to start again fro 17th and than with briliant way he grabbed 10th place. The Real Victory of MotoGP

Skill for ride was very important for riders but the stable spirit most important to make riders can be the legend like Valentino Rossi

Aragon Difficult Race For Ducati but The Best Performance For Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi decided to used 7th engine to tried his Alumunium chassis and collecting the Data for his development bike. And automaticlly will make him start from pit lane 10 seconds after the race start. Really hurt to see him must start from the back but the risk he must taken for know better the bike for the next year.

Valentino Rossi did some interviewed he clearly said like that but the best way he took, he didn't blame anybody, with very humble he just said "I'm in wrong place and wrong time, after touch Lorenzo his front brake touched Spies, so I couldn't  do nothing, but I know Lorenzo didn't see me,  so we are  in the good way but unfortunately we were unlucky"

See all clear just like crystal and pure just like diamond and honest just like Sun, Valentino Rossi always know where to put him self in any case,Really proud to have him to be my Idol. We here to support you Valentino Rossi

What's the one we all waiting at Phillip Island circuit 2011 ?

So with his positive spirit and confident more with the bike we can hope some spectacular race will happen. All riders is good, race with lot of riders will very good also but why Valentino Rossi still the one people loved to watch because he's always know how to made race not only about fastest and leave other riders behind with a big gap, when he very fast with his bike and got a lot of victory he still manage to make the gap more close with the second riders and do some battle, to make race more entertaining.

We're here to support Valentino Rossi 

Rabu, 11 April 2012

Humanly Side of Valentino Rossi ( After MotoGP Qatar Race 2012 )

After GP Qatar all Motorsport world was surprised with the nine times world championship Valentino Rossi. Not because the result he only reach 10 place after starting the race from 12th place. But because his commented after the race, he said the truth from deep of his heart about what he felt with the bike he already rode for more than one season. I don’t want to put the quote in here because for me all people already read from many of media.

The one I want to write here is how the hero who never stop his spirit and always teach to us to never give up can say something so desperate words like that, but for me it was natural thing come from human, and in my view I’m so glad he can share honestly what he felt so maybe make him more relax and release. So I hope with that truth he will ride the bike without pressure and make him more enjoy and hope the bike will run lighter and can show to us the real speed and potential.

We know the first race in Qatar more better than last year because we can saw the battle from Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner, and for 4th and 5th position great battle between Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso made some fresh air for this sport, but nothing we hope than look Valentino Rossi can run on the way he should be, we need to be honest just like he did, this sport still need Valentino Rossi  because he’s the magnet of MotoGP.  MotoGP rating was drop in Italian TV and I think will drop soon around the world when the Championship going so flat without some battle and attraction like Valentino Rossi always did.

I will put some quote from me I already wrote in my blog (in next article) just for making him know we never leave him and we all do believe Valentino Rossi will back with his smile, his patient and  his spirit never give up soon, he just need time a little bit to release himself. We love you Valentino Rossi with or without trophy we still here to support you because your attitude and your humbleness.

When shadow will leave as the dark come but we your true fans will stay beside you even you in the dark condition without light, because your humbleness always make you glow even without light.

picture by dsulistiyo

Minggu, 08 April 2012

The True Warior is Valentino Rossi (Qualifying Practice MotoGP Qatar 2012)

Qualifying Practice for MotoGP already done on April 7th at 19.55 Local Time and for all fans in Indonesia they still loyal to waiting in early morning to watched this practice.
And it was worth it to watched  because all riders push hard for getting a great place for start the first race of the year.

MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow from Britain steers his Yamaha during the Qualifying session of Qatar MotoGP at Losail circuit, Saturday, April 7, 2012, in Doha, Qatar.The consistant result came from the British rider Cal Cructhlow who went very well and confident to able got 2nd position for start the race, and Jorge Lorenzo just proved how strong they are with the Yamaha factory he using for to got the pole position, and for 3rd place to start is Casey Stoner not too far from front row but when we read what the World Champion 2011 said look the result was very bad and worst for him 
JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, SPAIN - MARCH 24: Casey Stoner of Australia and Repsol Honda Team looks on in box during the second day of testing of MotoGP Tests In Jerez at Circuito de Jerez on March 24, 2012 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain."I'm not really happy with how qualifying went for us, it should have been a lot better especially on the soft tyre which we hadn't used all weekend. Last night we were happy with what we had improved and with the set up in general. Then tonight we tried to improve that set up and we just made it worse and worse. In the end we did a full circle and came back to what we had on Thursday night and we have huge chattering problems again.
Now we have a lot of work to do to understand what's gone wrong and where the problem is before tomorrow. If we can make a big step forward in warm up then we can challenge for a podium and maybe fight for the win, but if the bike remains as it is at the moment, then we were going to be in for a long hard race".

JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, SPAIN - MARCH 23:  Casey Stoner of Australia and Repsol Honda Team leads Stefan Bradl of Germany and LCR Honda MotoGP during the first day of testing of MotoGP Tests In Jerez at Circuito de Jerez on March 23, 2012 in Jerez de la Frontera,...And the unexpected result came from Stefan Bradl with satelite Honda bike under LCR time made a shocked positive think he can pushed his bike to touch 2nd position after he learned and followed the line of Jorge Lorenzo in QP but finally finished and will start Qatar race from third row, which is it was great result for Rookie and will be fantastic race to riding the bike with the top riders, good achievment.

Ducati Marlboro Team's MotoGP rider Nicky Hayden of the US takes part in the free practice session at the Losail International Circuit in the Qatari capital Doha on April 6, 2012 ahead of the Grand Prix of Qatar.Nicky hayden since on Jerez test already said The GP 12 is the fastest Ducati he ever ride before and he proved it so well with able to start from 2nd row for the race. And the other Ducati riders from satelite team was touch a great place to start the first race of the season, Hector Barbera for 8th position was means third row anf for Karel Abraham on 10th place. 

US MotoGP rider Colin Edwards of the NGM Mobile Forward Racing team reacts after the qualifying round for the Motorcycle Grand Prix of Qatar at al Losail International Circuit in Doha, Qatar, Saturday, April 7, 2012, in Doha, Qatar.When we seen the result was said Ducati already fix many problem they have in the last year but seems the Ducati bike not work so well for the nine times world champion Valentino Rossi, nobody can believe the bike only made him start the race from 12th position with gap over than one second from his team mate Nicky Hayden and the gap with the pole position rider for +2.179 and the worst one he only 0.831 second faster than Colin Edward who we all know he only riding CRT bike.
Ducati's MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi of Italy takes part in the qualifying practice session at the Losail International Circuit in the Qatari capital Doha on April 7, 2012 ahead of the Grand Prix of Qatar.

And in the interviewed after the QP the humble rider Valentino Rossi can't speak to much he really didn't expect with only few changes they made the bike out of control and when he returns the setting such as FP, not enough time to him fix the position only improve a bit from the lap time.
Ducati's MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi of Italy waits to take part in the free practice session at the Losail International Circuit in the Qatari capital Doha on April 6, 2012 ahead of the Grand Prix of Qatar.I do understand when it make him hard to face the race, he really don't have idea how the bike will going for the race but Valentino Rossi still Valentino Rossi even he face the hard things in front of him he still have way to make some spirit and he said he will trying to look setup from Nicky bike and do some modification or maybe will following him, we will see.

For me this think what we call true warrior, with all difficulties are always trying to find a way, not putting difficult as an excuse. Be ready Valentino Rossi we all know it's hard moment for us but hope when you know we're still here to support you can help to make it more easy for you to pass through.

The complete result Qualifying Practice Commercial Bank Grand Prix of Qatar 2012 :

1. 99 - Jorge LORENZO - Yamaha Factory Racing      1'54.634

2. 1 - Casey STONER - Repsol Honda Team              1'54.855   +0.221

3. 35 - Cal CRUTCHLOW - Monster Yamaha              1'55.022   +0.388

4. 11 -Ben SPIES - Yamaha Factory Racing              1'55.512   +0.878

5. 69 - Nicky HAYDEN - Ducati Team                       1'55.637   +1.003

6. 4 - Andrea DOVIZIOSO - Monster Yamaha            1'55.858    +1.224

7. 26 - Dani PEDROSA - Repsol Honda Team             1'55.905    +1.271

8. 8 - Hector BARBERA - Pramac Racing Team           1'55.983    +1.349

9. 6 - Stefan BRADL - LCR Honda MotoGP                 1'56.063    +1.429

10. 17 - Karel ABRAHAM - Cardion AB Motoracing       1'56.198    +1.564

11. 19 - Alvaro BAUTISTA - San Carlo Honda Gresini   1'56.521    +1.887
12. 46 - VALENTINO ROSSI - Ducati Team                1'56.813     +2.179

13. 5 - Colin EDWARDS - NGM Mobile Forward Racing  1'57.644     +3.010

14. 14 - Randy DE PUNIET - Power Electronics Aspar  1'58.266      +3.632

15. 41 - Aleix ESPARGARO - Power Electronics Aspar   1'58.520     +3.886

16. 68 - Yonny HERNANDEZ - Avintia Blusens             1'58.795     +4.161

17. 51 - Michele PIRRO - San Carlo Honda Gresini       1'59.085     +4.451

18. 54 - Mattia PASINI - Speed Master                     1'59.195      +4.561

19. 9 - Danilo PETRUCCI - Came IodaRacing Project     1'59.664    +5.030

20. 22 - Ivan SILVA - Avintia Blusens                        2'00.493     +5.859

21. 77 - James ELLISON - Paul Bird Motorsport            2'00.757

Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Valentino Rossi target for QP after FP1, FP2 and FP3 Qatar 2012

Finally the MotoGP 2012 starting and we can saw the result of Free Practice 1 for Casey Stoner with record time 1.56.474 and Free Practice 2 The World Champion 2011 still take a lead with 1.55.960 more fast from the first FP1 and for Free Practice 3 the result was Jorge Lorenzo be the fastest with time 1.55.302.

At least the result is not only with one name of rider who take a lead for all practice like the last year in Losail Qatar, so we can still have some hope the race will be interesting with battle from the riders with different team and bike.

And the one make us sure we will have great race was Cal Crutchlow who very surprising got 2nd position on Free Practice 3 and forced Casey Stoner to following him at 3rd place. Means we can't see again the different between Yamaha Factory and Yamaha Satelite, because with the gap only +0.154 with the fastest its means nothing.

But where is Valentino Rossi if he able to achieved big 5 with his new bike he and team developing, the answer is not yet for this time, so means the bike was failed ? And we can said "Of Course Not", why? Because for all Free Practice the rider from Ducati team with Number 46 only used hard tyres. Which means the rider very concentration to know well the setting of the bike with hard tyre like we all know when the race come the hard tyres is almost the chosen for all riders because the grip more able for all lap they need to do. And soft tyre is only use for Qualifying Practice, So we all think Valentino Rossi have a secret mission for the race come and hope we will find the great surprise we all wish.

And its totally same like Nicky Hayden Free Practice is really means nothing we because is totally different with race, so even he got the get result for FP1 he still want calm until what he can bring for Sunday race.

At the started of the Free Practice 1 Nicky Hayden used the hard tyres and than switched to soft tyres and the last exit and he can got more fast for the result.

Bellow the result all Free Practice for all Ducati Riders :









We need to honest the result is not good enough for fighting in front row, the time they made not much different with the last year. 

But when we heard what Valentino Rossi commented after FP3 it was clearly show how ready the team to make some great race on Sunday (Early Monday for Indonesian time) : “Today went pretty well, and I’d say that the last session was the best. The position is nothing fantastic, but on the positive side, I’m very consistent with the hard tyre. The front of the bike is giving more feedback, so I can push more, which is very important, and the bike is very fast at the end of the straight. The understeer is still there, but now I think we have a place from which to work. We hope to improve two or three small things with the setting for tomorrow, and we’ll try to qualify on the second row." (Motogp.com)

What realistic Valentino Rossi is, he not put the target so high but I do sure He will doing and achieve the target with high motivation.

MotoGP need you Valentino Rossi, ride safe for Qualifying Practice.

Rabu, 04 April 2012

Schedule for the first race of MotoGP 2012 (Commercial Bank Grand Prix Qatar)

The first race of this season will start in very soon. And the one made us waiting with very curious of course the best rider ever Valentino Rossi performance with his bike. at present we all know that Vale's bike is under development because after he can’t reach what they think with the last bike (GP 11.1), the team are trying to build a new bike with so many different configurations. 

Like the position of engine the old bike used L Twin and the GP 12 will use V twin with the  hope the bike will be more easier to control and maneuver in the corner. The bike is also heavier due to the new regulation from Dorna for 2012 season from 150kg (800 cc) be 157 kg for 1000 cc. I think the change of the weight they did to make the bike more stable because the speed of the bike will be faster. For Ducati the speed of the bike with 1000cc engine is around 360km/hours
                                                                 pic by dsulistiyo
The names of the new bike was called GP12 or Phoenix means in mythology is the bird that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed again from its ashes.
Just like spirit of the team who last season very burned with the success they can’t get after all thing the best they did for make the bike perform but the success didn’t come until the end of the season, and they will keep the spirit up and renew the bike for make it able to have some battle with others bike like Honda and Yamaha.
What we can say from their spirit is They look the reality about how struggle they were in the past but doesn't mean they need to stop and just stay there but they move on to build in again part by part, and make progress gradually.

pic from @ValeYellow46
Here what Valetino Rossi's comment before the GP Weekend : "We worked hard over the winter, and although we went the wrong direction at one point, we once again managed to find the good feeling with the GP12 that we'd had in the first test - Valentino Rossi said - With those settings, which we'll start with in Qatar, I was able to get good feedback from the bike. At Losail it will be very important to work well during the sessions leading up to qualifying so that we can increase our confidence step by step as we approach Saturday, always trying to maximize our potential. I'm a realist, and I know well that our times are still a long way off and that there are still some things to fix. We won't be able to address some of them right away, but it's also true that both we at the track and the guys back home now have a direction to work in, and we must try to do as well as we can. We won't completely redo the bike during the season, but we'll try to progress little by little."

Lot of positive comments from other about what Valentino Rossi and Ducati team doing with their bike:
Dani Pedrosa said : “Valentino Rossi is Sunday rider so he still able to reach the podium”
Vittoriano Guareschi : He's not so young as when he first came to Yamaha in 2004, but his motivation is very high and I think Valentino with the support of good will can fight for victory
Jorge Lorenzo : “I think Valentino Rossi will fight to achieve the title for this year, he’s still strong and the bike more competitive”
Pernat : “for me Valentino Rossi can still be champion”

Dsulistiyo : “I don't know why, but I pretty sure Valentino Rossi will touch podium in Qatar”

Whatever the result will be in Qatar but we still expect some surprise from him. And starting from April 6th the adventure will begin with the classy of mega watt light in Losail Circuit, and the first time riders will doing Free Practice 1 at 19.55 Local time for 45 minute and here are the complete schedule for the exciting experience for new era of MotoGP 1000 cc : 
of the 21 riders in MotoGP this year, 11 have won world titles in GP,
WSBK or WSS while 16 have won races across the 3 championships ( @azifarni TL)  pic by Motogp
Local Time GMT + 3                          Jakarta Time GMT + 7
5 April 2012 , Thrusday                    5 April 2012, Kamis
FP1 Moto3 18.00-18.40                   FP1 Moto3 22.00-22.40
FP1 Moto2 18.55-19.40                   FP1 Moto2 22.55-23.40
FP1 MotoGP 19.55-20.40                FP1 MotoGP 23.55-00.40

                                                                6 April 2012, Jumat

FP2 Moto3 20.55-21.35                   FP2 Moto3 00.55-01.35
FP2 Moto2 21.50-22.35                   FP2 Moto2 01.50-02.35

6 April 2012, Friday
FP2 MotoGP 18.00-18.45                FP2 MotoGP 22.00-22.45
FP3 Moto3 19.00-19.40                   FP3 Moto3 23.00-23.40
FP3 Moto2 19.55-20.40                   FP3 Moto2 23.55-00.40

                                                                 7 April 2012, Sabtu
FP3 MotoGP 20.55-21.40                FP3 MotoGP 00.55-01.40

7 April 2012, Saturday
QP Moto3 18.00-18.40                    QP Moto3 22.00-22.40
QP Moto2 18.55-19.40                    QP Moto2 22.55-23.40
QP MotoGP 19.55-20.55                 QP MotoGP 23.55-00.55

                                                                 8 April 2012, Minggu

WUP Moto3 21.20-21.40                  WUP Moto3 01.20-01.40
WUP Moto2 21.55-22.15                  WUP Moto2 01.55-02.15

8 April 2012, Sunday
WUP MotoGP 18.00-18.20              WUP MotoGP 22.00-22.20
Race Moto3 19.00                              Race Moto3 23.00      

                                                                  9 April 2012, Senin
Race Moto2 20.20                              Race Moto2 00.20
Race MotoGP 22.00                          Race MotoGP 02.00