dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Cal Crutchlow , Lucy and Shaina MotoGP 2012

Who say when riders has a girlfriend and go to circuit with her it's mean no time for fans to get cheer from the rider him self. I'm the one who proved that was not true at all and doesn't apply to British rider with number 35 Cal Crutchlow.

When I met him at Motegi, I don't have enough time to talk and take a picture with him, he look so busy with all activities at circuit and after very disappointed result at the Motegi weekend after very strong to grab podium and must lost on the last lap. So after the race I don't many time to meet him and Lucy at the circuit, only say "Hi" and smile.

On October 2012 when Sepang circuit with very wet weather force him to lost point one more time, he just crashed out at the final corner on lap 11. But this time he was not immediately leave his box to go back to the hotel, he still on the box with his team and mechanics talking about how was the race. And when the rains almost stop, he just comes out from the box to meet with their fans who wait already on the back of the paddock.

And the little girl who really brave enough to called his name "Cal Crutchlow, how are you?"  the cute voice of this little girl forced him to coming out again from the box and lowered his body to getting closer talking with her and asked "What's your name?" and the little girl answered "Shaina" and the lovely conversation was happened

Cal      : "How old are you?" 
Shaina : "Six"
Cal      : (little shouting like excited) "Lucy...Lucy come here... "
And the beautiful woman with orange dress came closer and joint with the conversation    
Lucy      : "Hi...cute girl what's your name?" Cal      : "Shaina... she's funny hah..." (look to Lucy with his blue eyes)

I can feel how Cal really loves Lucy and how both of them really enjoy talking with Shaina.
And when Shaina took a picture with Cal Crutchlow, Lucy also want to took pic together and it was really great and lovable moment between rider, his girlfriend and fans. No distance, all united in the common, even Shaina only answered them with simple English. 

Shaina said Thank you to Cal and Lucy, and Cal ran back into his paddock and then Shaina turn around to leave the paddock. But Cal came out again and called the girl
Cal      : "Hey..Shaina.." 
Lucy   : "Hi...come here, Cal has something for you.."

Cal with his smile gave his glove to Shaina and... 
Cal      : "Do you know what it is?"
Shaina : "yes..gloves"
Cal      : "Great...but it’s a bit wet" 
Shaina just silent look to him. 
Cal      : "Is she know what I said" (he look at me while asking) 
Me      : "Ok I will tell her... wet means Basah, because after he used it for race in the rain" 
Shaina : "Ahh Wet..Thank you" 
Cal      : "It's ok nice to meet you"

Shaina face was very happy, she smile and hold the glove very tightly. And she was busy opened her bag, look trying hard to find something and she pulled out a small gift which she had prepared special for Cal, and said
Shaina : "This is for you" 
Cal      : "What is that ..?" (Cal opens the cover of the small gift from Shaina) and..."What we called it?" 
Shaina : "miniature of musical instrument from Indonesia, we called it 'Kecapi' 
Cal      : "Ahhh thanks" (and he pretended to playing that and laughing)

Shaina look very happy and they both laughed together.

I'm so appreciate when rider after very tired day on the race and willing to take time for fans, who have been trying to come to meet with the idol. And also appreciate with his girl Lucy who friendly enough and allow time for his man to cheer his fans. Warm hearted.

Thank you Cal Crutchlow after the SIDI shoes on 2011 come into our home and 2012 for the racing gloves stay at our home. Lovely and so pleasant rider. Success for your career and congratulation on your engagement with Lucy.

Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Only Super Sic who made Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi ride on the same track again

When we see the name of Max Biaggi and Valentino Rossi, must be we all will remember about how tight the battle between both of them. After Japanese GP "elbowed style" in April 2001 continue with "mosquito mark"  in June 2001 and many more drama happened between them on the track or behind the track. We can read more complete on Valentino Rossi Book "If I had never tried it" or we can find also on "Ring of Fire"

After Max Biaggi decided to retire after got his Double World Superbike Champion, it will be very interesting when he announcement he will ride again for Supermoto and more be very special because his ride is dedicated for Marco Simoncelli. And it’s not only that the news going be more excited when finally Valentino Rossi confirmed to join on that charity event.

Yes, so since Max Biaggi  stopped ride on MotoGP championship  on 2005 when he got 5th place on world standing, finally we can watch again the duel between the great riders who both are come from Italy and even it in the different bike and situation,  at least we can be a witness of this history “the comeback of Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi on one track” , well as beautiful moment and don’t be missed

The name of Marco Simoncellli the one who made Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi back to do the same thing in the same time for his foundation and  therefore, we can see one more time ,  how humble Valentino Rossi is, he following Max Biaggi on his official twitter @maxbiaggi.

On this event the winner was reach by Andrea Dovizioso with Hermunen for complete the laps used the number of Marco simoncelli (58 laps) and the podium more perfect when Valentino Rossi and Thierry Van Den Bosch get the 3rd podium and the 2nd podium was for Matt Winstanly and Christian Iddon. And Max Biaggi just finished on 8th place.
This event is really not only about winning and podium but they come following it with only one vision to always make positive spirit from Marco Simoncelli still here with us and they also did it for make  Simoncelli foundation

We can’t make Marco Simoncelli here with us but we still can make a positive spirit of him coming around us. We love you SuperSic