dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Proud to be Valentino Rossi Fans

Just today August 2nd, 2013 Ducati announce the new deal with the British rider Cal Crutchlow to ride with them for 2014 - 2015 as factory rider and come back to be team mate with Andrea Dovizioso who first move from Tech 3 to Ducati.

Pic from @calcrutchlow insta
Lot of commented not too agree with the British rider decision, they all scare the red bike will make him slow and can't show his real potency. But we need to remember that we never know if we not brave enough to try it, Cal Crutchlow is rider that has lot of capability to try and reach his dream. Now one of his dream to be factory rider is come true, so this time he ready to fighting to reach another dream and it's maybe to be the big 5 on this championship with the difficult bike to tame. And when it can be true, then his name in this sport will bounced and make him be the few riders can tame Ducati.

After the hot news of Cal Crutchlow, we also have good news from this sport, on this day also Yamaha announced that Pol Espargaro will up from Moto2 to MotoGP and racing for Yamaha Tech 3. So he will take place of Cal Crutchlow and be team mate for Bradly Smith. But the special  one this official news come from Yamaha not tech 3 team, so it will be good move from the young rider who has brother in MotoGP Aleix Espargaro. We will see the good friendship between both of them on next year and it will be good to watch.

Now all the rider position for 2014 almost clear, but we still need to waiting any wind blow give a information  for the American rider Nicky Hayden who didn't have any team yet for 2014. Some news said he will stay on Ducati but for other championship but some rumor said he will stay ride in MotoGP but need to wait some time again to know where the team he will ride for. Whatever but Nicky Hayden deserves to get a good bike for next year and sure he can ride it well as he already did and made him be MotoGP world champion 2006.

Escape for all the hot market for MotoGP 2014, some issued come for the best and famous rider ever Valentino Rossi. After his smart way to take some interesting rider merchandise under his licensee and the speculation rumor came from the nine times world championship about his possibility to move to Suzuki in 2015, But Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, with his smart way he clearly answer that he will not make same "mistake" and for the answered of switching to Suzuki is "No, Thank you".

Pic from @ValeYellow46  insta
For Valentino Rossi, Yamaha is his team and the important one M1 is his bike. And as long as I can fight for podium and victory he will stay with Yamaha (speedweek.com). And Valentino Rossi also talked to Speedweek he want to end in MotoGP in 2016, and he wish also he can stay in factory Yamaha team, after that he will think about himself as have family and do some fun things which not far from engine and track. That is Valentino Rossi, rider who blessed with lot of talent, with lot of charming, and not forget with lot of miracle. I'm so proud to be his fans, truly and really proud. And when some people and himself thinking that he failed with Ducati for two years, I have my own opinion, he not failed because he can get three times podium for this bike, but because he too big as we knew so what he achieve of course less than we hope.

We can see how big charisma of Valentino Rossi is. Because he always honest and gave a good answer for all media and make anything coming from his lips be so interesting and make us curious to know. Please keep your humble Valentino Rossi, we always proud to be your fans.