dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 29 Juni 2015

Spectacular Assen Victory Of Valentino Rossi - MotoGP 2015

Every time Dutch Grand Prix comes, every MotoGP lovers always be excited and hoping all the best for Valentino Rossi, as we knew Assen Circuit is the best track for Yamaha and as we called 2015 is The Year of The GOAT where Valentino Rossi is really strong  in every race and able to reach podiums,  be the lead of world standing.

And all the prediction were getting strong and stronger after we looked the result of FP1 and FP3 when Valentino Rossi was the fastest and made him more confident after finally he can start from pole position since the last time in Valencia 2014. As everybody knew since MotoGP have a new rule in Qualifying Practice always make Valentino struggling to be able stand in pole position or at least in front row. 

But in Assen 2015 the situation were different in the last second of QP,  he was able breaking the new record with 1.32.627, he mentioned his pole position in Assen always special for him due  the atmosphere of spectator were amazing and it always bring special feeling when finally you can get pole position, and he also mentioned why it was so special because the pole position for him was not come too often. That is  always a Valentino Rossi trade mark,  humble, honest and true.

And Saturday July 27, 2015 The Motul TT Assen has arrived and without any doubt one of the best race of MotoGP was happened there. Valentino Rossi the 9th times World Champion who started the race from the pole position always control the track following by Marc Marquez the last year World Champion. Only Marc Marquez was able to ride the bike very close with the leader and in many corner Marc with the Medium and Medium tyres getting more strong and stable after half laps they did while Valentino Rossi with his Soft and Medium tyres in some condition lost his front but Valentino Rossi was quite confident as his bike was so smooth and fast with a consistent speed. Valentino Rossi was  trying to always make a gap with Marc Marquez.

And on 7 laps to go from the finish line, we can't deny again with the smooth way Marc Marquez overtake Valentino Rossi, leading for a while, Valentino Rossi watching and following to find the best time to take over again and stole the 1st place. And we can't call him Valentino Rossi if he give up, finally 3 laps to go was the best time for him to overtaking again with the classic over took and "Zappp" he suddenly make a gap and make his 1st place safe but Marc Marquez also was not only waiting he tried everything to take back and his tried to the limit on last chicane to grab the 1st place and touch Valentino Rossi a little bit as Marc came a little bit late . And that happening  finally we have to admit again and again the high level of Valentino Rossi.

Very sure if the rider who get maneuvered by Marc Marquez was not Valentino Rossi, they simply will be crashed because with the high speed on the corner suddenly  run to the gravel was very difficult to control where the bike will run, but Valentino Rossi with all his passion and love with everything related with engine, he can handle and make the difficult thing be a spectacular thing with smart way. Marc Marquez did not give him any option on that situation he need to cut and run straight through the gravel. And with his hobby to the motocross he can control the bike on the deep of the gravel and back to the track and he looked back to Marc Marquez just to know the position of Marc to be more carefull what he need to do on the finish line. when he saw Marc Marquez slowed down so he was able to made a wheelie for around 97000 spectators at Assen and for a million of fans who was watching him on Television around the world.

After waiting so long finally we can see again the unique and natural celebration from the one and only Valentino Rossi, he deserved to celebrate it and all the fans deserved to see again the amuse celebration.

But after the race some uncertain situation were around, Marc Marquez felt that he was the one who  wins due to his opinion he was in the inside and put the bike carefully to not making any danger movement and for him, he knew cutting the corner are illegal movement. It is true if you cut the corner without any reason it must be illegal and true to get penalty but if you were on  a situation that you don't even having any other way you can do it with a risk you will crashed and lose the grip on the gravel and lose the finish line in front of your eyes.

The race direction not let the uncomfortable situation continue so Marc and Valentino were called by race direction after the Official Post race Press Conference and make both of them watching again the video record from any position they have and with helicopter camera, finally both of them can realized and accepted the result in peace way. Because it was seen clearly that Valentino Rossi was ahead of Marc and Valentino Rossi had the right to the line. And MotoGP Race Director Mike Webb also explain  the position of Valentino Rossi when that happened "As they reached the apex of the right-hand turn Marc touched Valentino, which made Valentino go wide. So that's a racing incident. It's unavoidable." also Mike Webb add again , “The two balancing things are that it was a hard pass with contact and you are not allowed to push another rider off the line. But the end result was that they entered and exited that series of corners in the same position. No advantage gained. End of story.” 

So all was clear the last effort from Marc Marquez and made Valentino Rossi got his Amazing Win in Assen due to his movement to the gravel is Racing Incident, nothing more and case close.

Spectacular victory of Valentino Rossi who made his position strong on this year Championship and the lesson we can take from this amazing battle between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez is "Sometime when we are in emergency situation we need to make a choice, give up with it or take a fast decision and be the winner in brilliant way"

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