dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 19 September 2013

Misano MotoGP Test 2013 Impressed All Riders

One day after a very great race in the Grand Prix of San Marino, some team spent one day to do some test for the next couple race left on this season and also some team were preparing the new bike for the next MotoGP 2014 season.

One of the happy team on this test was Yamaha Factory after their success using new seamless shift gearbox which help a lot of their riders to rode and won the Misano Grand Prix with Jorge Lorenzo after lots of struggling with duo Honda on the other race before they used it. We already know when Jorge Lorenzo gets the awesome winning there, the ninth time world champion Valentino Rossi can’t get his precious podium in his home race, after got problem with breaking and entering corner so it forced him to only on the 4th position after a very good front row started. He already did 146% to get the podium for all his fans in Misano but unfortunately not the time yet.

But on this test, both of them have the same happiness with the result on the one day test. Having the same point of view, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo admit that the new engine for 2014 a little bit similar with the 2013 bike, and overall is good. But the most important thing for them is to test the race bike for the next race in Motorland Aragon, and hope that they will gain a good result. Have two Yamaha factory on Aragon Podium must be the main purpose for the team.

Pic from @marcmarquez93 Twitter

The fastest bike of this season, Honda bike also have very impressing result of the one day test, as often as what we have on 2013 season, the wonder boy Marc Marquez set the fastest time again with 1.33.264 and he tried lots of things with the setup and also geometry, even though the geometry test caused him a small crashed when he try it. But at the end, the test was very good and make him more confident to face next year season with the new prototype bike, and the important one is the test also make a big step for the five remaining race a head, which maybe can make him to be the world champion on his first time debut on MotoGP class.

And his team mate Dani Pedrosa who had very great battle on Misano 2013 for 2nd place also happy with this test. On this one day test Dani Pedrosa get more concentrated with the race bike for the rest of the 2013 season to make him able to solve the rear grip issue and only tried three or four laps with the new bike for 2014.

Pic from @nicky_hayden instagram
And the other factory bike who also do the test was Ducati team, after a very hard season in 2013, after Valentino Rossi leave, the team unable to finish on big 5. Really hard way to saw Ducati team who's struggling enough at Misano 2013. But the team still trying to find something to solve their problem and put some hope on the next season and the five race left on this season.

Andrea Dovizioso who still has contract on 2014 not doing the test on any new parts but did the test with the balancing of the bike and they also tried the bigger breaks which might they use in Motegi race, and for the preparation on the next race at Aragon they also try to use hard tire and worked well.

While disappointed news came for Nicky Hayden, after all his good and loyal work with this team since 2009, the team already said that Nicky Hayden will not get the new chassis as Dovisiozo has. This thing happened because of the lacked of the parts to build two versions of the bike. But as we know when Nicky Hayden's contract is not renewed for 2014, so it makes the team will not put lots of effort for him and it’s not only happened on this team but also on the other team. But sometime the team will not so obvious to tell about it for the sake of relationship and or the team still can provide the new things if the position of the bike on world standing is on big three.

Nothing we can do with this situation, only one thing we can hope is that Nicky Hayden will keep staying on MotoGP championship with any other bike, because as we know he's really a good rider who also  the world champion in 2006

This is one thing who's not only come on this sport but also into this real life. We never know what will happened in front of us, the best think we could do is to do the best with whatever we have right now and be grateful with it. Once the thing happened not as the same as what we want the think we can do is face it and put positive think in our mind. Nothing is forever. The past is experience, today is the life and the future is a mystery. Just do it.