dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Casey Stoner Retire & Valentino Rossi continue - The Monster Energy Grand Prix de France 2012

Live is a choice, when you feel what you face doesn't enjoying your self and make you unhappy to do it so the best way you need to do is take the decision. When people around you will agree or disagree it doesn't matter  because your live is yours.

When the moment happened
And Casey Stoner just did it, he at Pre event conference before Le Mans race just announced thats he will retire at the end 2012, Means he will not ride HRC  bike and of course not in MotoGP again. He said very clearly in his view this sport has change a lot and he can't enjoying it anymore and after lot of discussion with family and his wife so the final result is he won't continue anymore.

Here, I truly say  that I'm not fans of Casey Stoner but whatever his decision I respect with it because as a man he just show to us his way to love and protects his family and he always want close with them. It's sweet thing as husband did. Have to respect!

What Valentino Rossi said about decision taken by Casey Stoner was a bad news, Casey Stoner retirement is very negative for MotoGP, because we're lossing one of great riders and also a great rival. but we can do nothing it was his own decision.

We will here to support you Vale
And in the same occasion Valentino Rossi just give us beautiful statement that he'll not retire minimum for next two year, because this sport is his life and he can't to far from engine things. We can say nothing as live is balancing. Someone do like this and another one do like that. But honestly I'm so happy to hear what Valentino Rossi said means this championship still worth to watch, so we can put some hope for making the race more interesting because with all passion he has is nothing impossible.

Thank you Valentino Rossi we need your spirit, your humble and your lovely attitude.

any possibility they will back together?
We're sure there will be another rumors about who will take place on HRC to replace Casey Stoner for next year. in the same time Valentino Rossi will end his contract with Ducati at end 2012 and contract Jorge Lorenzo with Yamaha already pass for 2 years. What will be the next ??
Nakamoto said "he will maybe call Lorenzo and not possible he will call Vale". 
Yes it's too early to talking about it, lets watch the rest of the season and let we see where the wind will blow.

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