dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Valentino Rossi with Magnificent Podium at Le Mans 2012

Continuing the great result from three Free Practice and Qualifying Practice and finally Valentino Rossi start race on Le Mans circuit from the third row on 7th place, actually his result in qualifying was very close to achieve 2nd row on 6th but whatever the Qualifying  result he got it was the great result ever for this season, and we don't need to doubt when last race in Portugal he started from 9 and finished very well for 7th place and like he said on #askvalentino that’s clearly “we will build it step by step.” Ahh so realistic of you Vale.

And under the rain after so many riders crashed out on Moto3 and Moto2 due the slippery track condition, the class of the kings MotoGP starting without any expectation who will take the podium.

But as we know Ducati always very good to ride under the rain, in one part it was good because means we can hope some interesting race will happen and the important for me and all Yellow army we have some fresh hope for Valentino Rossi will get podium in the wet, but in other part which mean something not good in the bike, just like Valentino Rossi said when he was waiting to start the Le Mans race “I was hoping for the rain but when you hoping on it, you’re in the sh*t.” That is the way Valentino Rossi talking, he always honest and talk what he feel with heart nothing he hide just to make him look good, that the one reason he’s so different.

When the light went off, all riders started the race was very good except Randy de Puniet who crashed in the starting line but lucky for RDP he can continue the race with his 2nd bike  and Ben Spies who still struggling a lot with his M1 almost crashed with the bike.

Great battle for 3nd place Le Mans 2012
Valentino Rossi, Cal Crutchlow, Andrea Dovizioso
Jorge Lorenzo who started from 2nd row just flying to the front without any rival who battle his stable riding and Valentino Rossi got on 4 place behind Casey Stoner, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow on 5th the duoTech 3 for the last three race very good with the bike.

Valentino Rossi step by step took the position of Andrea Dovizioso, but the race totally very very tight, the gap between Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow was very close, no one can predict at the moment who will win the battle. In the condition like that the one the riders need it’s not only the speed but they need to manage their heart also means need to more calm and patient.

And I think Valentino Rossi got it, he was very patient to following Casey Stoner and manage gap with duo riders Yamaha Tech 3. When we look the situation both Yamaha Tech 3 very close with their first podium on the season but the fact said different because pushing the bike so hard in the corner Cal Cruthlow crashed on the 10 laps to go but the bike still good enough to made him rejoin to the race again and then when the battle for 2nd place still happened between Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso but something happened with Dovi’s bike with his front tire and make him crashed and out from the 2nd battle on 3 laps to go but like his team mate, he able to rejoin on the track.

The clear overtaking Vale just did for his 2nd place
So now the battle for 2nd place is only between Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi, the great battle we never found from so long after drama happened in Jerez 2011 when Valentino take out Casey when crashed in front of Casey. And for sure it make Vale more carefully to overtake Casey even though the Jerez matter it’s not Vale’s fault. But surely this time we can see clearly that Vale did really good overtaking like he always did and at the first chicane on the final lap Valentino Rossi just prove to us without words that his skill and his talent stick with him and will never gone. 

Valentino Rossi and Ducati Team deserved with this victory
And here in Le Mans 2011 Valentino got his first and only podium for that year and Sunday May 2012 in Le Mans Valentino got his first podium for this season and his second podium with Ducati, the greatest of him not only stop until that even only got 2nd place but he be World Wide Trading Topic on Twitter. Incredible 

If I can put quote from the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali who said “To be great champion you must believe you’re the best. If you’re not, pretend you’re.” 
For me this quote is really like Valentino Rossi is when we know who we are, what we want, even in any difficult situation we are sure that we can pass it and reach what we want.

We miss a lot Vale's smile on podium
The podium must be meaning much for Valentino rossi morally made him have more motivation and desire to make Ducati more competitive. He  knows the podium is very important for himself, for the team and for all fans, but with very honest he said “It wasn’t mean the problem that Ducati solve already, they still have lot of work to do, and the next test in Mugello the Ducati team will try new engine and chassis, and after that he and Ducati will see.”

I like the humble he has, Valentino Rossi with the spectacular experience is very realistic, the target after the Mugello test is not podium yet, the first step it for make the bike more close with the Satelite team in this case is Yamaha Tech 3.

His smile and his eyes
describe a million meaning
"We all know the bike is not complete yet but we all sure you're so complete and you have something other don't have, that why you're so unique." 
"And beside that you always know how to mix racing and entertain, thats why when you have battle on there this championship will more interesting, and I think is reason why you always be attention in MotoGP."
"You teach to us one more time even without words is when you have a dream and you know where and what you want, just do it with all  effort and passion you have. Don't ever listen when other said bad about you, because you the one know what you do and  in some point the result will come and other will understand."

That's why we still here, support you and never leave you because we know you will back and we need you back


Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Ask Valentino - Presented by Monster Energy. MotoGP Le Mans 2012

When all thing related with Valentino Rossi we can't doubt anymore the show will success, it's just happened again when MotoGP.com sponsored by Monster Energy give a chance for all fans around the world to sent question for Valentino Rossi and the rider answer live. Of course not all question he answered because the question came is over than 30.000.  This is one of prove how much people loved him and always support him all the time.

And the question starting from the serious one about Casey Stoner's retire at the end of the year ? 
VR : "It's shocked for everybody, I think no body expect, at the some rumor in the last day we all though he would continue for another year,  but it's his own decision and It's a great pity for MotoGP, because we lose a great rider"
talking about the current state of MotoGP what's your opinion about CRT thing ?
VR : "In a perfect world, we would have 25 MotoGP bikes on the grid but unfortunately in this period we try to ride with the less expensive bikes and nobody very happy because for the riders it's like step backward"
The next question is so simple but very sharp, can you win this year ?
VR : (and Vale with so calm) "for the championship or the race" (Laugh). "we will try but I think will be very hard because we're too far and especially the first  three guys flying and go very fast but we have to try to think step by step in Portugal last race it was better and will continue on that way and try to arrived closer to the six, to the five, to the four and we will and after we will see" 
And question from fans in Italy, when you will see the light on the tunnel with GP 12 ?
VR : "Will...and now we're more close and specially next week we went to Mugelo to do two days test and Ducati prepare some new stuff to try improve the perform of our bike and after the test we can try to start to see the light of the tunnel
Back to serious question, lot of asking about your retirement ?
VR : "it is something unbelievable. I mean I've no intention of retiring, and I wanna race as much as possible because this is my life, for me is a great great passion and I know I'm 33 years, I wanna continue on the MotoGP minimum at least for the next two years"
Good to heard..
VR : "It's real, It's true... I'm not retire"
The next is lot of people asking want to marry with you ?
VR : "ok, have a picture ?"
Also lot of people want to know your phone number ? its +39464646
VR : "Exactly ...exactly..exactly". (Laughing)
If you have one wish what it will be ?
VR : "win a championship with the Ducati... it's easy wish in this period for me"
From fans  who riding mini moto and he asked some tip to be coming good MotoGP rider like Valentino Rossi ?
VR : (enthusiastic) I think it's a right way, and put the maximum effort and maximum passion for try to arrive, it's not impossible."
And you come from mini moto and What do you thing about Moto3 ?
VR : "yeah for sure, I follow Moto3 from so close because I've young brother now is 14 years now he follow in Italian championship and now after mini bike, mini GP and already close to Moto3."
Valentino Rossi with Kevin Schwantz
If the one rider from the history want to ride again, who would you like to race against ?
VR : "hmm Kevin Schwantz, I think a nice battle would break out and battle with me and Kevin will very funny."
and strange question, You want be Penguin or flying fish ?
VR : "I don't know...but maybe better flying fish."
What the fitness you do and make you keep fit ?
VR : "I training every day, I go to the gym, run and for my body I've  try to stay possible with motorcycle or anyway something with engine like go-kart, motocross, flat track  ." 
Fun question, if you have any band what would you like to play ?
VR : "Guitar for Pink Floyd or Guitar of  AC DC."
What is your favorite food and what is your favorite ice cream
VR : "Pizza with bufala mozzarella and ham  .. and in our place we use to eat pizza with the mayonnaise on the top, so try ..., and also I like vanilla cream and when I'm younger I also liked the smurf flavor"
On Moto3 and Moto2 who Italian riders will be great on the future adn good futeure for Italian riders ? 
VR : "lot of Italian rider growing up, from  Moto3 we have Antonelli and Fenati are very fast and in the Moto2 also lot of fast riders but I like a lot Andrea Iannone, he very fast and young. And for Italian riders I think the future is good in general because in Italy we try to do like in a Spain to put some money (investing more) on the young riders"
Mugello helmet 2008
Which was your favorite helm design ever ?
VR : "I like the one with my face on it, I wore in Mugello 2008 I think it was the funny one."
(And he show us his face, whatever he still handsome) 

What the teacher report to say about you at school ?
VR : "you're quite clever but didn't want study."
Expression VR when answered about Super Sic
What's memory do you have of Marco Simoncelli?
VR : (change expression) "I have a lot , now I'm building the bigger track on Tavullia for training and it was ready from December last year, its not ready 100% but sometime we race there with Iannone and Passini. And when I'm in the big corner, sliding I always still remember with Marco and I think if Marco here he will enjoy a lot. I have a lot memory especially when we training together."
During the races in your helmet what you do, shout,  scream or.. ?
VR : " Yeahh..especially maybe when I make a mistake in the corner and when I got a great battle with a rider, I laughing because I'm enjoy."
Simple question only three words, Scarlett or Angelina ?
VR : (look confuse..really tough decision to make) "hmmmm.... Angelina."
Why you chosen color Yellow on your number 46 ?
VR : "because when I rode in 1996 my helmet design said. you need to put the bigger sun on your helmet, so from that moment we decided to use Yellow, because the Yellow is color of the sun."

What you do with your gloves, are you collecting them ?
VR : "I preparing to collection of all my stuff of my career for always 20 years, I have a bigger room close to my house, all my gloves, my leather, lot of helmet. And I have to say thank you to Dainese and AGV because they always prepare all material and when I want some design, they always said ..ahhh possible ...possible."
Why you didn't make your leather more bigger so you don't need to ...(laughing) ?
VR : (laughing) "Its like something....automatic to do before go in to the track, yeahhh just happened.... like on of the routine."
When you start snow boarding ?
VR : "I start with my friend in 1997, so it's long..long time ago, we always go with my friends every year, not a lot of time but every year coming better and better, I enjoy more than the ski because it's more like riding motorcycle."
Are you ever consider to build riding school ?
VR : "yeah it's possible, because now we have the track and we need to try something for the young riders and I think will be good Idea, I will to think when I'm stop."
Why you like bulldog "
VR : "I like the character, because I'm very relax, and don't need to go around, it's a;ways in the sofa, quite and I like the character.hmm and he's very brave yes very brave"
What's dream you want to achieve in your life ?
VR : "my dream when I was young be World Champion, it's the biggest dream in my life so my dream done already but I want to continue for some other season in some other good victory and good racing. And after that point I need to start dream about the normal thing of the life, like have a family, the children but before we need to find a good girl."
The other question, you still have party after midnight?
VR : "Yes. I still like night, maybe now I becoming old so not every night no more than 11 night  and I wake up 8.30 and 10 am in the Sunday morning and now in the race I go to sleep earlier because when I'm more young I sleep very late before race. So now I need certain to make me more fresh in the morning."
You got podium last year on Le Mans and how now it's positive ?
VR : "yeah the best result for us last year and now I quite far from podium but if we can improve the result from Portugal it will be a good job. Yeah we now bit faster so why not ?"
VR : ( wave his hand) "Ciao..thanks for everybody, for all my fans and see you next time, ciao."
That's all the interesting interviewed from The nine time world champion Valentino Rossi, it was only around 20 minutes but what we felt after heard what he said is we can feel his spirit never give up, the humble attitude of him, the way he love his friends his country and his fans. And the absolutely one, we can feel so clearly how big his love and his passion for this sport. Forza Vale !!

Here Link Video  from motogp.com for  #AskValentino

Note. Please edit if I put wrong words from this interviewed, thank you

Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Casey Stoner Retire & Valentino Rossi continue - The Monster Energy Grand Prix de France 2012

Live is a choice, when you feel what you face doesn't enjoying your self and make you unhappy to do it so the best way you need to do is take the decision. When people around you will agree or disagree it doesn't matter  because your live is yours.

When the moment happened
And Casey Stoner just did it, he at Pre event conference before Le Mans race just announced thats he will retire at the end 2012, Means he will not ride HRC  bike and of course not in MotoGP again. He said very clearly in his view this sport has change a lot and he can't enjoying it anymore and after lot of discussion with family and his wife so the final result is he won't continue anymore.

Here, I truly say  that I'm not fans of Casey Stoner but whatever his decision I respect with it because as a man he just show to us his way to love and protects his family and he always want close with them. It's sweet thing as husband did. Have to respect!

What Valentino Rossi said about decision taken by Casey Stoner was a bad news, Casey Stoner retirement is very negative for MotoGP, because we're lossing one of great riders and also a great rival. but we can do nothing it was his own decision.

We will here to support you Vale
And in the same occasion Valentino Rossi just give us beautiful statement that he'll not retire minimum for next two year, because this sport is his life and he can't to far from engine things. We can say nothing as live is balancing. Someone do like this and another one do like that. But honestly I'm so happy to hear what Valentino Rossi said means this championship still worth to watch, so we can put some hope for making the race more interesting because with all passion he has is nothing impossible.

Thank you Valentino Rossi we need your spirit, your humble and your lovely attitude.

any possibility they will back together?
We're sure there will be another rumors about who will take place on HRC to replace Casey Stoner for next year. in the same time Valentino Rossi will end his contract with Ducati at end 2012 and contract Jorge Lorenzo with Yamaha already pass for 2 years. What will be the next ??
Nakamoto said "he will maybe call Lorenzo and not possible he will call Vale". 
Yes it's too early to talking about it, lets watch the rest of the season and let we see where the wind will blow.

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Valentino Rossi the Magnet of MotoGP

When you open the website for Motorcycle news surely you will find the story of Valentino Rossi, almost everyday and when the article put his name they put "Must Read" and can't argue more the visitor who came to read that must be the big one from any news.

Yes the name's of Valentino Rossi is the biggest names on this sport, when he on the top place and now when he on the difficult situation. Still Valentino Rossi be the number one. With twitter matter and since Valentino Rossi open his account on Oct 2011, media and all his fans who's very happy because we can get and know his story alive from him self and than easy to make any rumor from his simple mention.

After rumor about he will stop ride from Ducati and go to satelite team,  the retire this season when his contract with Ducati over, and the new one about he will join to World Superbike soon.

All happened just because after the race of wsbk on Donington which is the race more interesting than motogp because we can watched  lot  of battle happened and the bike quite similar. And than Valentino Rossi with his passion of this sport just commented on his twitter account and what he said be so booming on every where and make lot of speculation come about where he will do for 2013

@ValeYellow46 - 1st mention
First mention he wrote : "What kind of Superbike race got brawl, all good but shame about BMW on last corner". (I think he wrote it after he watched Melandri with Haslam who crashed together on the Donighton circuit, in my opinion he just tell to us fighting until the limit even already in the last corner).

@ValeYellow46 - 2nd mention
And than Vale was continue his twitt with : "Unfortunately, our race have become more much tedious". (and in my view he  commented like that not because he's not on front row again for last year until three last race on 2012 but we need to say with honest whoever in the front as long they can give us spectacular race who full with safety but still interesting battle, we can still appreciate to watch this championship. And in my view lot of MotoGP fans keep stay to watch MotoGP only for watch when Valentino Rossi will back strong and competitive and can give us what we call racing not only convoy of bike)

@ValeYellow46 - 3rd mention
Not only stopped there, Valentino Rossi just continued his extraordinary comment "Moto3 is beautiful, Moto2 bit scary, SBK is hilarious even the race are decided at the ranch last corner" (Any words for this statement, hahaha yahhh it's really honest commented out from the live legend on this sport and I think what he said is totally agree, no one can said do honest like him what he saw and what he felt, out from his deep heart. So for me Dorna must be concern about how to make this championship still be the classy one, the best one and the interesting race one. Not only Convoy between bike and bike without something to watch)

@ValeYellow46 - 4th mention
And can we imagine how speculation from his statement made any news this and that about WSBK will have Valentino Rossi soon and many more. But don't under estimate, our hero Valentino Rossi not only brilliant when he ride his bike but he so clever to know the situation who is he on this sport, with so calm he just twitt the last twitt of May 13 about plan he has for his career "But, having said that, I want to race on MotoGP for another year. I just want a little more  'brawl' that's all". (hahaha that's what we called "complete package" and yes Valentino Rossi is. Interesting on race, has a humble attitude with fans, has smart idea with the engine, funny man with his team and friends, has a handsome face, has a sweet smile on his lips, totally complete as an Idol in my view)

So guys who united in #YellowArmy keep here, let's hold hands together and keep believe"The Project between Valentino Rossi and Ducati will succeed and bring him back to show to us what's the meaning of battle on race and of course for save MotoGP to remain be the clasy and luxury championship in this world"

Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Valentino Rossi 's Smile at Estoril Circuit 2012

After so many doubt about Estoril circuit for MotoGP 2012 finally this big event was there on May 06,2012. With the great weather for race MotoGP round 3 happened very successful after this circuit sold out the ticket with only 2 Euro and made the race full by spectator.

And Casey Stoner done very well on this and got 42nd victory for all classes in Grand Prix racing and for this season it was the 2nd victory for him. The victory its not too easy because The World Champion 2010 always following him for 28 laps Portuguese Grand Prix. But at the end Jorge Lorenzo still happy even only finished on 2nd position behind Casey Stoner. And for the 3rd position Dani Pedrosa just took that place but be special for him because it was 100th time he got podium.

In Portuguese GP 2012 the group of the bike was divided into 4 groups, the first group for the big three and continue second group with Andrea Dovizioso and the racing star who stole so many commented after finished 3rd on Jerez was Cal Crutchlow. The both Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team riders went very well on this GP and Andrea claim best satelite Yamaha result after long battle with his team mate Cal Crutchlow.

And the third group was Alvaro Bautista finished for 6th and following with the famous rider ever from Italy Valentino Rossi on 7th after started the race from 9th place. We need to underline the result 7th place for sure not the result Valentino Rossi , team and all his fans hope but for all laps we can see so clearly how comfort already Valentino with the duke who very difficult for him to tame it. In every corner we can saw Vale can control more good lap by lap. And in my view they just need to control delivery of the engine to make it more smooth. I can gave opinion like that because when watching the replay how Valentino Rossi started form grid line the  tyres of the bike looks bumping when Vale braking the bike with means the power of the engine was very strong. And the one he need to improve is to control the bike after the corner for still stable on the track.

After all difficult moment of Valentino Rossi, we all really happy to look his sweet smile come out from his sexy lips and said " I felt be real racer again, even only the slower but still racer and it can made me  manage to have fun with the bike." Totally optimistic shout from him to made all his fans around the world smile and be united to always here supporting him.

So hopefully the bike will solve and complete soon to able make MotoGP race be a great championship like before and give all Motosport lovers some interesting battle not only some convoy bikes.

We all sure Valentino Rossi will back soon because we all need him to be backed. Don't ever stop your spirit Valentino Rossi and keep in your mind this project will success just like other project you did. And when you can accept some difficulty with smile and patient for sure you will overcome and enjoy the victory more than usual

Result Grande Premio de Portugal Circuito Estoril

Pos No of Rider Rider name Team Gap

1 1 Casey STONER Repsol Honda Team 45'37.513
2 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha Factory Racing +1.421
3 26 Dani PEDROSA Repsol Honda Team +3.621
4 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +13.846
5 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Monster Yamaha Tech 3 +16.69
6 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA San Carlo Honda Gresini +21.884
7 46 Valentino ROSSI Ducati Team +26.797
8 11 Ben SPIES Yamaha Factory Racing +33.262
9 6 Stefan BRADL LCR Honda MotoGP +35.867
10 8 Hector BARBERA Pramac Racing Team "+53.363
11 69 Nicky HAYDEN Ducati Team +1'02.630
12 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Power Electronics Aspar +1'20.736
13 14 Randy DE PUNIET Power Electronics Aspar +1'23.483
14 51 Michele PIRRO San Carlo Honda Gresini +1'37.905
15 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Came IodaRacing Project 1 Lap