dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 10 April 2015

The Motivation of Valentino Rossi – MotoGP Qatar 2015

Finally the first race of MotoGP 2015 held at Losail circuit Qatar, with mega lighting for the special night race, made the race more dramatic. Lot of spectator coming from so many different country just only come to be witness who will be the fastest on the opening of this championship.

At The Grandstand not that full but there all spectator have they own flag to support their riders and can’t deny it the most flag that we can show at that night was Yellow flag for valentine Rossi. One of the spectator was me who really enthusiast to know who will be standing on the first podium.

As I came there to support the one and only Valentino Rossi, of course this quite tense on me due the result of the practice not that good as we want as a fans, but many time I asked with the guys  from Valentino Rossi team, they make me very confident that everything  gonna be alright. But when from the qualifying result only took Vale to start from 8th place, it’s make me little bit uncertain what wrong actually will happen on the race  plus the Ducati which look very strong in every race. 

Even though we knew that Ducati at this moment still have some different  rule  compare with Honda and Yamaha Factory Team, due the condition of the bike, so for this year Ducati team still have 12 engine and 22 fuel in every race. But we can see that the result of the Red team really consistant in every practice they made especially on the straight track. 

We are believe Valentino Rossi is Sunday rider, he always find his way to be fast and to always give the great show from fans around the world, so with all the confident all Yellow Army standing and ready for cheer Vale.  And when the race started, Valentino Rossi still on his position while Jorge Lorenzo, Andrea Doviziosoand Andrea Iannone already flying to be the fast three and unlucky for the World Champion 2014 Marc Marquez , ran off at Turn one and forced him to be on the last position for almost half of race and losing a time to overtake one by one riders to be able joint on the front party, but time not enough so he need to be happy to finally finish at 5th. Even though for the 11 point Marquez need to do bad overtake at turn 6 on first lap and touching Bautista bike and forced Bautista to stop due the damaging the front left brake lines and the sensors. But until the end of the race not have any investigation of that overtake.

Continue to how Valentino Rossi performance all over the race, after start from 8th on the grid and ran back to 10th, he was trying to find the beat of the riding style of him and finally after couple laps he able to passed one by one riders in front of him and get strong place at 5th after took that place from Honda rider Pedrosa and he not stop until that place, he did battle with Harnandez for get his 4th place. As we always say Valentino Rossi is Valentino Rossi, nobody can stop his motivation, he always has the new energy and new power with very epic way.

The four last lap be the very incredible race for Dovizioso, Iannone, Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi. They four keep to having a good pace of the position but unlucky for Jorge Lorenzo he need to move on from the big three competition due his helmet problem and need to be accept got his 4th place. And mean Valentino Rossi Joint into big three and fighting to able close with 2nd from Andrea Iannone. It must be admitted that The Ducati really strong on the straight track but Valentino Rossi not less strategy, will impossible to bet them in straight track so he used his amazing skill in every corner and no doubt with very incredible overtaking he close the race to be number 1. Got 25 point made him lead the position in the world championship.

It’s only first race from 18 races which will be held in 2015 but with this good start result race from  Valentino Rossi, we can put some hope to see him reach his 10th times World Championship and to see the good race with a new record that very big possibility he will earn.

To be good rider not only able to ride fast but need to have brilliant motivation and keep believe that nothing can be so difficult if you doing that with all your heart.

Go Valentino Rossi, keep shinning and keep yellow