dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Selasa, 15 September 2015

Unpredictable Misano Podium 2015 and the Rossi effect

The Circuit of Marco Simoncelli San Marino on September 13th 2015 flooded by the spectacular yellow color of Valentino Rossi fans. No wonder because this circuit are very near with Valentino Rossi heaven in Tavullia but also it’s not surprise because in every circuit of MotoGP always the consistent colors was Yellow.

All riders very ready to start this race even though before start of the race the sky was very cloudy and some water already dripping even only little. But finally race started with the dry race, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez did a very good start and suddenly lead the race for about first 2 lap and Valentino Rossi tried to find his rhythm and at lap 3 Valentino Rossi able to make the gap closer after he set the fastest lap with 1.33.894. And all the spectators cheer for the legend. Only few laps after that rain starting fall down and make the track in wet condition and all the riders decided to come to pit and change the bike for wet condition. Almost all riders changed the bike only Bradley Smith still used the same bike even struggling and down to 20th position. But his brave speculation finally made a very good result for him and gave him 2nd position at the end on the Misano GP.

Lap by lap valentine getting strong and strong and able to overtake Marc Marquez on lap 11 and four laps after that with the elegance way he just got the position of Jorge Lorenzo and lead the race. But unfortunately rain fall getting heavy and heavy so all the team suggest riders to change and swipe the bike. Almost all riders following to swipe the bike only Bradley Smith still used the same bike even struggling and down to 20th position. But his brave speculation finally made a very good result for him and gave him 2nd position at the end on the Misano GP.

Back to three riders in front Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi trying hard to adapting soon with the soft tyre and make a good grip with the track and as everybody know Valentino Rossi with all experience he has very great at tricky track condition and because of that he able to overtook Marc Marque on Lap 11 and 4 laps after that with the elegance overtook he got the position of Jorge Lorenzo and lead the race. But unfortunately the weather change so fast and the track dry out very fast too, so all the team give direction to back to pit again and change the bike for 2nd times.

Almost all riders change the bike but Trio leader still stay with the wet bike until Marc Marquez be the first of them back to pit and change the bike and it’s really good decision of him to change the bike at that time so he able to push the bike with the enough laps he has and be in the first position until the end of Misano GP.
So where is Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo? Yes, duo Yamaha with all the braveness and strategy on their own head still pushing with wet tyre in the dry track and for sure made the grip lose and reduce their speed. Everybody wonder why both of them not back and change the bike soon. 7 laps to go Jorge change the bike while Valentino Rossi still on the way with his soft tyres.

But unlucky for Jorge Lorenzo when he tried to push the bike and get back his front position, he crashed out at turn 15 and can’t continue the race and need to stop without any point. While Valentino Rossi on 4 laps to go finally decided to change the bike but the laps was to little for him to be able to comeback to top position and need to be happy to finish 5th on his home race. But he doesn’t too much sad because he still be the lead of the world champion and the gap point with the runner up was 23. Which is good at least can make him take a breath little bit until Aragon race.

Some of peoples said Valentino Rossi was failed on Misano Race to only finish 5th because he late to take decision to change the bike, but sometime we need to thinking anti mindstream from others, and look what the goal we want to achieve. His goal is to make his position safe in world standing and he made it, so nothing wrong from his decision then.

Sometime life is about take a risk, when you only brave to life in the same rule as other, you will never able to see your own life. Your life is like an empty paper, only yourself can draw it with what color you want. So valentino Rossi already created his own picture in Misano.  And also like us as Valentino Rossi fans we already draw the paper with Yellow color

Minggu, 13 September 2015

Penalty 1 point for Valentino Rossi at Misano GP

The incident between Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo at the last second of Qualifying made Valentino Rossi need to except 1 point penalty at his home race. So Valentino Rossi need to had that because the race direction believe Valentino Rossi was riding slowly and close the racing  line, thereby disturbing another rider on the fast lap. For information this penalty also given to Harnendez due he did the same at Q1 but because it's still the first warning so position for tomorrow race was unchanged. 

Lot of people are unhappy with the decision of race direction about this penalty but rule is rule need to be allow for every riders whose joint there.

Especially after finally Jorge Lorenzo said that he think he on the fast time but after he look the data, he was not that fast, and he also felt that it can happened sometime.

Valentino Rossi accepted it with big heart and make sure it will not makes his mental down but he will look it as motivation for tomorrow race.

Nothing he put down, he just smile and said "I already said sorry and yes it's my mistake but I didn't see and he still on pole anyway so should no problem and also my position for tomorrow still the same."

The one that always make Valentino Rossi so lovable is because he never feel arogan with who he is. We all know he is the best rider in the world and because of him, this sport so unbelievable interesting but he always keep his humble in the front. And it one of thousand reason we love him.

Good luck for tomorrow Valentino Rossi. You never walk alone

Jumat, 04 September 2015

Valentino Rossi’s Epic Win in Silverstone

The result of MotoGP Silverstone were really unpredictable. Marc Marquez, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa whose strong in every practice and predicted to be on podium, just failed due the challenging race condition. Started from warming up practice on Sunday Morning August 30th 2015 rain was down and all the prediction turn back to the strong of Valentino, he was fastest on the wet warming up following by Danillo Petrucci and Marc Marquez.

So after that the guessing who will win the British GP turning to Valentino Rossi and also put Danillo Petrucci on the game, because even he only on open class bike, everybody knew how strong Ducati in the wet.
And the prediction about Valentino will lead getting strong when a minute before the GP start, rain was falling down again and force race direction to delayed the start of MotoGP and change condition of the race be a wet  race and reduce the lap to be 20 laps.

All riders back to the grid after the delayed and doing 1 lap for warm up before finally race start with the really wet condition. Valentino doing very good from the 1st lap he start the race, he so confident with the bike and full of passion in high level of experience. So tidy passed and overtake Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo and leading the race with did some of fastest lap. Really clear his experience was the reason made him so stable and untouchable.

Marc Marquez also strong and tried hard to make a gap more close with Valentino and unfortunately he did not count the risk of  the bike  limit on the wet track, he was crash at Lap 13  due his own failure of counting. And Jorge Lorenzo not also able to catch Valentino due the fogging on his helmet visor and make him to be happy finished at 4th place.

The man of the day was Danillo Petrucci, with his Ducati open bike, he strong enough and almost close the gap with Valentino Rossi in the last lap. But as he knew what he achieve was already out from his prediction so he just enjoy the moment and finished at 2nd place with very big applause from all spectator there. And he also made the very honest comment about how the race went. “I still not believe that in front of him was Valentino and I also never imagine can able to passed Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa, it was only happen when he played in Play Station, but today is real and I can’t stop laughing and laughing. I didn’t realize. I still don’t.”

Life is mystery, you will never know what the next day will bring. Don’t be confuse, don’t stop all the dream. Keep trying, moving and believing. Life with your fight and don’t make other put your spirit down, just believe with yourself and do the best you can.

Thank you Valentino Rossi to always be inspiration of us and thank you MotoGP to able give us such a beautiful sport with so much fun and lesson of life.