dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 25 September 2014

Beautiful Victory of Valentino Rossi at Misano 2014

The 2014 year for valentine Rossi is very important for his whole career after suffered on the 2 years to tame the Red bike and comeback to his baby on 2013 and not have very good synergy on the first year bike but on this year almost in every race held by, The Doctor always able to put himself and the baby on the podium even though we can’t see his smile yet on the highest podium.

But valentine Rossi not only waiting without doing anything for give all his fans and this sport  his smile on the highest podium, he and team really working on it. Change and learn the new style of his ride for his new baby, Find the best setting for got great synergy with the tyre, knowing and understanding how to get the good position in Qualifying practice and so many on. 

His charisma still attached tightly on him self, no riders at this moment can able to even near by to his charismatic, lot of other riders having a great talent but no body can have complete package style as Valentino Rossi has, in my view. Magical of Valentino Rossi is so incredible.

And finally the time we waiting just came, this victory more than only victory for Valentino Rossi, not only because with this win made him able to break new record to be the first riders who achieve 5,000 points across all the classes, but this win also his first win in Misano since Misano 2009 and it more special because the first win of him with his baby this years happened on his home race  at the Gran Premio TIM di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini or we more familiar to called this circuit with Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli and as we know clearly how close the friendship between both of him and how the way Valentino Rossi always remembering his friend in every single activity he doing. As the Misano is his home town race also the spectator who almost all of them came for cheer and supporting him of course made the crowd getting wild and incredible happy with this winning.

Hilarious and full of joy for all his fans around the world and also for this sport, we never boring to always look the way he ride and the way he celebrate all the victory he get. Why it looks so mega ? … the answer is totally easy and sure, because the one who get it is the magical of MotoGP with the name of Valentino Rossi. The one who always able to change from Victory be big spirit for everybody who following this sport. He not only riding his baby but he share all passion he has for this sport, the love  he has for all his fans and the high skill of Valentino Rossi on the way he reach this win.

Now after very great and sensational winning on his career, he began to stringing what would be achieved this year after his next 2 years contract he already had with Yamaha. And as we know Valentino Rossi always so humble and realistic, We already know to put goal this year to reach 10th time World champion is not possible due the strong of Marc Marquez with his Honda this year, so he put to using the momentum winning in Misano be the booster to be Runner up for this year, due his world standing score only different one point with the Spanish rider Dani Pedrosa. And from all of it also to be able to put more target for the next year and with what we look for, nothing impossible when we do everything with all passion we have, focus, keep trying and believe. 

For the entire ideals goal that we want to achieve, we always need passing through the journey that requires patience and confidence. When everyone doubted and scoffed at what we dream about, as long as we believe and strive, in some point always we will find the key to open the door, there is always a hammer to destroy the thick wall, because in every dark in the night we will always find the bright of morning sun -dsulistiyo-