dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 20 November 2011

MotoGP Rookie Of The Year 2011 Coming To Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesia for MotoGP Rookie of the Year 2011, the British rider Cal Crutchlow on October 24th 2011. But for that time the one came here is not the rider but his "Racing Shoes" only. They followed with us in the same flight, in the same seat and now they stay in Indonesia in our home.

Yeah...once again I was given a fortune to feel the unexpected experience in MotoGP world. Since Cal Crutchlow join with this championship I never meet with him, difficult to meet even I'm waiting in front of his paddock, always didn't have any chance.

Until in October 2011 when the sun started high, and most of the MotoGP lover leave this circuit with feeling of each other and paddock quite empty only a couple riders still there without doing any activity. Me and my son with some friends and other fans just sitting around the paddock.

And not long time we were there, Cal Crutchlow came out from his office and walking to the paddock just to look around. My Son name Sakti just hystericaly but he just looking at me and said "mom..., Cal Crutchlow", but noticing Cal's face was very tired so I said to Sakti "The battery of Camera is empty, so if you want, you can take pic with my camera phone from a distance"

Sakti about 4 meters from Cal Crutchlow took the pic just one time and when he taken the picture, the sounds of the phone camera made Cal looks at my son's  position. My son just silent and felt confused and scared a bit,  because he took the pic without permission from the rider, and Cal Crutchlow walking back to his office and suddenly he turned around and walked towards my son, and ....

CC : "Take it" [with providing his SIDI racing boots to Sakti].
Sakti and I looked at each other, just confused then
Me : "means you want my son to helping you hold the shoes for a while" [with my confuse face]
CC : "No, take it"
Me : "I'm sorry but Do you mean these shoes for my son"
CC : "Yes this is for him, I love to see him" [smile and looks to Sakti]
and make us astonished, my son's face just smiling and still can't believe. Then Sakti took the shoes and said "Thank you, Thank you very much".

Cal Crutchlow was very kindly, he offered us to take photos together. I think, other than he did great race this year, his kindness and his friendly attitude that he provided to us also a very precise reason for him being "The Rookie of the year for MotoGP 2011"

Kamis, 03 November 2011

The Destiny Between Me and Valentino Rossi

I Arrived at Airport at 03.20pm late about 40 minutes than the actual schedule. But I can't go out early from the airport because I met an old woman visiting Kuala Lumpur for the first time, so she wanted me to help her to take care his baggage and complete some procedures to leave airport and waiting her until his son pick her up. It took about 45 minute to finished all her stuff. After all is clear, I went to Coffee shop to bought my favorite food Tuna sandwich without cheese and than headed back to my Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, to shorten the travelling time, I go back to my hotel by Train. There weren't a lot people in the train because the express train fare was a bit expensive so only a couple people there.

I sat there alone on my seat with my bag accompanying me. I had prepared my gift to Valentino Rossi and will give to him if I get my lucky to meet with Valentino Rossi like a before. I thought maybe I might not able to manage meet with him this year, as I did have a paddock pass yet. I  only had the ticket for main grandstand, which means I can only see Valentino Rossi from very far. How I can give my present I dedicated from him? As I was thinking I opened and read the book that I created, consisting of a collection on my blog posts.

And when I was busy with my own thoughts, an unexpected  group of people walked pass me and one of them was Valentino Rossi. He just walked and looks at me while I said slowly "OMG, Valentino Rossi" Really couldn't believe with what I saw. And he with his humble smile and said "ohh wow...you're everywhere". Hahahaha I think we were both surprised that we can even meet in place like this without any plan.

I really don't believe he's the famous rider in the world going to town by public transportation  without any strict guarding. Extraordinary humility.

The door closed and the train started to move forward. I just sat there, and a moment later I tried walk to  the carriage where they were sitting and the first person I saw was Roberto Brivo. I asked with him very quietly to help give my book and my present to Valentino Rossi,

Me : Could you help me please to give this book and present to him
RB : (smile) Why me? you don't want to give it your self
Me : I want, but I'm  scare he would be annoyed, because he is trying to relax on this trip
RB : (Laugh) No, come on (He took my hand into the seat of Valentino)
RB : Vale, you have one fan who wants to meet you

And Ucciowas really nice, he stood up from his seat next to Valentino Rossi and let me sit beside him. It was really incredible moment, Valentino Rossi and me  in public transport, on the same seat. Really wonderful just like dream. I talked to him about Indonesian Fans and Fans around the world about how their all always support him in any condition without any doubt about what he does on the bike and he smiled and said "Thank you...thank you"

Really like in heaven all full of flower for me, warm and sweet. And than I gave him my book and he opened it and read some page and said "It's funny, you always with me, thank you for that" he said than when his eyes on me. Felt as if I had won lottery, happy to the sky.

And I asked to him
Me : May I take a pic with you with my book too?
VR : Yes of course (with his charming smiles)
Me : But who will take the pic, this is my camera
VR : No worry, lot of friend here (And he call one of his friend)

Valentino Rossi stoodsup and embraced me, just like he always does with all his fans. Nicely really humble. And after taking a pic I decides to leave him and  give him the privacy he needed, and I took a gift from my bag and gave to him. He opened it with curious face and he very surprised to see my gift, with our pic on it.

VR : When we took the pic?
Me : Last February when you were doing the test in here
VR : Ok, thank you and you want take a pic with this gift also
Me : Yes of course

So, we took a pic again, after that I asked him "May I take a pic with my phone I want update in my twitter" he smiled and said "Ok you can do that". Than all team behind him laughed and teased him. Felt Deep kinship and familiarity between them.

  • What a friendly idol? when he with all pleasure gave time for his fans. 
  • What a great Idol ? When he was still remembering with his fans, although he have million of fans who always admire with him all the time
  • What a amazing moment for fans? When you could met your Idol, when you're thinking about the possibility of it, and suddenly he was there in front of you.
I don't know how to write again in here, all amazing, sweet and beautiful for me. Please keep your humble Vale, Please always lovely with all your fans, We all know how hard your situation in this season, how tired you to trying tame the bike, but we're here to support you, and with togetherness we can make it more lighter to make you more confident day by day with the bike and make MOTOGP keep interesting with lot of battle from you. Thank you Valentino Rossi, we all proud to have an Idol like you.

Above article can be read at http://www.stayontheblack.com/a-chance-encounter-with-my-hero-meeting-valentino-rossi/