dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 31 Desember 2012

Cal Crutchlow , Lucy and Shaina MotoGP 2012

Who say when riders has a girlfriend and go to circuit with her it's mean no time for fans to get cheer from the rider him self. I'm the one who proved that was not true at all and doesn't apply to British rider with number 35 Cal Crutchlow.

When I met him at Motegi, I don't have enough time to talk and take a picture with him, he look so busy with all activities at circuit and after very disappointed result at the Motegi weekend after very strong to grab podium and must lost on the last lap. So after the race I don't many time to meet him and Lucy at the circuit, only say "Hi" and smile.

On October 2012 when Sepang circuit with very wet weather force him to lost point one more time, he just crashed out at the final corner on lap 11. But this time he was not immediately leave his box to go back to the hotel, he still on the box with his team and mechanics talking about how was the race. And when the rains almost stop, he just comes out from the box to meet with their fans who wait already on the back of the paddock.

And the little girl who really brave enough to called his name "Cal Crutchlow, how are you?"  the cute voice of this little girl forced him to coming out again from the box and lowered his body to getting closer talking with her and asked "What's your name?" and the little girl answered "Shaina" and the lovely conversation was happened

Cal      : "How old are you?" 
Shaina : "Six"
Cal      : (little shouting like excited) "Lucy...Lucy come here... "
And the beautiful woman with orange dress came closer and joint with the conversation    
Lucy      : "Hi...cute girl what's your name?" Cal      : "Shaina... she's funny hah..." (look to Lucy with his blue eyes)

I can feel how Cal really loves Lucy and how both of them really enjoy talking with Shaina.
And when Shaina took a picture with Cal Crutchlow, Lucy also want to took pic together and it was really great and lovable moment between rider, his girlfriend and fans. No distance, all united in the common, even Shaina only answered them with simple English. 

Shaina said Thank you to Cal and Lucy, and Cal ran back into his paddock and then Shaina turn around to leave the paddock. But Cal came out again and called the girl
Cal      : "Hey..Shaina.." 
Lucy   : "Hi...come here, Cal has something for you.."

Cal with his smile gave his glove to Shaina and... 
Cal      : "Do you know what it is?"
Shaina : "yes..gloves"
Cal      : "Great...but it’s a bit wet" 
Shaina just silent look to him. 
Cal      : "Is she know what I said" (he look at me while asking) 
Me      : "Ok I will tell her... wet means Basah, because after he used it for race in the rain" 
Shaina : "Ahh Wet..Thank you" 
Cal      : "It's ok nice to meet you"

Shaina face was very happy, she smile and hold the glove very tightly. And she was busy opened her bag, look trying hard to find something and she pulled out a small gift which she had prepared special for Cal, and said
Shaina : "This is for you" 
Cal      : "What is that ..?" (Cal opens the cover of the small gift from Shaina) and..."What we called it?" 
Shaina : "miniature of musical instrument from Indonesia, we called it 'Kecapi' 
Cal      : "Ahhh thanks" (and he pretended to playing that and laughing)

Shaina look very happy and they both laughed together.

I'm so appreciate when rider after very tired day on the race and willing to take time for fans, who have been trying to come to meet with the idol. And also appreciate with his girl Lucy who friendly enough and allow time for his man to cheer his fans. Warm hearted.

Thank you Cal Crutchlow after the SIDI shoes on 2011 come into our home and 2012 for the racing gloves stay at our home. Lovely and so pleasant rider. Success for your career and congratulation on your engagement with Lucy.

Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

Only Super Sic who made Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi ride on the same track again

When we see the name of Max Biaggi and Valentino Rossi, must be we all will remember about how tight the battle between both of them. After Japanese GP "elbowed style" in April 2001 continue with "mosquito mark"  in June 2001 and many more drama happened between them on the track or behind the track. We can read more complete on Valentino Rossi Book "If I had never tried it" or we can find also on "Ring of Fire"

After Max Biaggi decided to retire after got his Double World Superbike Champion, it will be very interesting when he announcement he will ride again for Supermoto and more be very special because his ride is dedicated for Marco Simoncelli. And it’s not only that the news going be more excited when finally Valentino Rossi confirmed to join on that charity event.

Yes, so since Max Biaggi  stopped ride on MotoGP championship  on 2005 when he got 5th place on world standing, finally we can watch again the duel between the great riders who both are come from Italy and even it in the different bike and situation,  at least we can be a witness of this history “the comeback of Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi on one track” , well as beautiful moment and don’t be missed

The name of Marco Simoncellli the one who made Valentino Rossi and Max Biaggi back to do the same thing in the same time for his foundation and  therefore, we can see one more time ,  how humble Valentino Rossi is, he following Max Biaggi on his official twitter @maxbiaggi.

On this event the winner was reach by Andrea Dovizioso with Hermunen for complete the laps used the number of Marco simoncelli (58 laps) and the podium more perfect when Valentino Rossi and Thierry Van Den Bosch get the 3rd podium and the 2nd podium was for Matt Winstanly and Christian Iddon. And Max Biaggi just finished on 8th place.
This event is really not only about winning and podium but they come following it with only one vision to always make positive spirit from Marco Simoncelli still here with us and they also did it for make  Simoncelli foundation

We can’t make Marco Simoncelli here with us but we still can make a positive spirit of him coming around us. We love you SuperSic

Minggu, 18 November 2012

Colin Edwards the Nicest and Funniest Rider

No doubt every fans who love bike sport especially MotoGP will know perfectly about the rider from Texas who has great nickname Texas Tornado the living legend. He has joint in MotoGP since 2003, he already ride from the factory team, satelite team and now in CRT team. The best achievement of him on the King Class was 4th place with his M1.

When he was in one team with Valentino Rossi for three year from 2005 with Gaulaises Yamaha, 2006 for Camel Yamaha Factory Team, and 2007 Fiat Yamaha, they are really complete combination. Both are fun person as well, nicest guys, brilliant riders who not only ride the bike but also build the engine and chassis of their bike. All the joy is always reflected in their paddock, Two great and genius riders in the one box. What a lovely team mate ever.

Collin Edwards not only friendly with fellow riders and his team but also to the fans who came from all over the world. Even we know since he moving to CRT bike is not an easy thing in his career but his fighting spirit never end, it's just clearly proved the huge love he has on this sport. All passion beat all the difficulties that he encounter along in CRT bike. Fighting and never  give up, push to the limit with what the bike can. It's truly champion on his heart. And the amazing one on his struggling on this season he always keep his smile to all his fans. That's why lot of fans still love and looking for him in every session of MotoGP.

Me and Collin Edwards at Motegi, Pic took by himself
As I met him at Motegi paddock and Sepang paddock on Oct 2012, his kindness and humble nothing has change, still lovely with his sweet smile same as I met him last year when he was still ride for Satelite team.
After the race at Motegi Paddock he took time to pose with a mascot of Twin ring circuit. and than when I came to him and he gave me signature on my 58 tshirt, and we talked a bit about our met before in Sepang test, and after I want take a photo with him, he just lovely and said :  "Ahaa you want take a picture with me ?"  and I said with very happy and little bit cofuse "Yes I'm but I just alone in here". He laughing and say "No worry, I'm very expert to take a pic by my self, come on give your camera" and I come to him smile and gave my camera.  and incredibble he just took the picture with my camera, only one time and "snap" the picture are very good on the position.

As first time I just think it was accindetal. But then I believe it was not, after I met him again on Sepang Circuit and I talked to him about me met him in Motegi and the skill of him to take a photo with himself. I'm very happy because  he still remember with me,  we had a great conversation. And then I said him "Ok, now give me a special shoot again like you made in Japan". He answered "with me as photographer and model? told you I'm really expert fot it".
Me and Collin Edwards at Sepang, pic took by himself
And one more time, my camera has very lucky camera in this world, touch by Texas Tornado. what a lovely experience between me as a fans with the living legend og MotoGP Collin Edward.

Wish you all the best and I will always following your official twitter @texastornado5 because all you tweet is something simple and honest with lot of meaning. Thank you to nice with me and for me the MotoGP award need one catagory  'The Nicest and Funniest rider with a fans' and the trophy will come for you for sure.

All  has a limit but spirit and believe be not a limit. thanks for teach me, the spirit is the important one in every way we are to be. Nothing easy to get  any place worth it. We love you Collin Edwards

Rabu, 14 November 2012

Valentino Rossi return to Yamaha on 1st day Valencia MotoGP test

13 November 2012 is the gate opening towards for 2013 session, time for new era of many junior riders from moto2 to motogp and the rise of Valentino Rossi after two years hard difficult moment with the red lady.
All media fully the box of Yamaha not because on 2012 the team be a world champion but most of them come to see the M1 bike with the famous rider Valentino Rossi.

The weather from the morning describe the nuances the return of the king to his palace. But no need to wait long Valentino coming out with his baby and all media who be a witness of Valentino Rossi return just said “He looks more comfort to ride than the last 2 years” so without we look the time to the rainy of Valencia, the important for us his fans to know is he more confident with the front end of that bike. Yeah not much information we can get from Valentino himself due in technically he still under the contract with Ducati until end of December and he can’t talk about return to Yamaha until the contract ended. All people cover in contract must be professional and respect each other.  Appreciate.

On the very important first test of 2013 lot of riders just sitting on the garage due the rain, Jorge Lorenzo only get out from the box to eat an apple and look the joy of the Yamaha garage with Valentino Rossi inside. Cal Crutchlow who stay on the old team Yamaha tech 3, Bradl Smith, Dani Pedrosa, Petrucci, Byrne and the new king on MotoGP Marc Marquez did,t do any lap today. Marc more concentration to know better the meaning and function of electronic of the bike, because is really new thing from him, who jump from Moto2 to Factory team MotoGP and break the rule.

And the garage who interesting for media beside Yamaha with valentine Rossi, also the garage of Ducati team, actually not for Nicky Hayden who very strong on the wet track on the first test and as we know since before Ducati very strong on the wet track, but more for Andrea Dovizioso who very brave enough to try to team the Red lady after the ladies make all Valentino Rossi team run into anxiety in last two years. And Also Andera Dovizioso can talk with all media because Dovi is coming from satellite contract, so the treatment of the contract different with factory team. Dovi said so simply He can’t describe and talk a lot about his new bike because the test not maximal and he need to understand more in normal weather. Wise talk from rider with number 4.

And finally after did 28 laps by Valentino Rossi and he put smile on his lips, the team decided to move and doing test at Aragon for hope the weather more be friendly to help the team know better the improve and the need of the bike and special for Valentino Rossi, he need to understand more because love come from the both side, the rider and the bike.

Good luck and we wish the best and we need the rise of MotoGP with your return. We love you in every color bike you are because in us Valentino Rossi is Yellow. 

Before the result of the test bellow, I would like to put quote or like some figure out  come from MotoGP legend Texas Tornado from his twitter @texatornado5 : “1 Year on a factory Yamaha or Honda is 1 year of our life, 1 year on Ducati is 3 years and 1 year on Suter BMW …10 years.” Simple and honest and draw all thing situation for whole. 

The result of the test, not drawing complety due the rain at Valencia, as reference on normal track on the pasted test at Valencia was Dani Pedrosa best time in 2012 1.30.844 s, and here first day test at Valencia for MotoGP 2013 :
1. Alvaro Bautista ESP Honda Gresini (RC213V) 1.35.936s (Lap 4/5)
2. Stefan Bradl GER LCR Honda MotoGP (RC213V) 1.36.198s (3/5)
3. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (GP12) 1.39.868s (3/30)
4. Hiroshi Aoyama JPN Avintia (FTR-Kawasaki CRT) 1.42.239s (2/21)
5. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati Team (GP12) 1.42.571s (21/24)
6. Valentino Rossi ITA Yamaha Factory (YZR-M1) 1.43.736s (27/28)
7. Michele Pirro ITA Pramac Racing (GP12) 1.44.838s (25/26)
8. Randy De Puniet FRA Aspar (ART CRT) 1.46.045s (16/19)
9. Aleix Espargaro ESP Aspar (ART CRT) 1.46.060s (10/15)
10. Colin Edwards USA Forward (FTR-Kawasaki CRT) 1.46.426s (14/15)
11. Karel Abraham CZE Cardion AB Motoracing (ART CRT) 1.46.992s (21/22)

Rabu, 07 November 2012

The Friendly of Gino Rea

Knowing him for the first time after watching commercial break in Indonesian Television for Federal Oil, and I started following him on his official twitter @GinoRea . To be honest he's a nice rider who often reply some messages from his fans and sometime he can start to sending message first to his fans. As we all know, not much riders who is famous or not famous yet, want to reply messages  from their fans on twitter, but he did quite often.

And I met directly with him for the first time at Motegi Paddock October 13th 2012. When I called his name and introduced my self, he replied my greeting with very friendly. When I told him I came from Indonesia, he recognized that I'm one of his fans who sometime he  replied on twitter. Our conversation went as we are a friend who ever met before and for me it's so pleasant to met a very nice and friendly rider like him, but the conversation was stopped because  he should immediately go to prepare qualifying practice.

At Motegi race day 14th October I met with him again and only just say hello, because as we know race day always be a very busy day for all riders. Not many riders come out from their box, they all must be busy discussing with their team and preparing for the best result on the race. He started the race from 28th place and finished the race for 25th, without any point. 

A week later I got a chance meeting Gino Rea again at Sepang circuit, and he was very friendly and nicely talked with his fans like the old friend. In our conversation I asked him about the possibility to come to Indonesia to promote the Oil product who sponsoring him. And he answered "Actually they invite me to Indonesia after Sepang race, but they canceled the schedule. For myself it was eager to come there and meet with Indonesian fans but maybe it's not the time yet"

It’s really great attitude for him and before the race started I said to him "Good luck for this race and thank you very much for your kindness. I'm sure you will get a good race here". At the wet race of Sepang circuit it's really love to watched when finally he able to grab his first podium on the very worst weather. Before the red flag stopped the race due  to the weather, Gino Rea very strongly ride his bike and finished third behind Anthony west and Alex de Angelis for first place.

I'm not his huge fans but I'm very happy to look him on the podium. He's very talented and rides well his bike and he was being so friendly also with me and all his fans. He really deserved to get his first podium on Moto2 with Gresini Suter machine. Congratulation Gino Rea, next year we wish will often to see you on podium and grab some point.

Every effort and hard work will bring a worth results at the time. To be a champion can be achieved  by learning and experience but to be a nice guy is only can come from the heart and you have it x