dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Ask Valentino - Presented by Monster Energy. MotoGP Le Mans 2012

When all thing related with Valentino Rossi we can't doubt anymore the show will success, it's just happened again when MotoGP.com sponsored by Monster Energy give a chance for all fans around the world to sent question for Valentino Rossi and the rider answer live. Of course not all question he answered because the question came is over than 30.000.  This is one of prove how much people loved him and always support him all the time.

And the question starting from the serious one about Casey Stoner's retire at the end of the year ? 
VR : "It's shocked for everybody, I think no body expect, at the some rumor in the last day we all though he would continue for another year,  but it's his own decision and It's a great pity for MotoGP, because we lose a great rider"
talking about the current state of MotoGP what's your opinion about CRT thing ?
VR : "In a perfect world, we would have 25 MotoGP bikes on the grid but unfortunately in this period we try to ride with the less expensive bikes and nobody very happy because for the riders it's like step backward"
The next question is so simple but very sharp, can you win this year ?
VR : (and Vale with so calm) "for the championship or the race" (Laugh). "we will try but I think will be very hard because we're too far and especially the first  three guys flying and go very fast but we have to try to think step by step in Portugal last race it was better and will continue on that way and try to arrived closer to the six, to the five, to the four and we will and after we will see" 
And question from fans in Italy, when you will see the light on the tunnel with GP 12 ?
VR : "Will...and now we're more close and specially next week we went to Mugelo to do two days test and Ducati prepare some new stuff to try improve the perform of our bike and after the test we can try to start to see the light of the tunnel
Back to serious question, lot of asking about your retirement ?
VR : "it is something unbelievable. I mean I've no intention of retiring, and I wanna race as much as possible because this is my life, for me is a great great passion and I know I'm 33 years, I wanna continue on the MotoGP minimum at least for the next two years"
Good to heard..
VR : "It's real, It's true... I'm not retire"
The next is lot of people asking want to marry with you ?
VR : "ok, have a picture ?"
Also lot of people want to know your phone number ? its +39464646
VR : "Exactly ...exactly..exactly". (Laughing)
If you have one wish what it will be ?
VR : "win a championship with the Ducati... it's easy wish in this period for me"
From fans  who riding mini moto and he asked some tip to be coming good MotoGP rider like Valentino Rossi ?
VR : (enthusiastic) I think it's a right way, and put the maximum effort and maximum passion for try to arrive, it's not impossible."
And you come from mini moto and What do you thing about Moto3 ?
VR : "yeah for sure, I follow Moto3 from so close because I've young brother now is 14 years now he follow in Italian championship and now after mini bike, mini GP and already close to Moto3."
Valentino Rossi with Kevin Schwantz
If the one rider from the history want to ride again, who would you like to race against ?
VR : "hmm Kevin Schwantz, I think a nice battle would break out and battle with me and Kevin will very funny."
and strange question, You want be Penguin or flying fish ?
VR : "I don't know...but maybe better flying fish."
What the fitness you do and make you keep fit ?
VR : "I training every day, I go to the gym, run and for my body I've  try to stay possible with motorcycle or anyway something with engine like go-kart, motocross, flat track  ." 
Fun question, if you have any band what would you like to play ?
VR : "Guitar for Pink Floyd or Guitar of  AC DC."
What is your favorite food and what is your favorite ice cream
VR : "Pizza with bufala mozzarella and ham  .. and in our place we use to eat pizza with the mayonnaise on the top, so try ..., and also I like vanilla cream and when I'm younger I also liked the smurf flavor"
On Moto3 and Moto2 who Italian riders will be great on the future adn good futeure for Italian riders ? 
VR : "lot of Italian rider growing up, from  Moto3 we have Antonelli and Fenati are very fast and in the Moto2 also lot of fast riders but I like a lot Andrea Iannone, he very fast and young. And for Italian riders I think the future is good in general because in Italy we try to do like in a Spain to put some money (investing more) on the young riders"
Mugello helmet 2008
Which was your favorite helm design ever ?
VR : "I like the one with my face on it, I wore in Mugello 2008 I think it was the funny one."
(And he show us his face, whatever he still handsome) 

What the teacher report to say about you at school ?
VR : "you're quite clever but didn't want study."
Expression VR when answered about Super Sic
What's memory do you have of Marco Simoncelli?
VR : (change expression) "I have a lot , now I'm building the bigger track on Tavullia for training and it was ready from December last year, its not ready 100% but sometime we race there with Iannone and Passini. And when I'm in the big corner, sliding I always still remember with Marco and I think if Marco here he will enjoy a lot. I have a lot memory especially when we training together."
During the races in your helmet what you do, shout,  scream or.. ?
VR : " Yeahh..especially maybe when I make a mistake in the corner and when I got a great battle with a rider, I laughing because I'm enjoy."
Simple question only three words, Scarlett or Angelina ?
VR : (look confuse..really tough decision to make) "hmmmm.... Angelina."
Why you chosen color Yellow on your number 46 ?
VR : "because when I rode in 1996 my helmet design said. you need to put the bigger sun on your helmet, so from that moment we decided to use Yellow, because the Yellow is color of the sun."

What you do with your gloves, are you collecting them ?
VR : "I preparing to collection of all my stuff of my career for always 20 years, I have a bigger room close to my house, all my gloves, my leather, lot of helmet. And I have to say thank you to Dainese and AGV because they always prepare all material and when I want some design, they always said ..ahhh possible ...possible."
Why you didn't make your leather more bigger so you don't need to ...(laughing) ?
VR : (laughing) "Its like something....automatic to do before go in to the track, yeahhh just happened.... like on of the routine."
When you start snow boarding ?
VR : "I start with my friend in 1997, so it's long..long time ago, we always go with my friends every year, not a lot of time but every year coming better and better, I enjoy more than the ski because it's more like riding motorcycle."
Are you ever consider to build riding school ?
VR : "yeah it's possible, because now we have the track and we need to try something for the young riders and I think will be good Idea, I will to think when I'm stop."
Why you like bulldog "
VR : "I like the character, because I'm very relax, and don't need to go around, it's a;ways in the sofa, quite and I like the character.hmm and he's very brave yes very brave"
What's dream you want to achieve in your life ?
VR : "my dream when I was young be World Champion, it's the biggest dream in my life so my dream done already but I want to continue for some other season in some other good victory and good racing. And after that point I need to start dream about the normal thing of the life, like have a family, the children but before we need to find a good girl."
The other question, you still have party after midnight?
VR : "Yes. I still like night, maybe now I becoming old so not every night no more than 11 night  and I wake up 8.30 and 10 am in the Sunday morning and now in the race I go to sleep earlier because when I'm more young I sleep very late before race. So now I need certain to make me more fresh in the morning."
You got podium last year on Le Mans and how now it's positive ?
VR : "yeah the best result for us last year and now I quite far from podium but if we can improve the result from Portugal it will be a good job. Yeah we now bit faster so why not ?"
VR : ( wave his hand) "Ciao..thanks for everybody, for all my fans and see you next time, ciao."
That's all the interesting interviewed from The nine time world champion Valentino Rossi, it was only around 20 minutes but what we felt after heard what he said is we can feel his spirit never give up, the humble attitude of him, the way he love his friends his country and his fans. And the absolutely one, we can feel so clearly how big his love and his passion for this sport. Forza Vale !!

Here Link Video  from motogp.com for  #AskValentino

Note. Please edit if I put wrong words from this interviewed, thank you

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