dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 18 November 2012

Colin Edwards the Nicest and Funniest Rider

No doubt every fans who love bike sport especially MotoGP will know perfectly about the rider from Texas who has great nickname Texas Tornado the living legend. He has joint in MotoGP since 2003, he already ride from the factory team, satelite team and now in CRT team. The best achievement of him on the King Class was 4th place with his M1.

When he was in one team with Valentino Rossi for three year from 2005 with Gaulaises Yamaha, 2006 for Camel Yamaha Factory Team, and 2007 Fiat Yamaha, they are really complete combination. Both are fun person as well, nicest guys, brilliant riders who not only ride the bike but also build the engine and chassis of their bike. All the joy is always reflected in their paddock, Two great and genius riders in the one box. What a lovely team mate ever.

Collin Edwards not only friendly with fellow riders and his team but also to the fans who came from all over the world. Even we know since he moving to CRT bike is not an easy thing in his career but his fighting spirit never end, it's just clearly proved the huge love he has on this sport. All passion beat all the difficulties that he encounter along in CRT bike. Fighting and never  give up, push to the limit with what the bike can. It's truly champion on his heart. And the amazing one on his struggling on this season he always keep his smile to all his fans. That's why lot of fans still love and looking for him in every session of MotoGP.

Me and Collin Edwards at Motegi, Pic took by himself
As I met him at Motegi paddock and Sepang paddock on Oct 2012, his kindness and humble nothing has change, still lovely with his sweet smile same as I met him last year when he was still ride for Satelite team.
After the race at Motegi Paddock he took time to pose with a mascot of Twin ring circuit. and than when I came to him and he gave me signature on my 58 tshirt, and we talked a bit about our met before in Sepang test, and after I want take a photo with him, he just lovely and said :  "Ahaa you want take a picture with me ?"  and I said with very happy and little bit cofuse "Yes I'm but I just alone in here". He laughing and say "No worry, I'm very expert to take a pic by my self, come on give your camera" and I come to him smile and gave my camera.  and incredibble he just took the picture with my camera, only one time and "snap" the picture are very good on the position.

As first time I just think it was accindetal. But then I believe it was not, after I met him again on Sepang Circuit and I talked to him about me met him in Motegi and the skill of him to take a photo with himself. I'm very happy because  he still remember with me,  we had a great conversation. And then I said him "Ok, now give me a special shoot again like you made in Japan". He answered "with me as photographer and model? told you I'm really expert fot it".
Me and Collin Edwards at Sepang, pic took by himself
And one more time, my camera has very lucky camera in this world, touch by Texas Tornado. what a lovely experience between me as a fans with the living legend og MotoGP Collin Edward.

Wish you all the best and I will always following your official twitter @texastornado5 because all you tweet is something simple and honest with lot of meaning. Thank you to nice with me and for me the MotoGP award need one catagory  'The Nicest and Funniest rider with a fans' and the trophy will come for you for sure.

All  has a limit but spirit and believe be not a limit. thanks for teach me, the spirit is the important one in every way we are to be. Nothing easy to get  any place worth it. We love you Collin Edwards

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