dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Valentino Rossi the Magnet of MotoGP

When you open the website for Motorcycle news surely you will find the story of Valentino Rossi, almost everyday and when the article put his name they put "Must Read" and can't argue more the visitor who came to read that must be the big one from any news.

Yes the name's of Valentino Rossi is the biggest names on this sport, when he on the top place and now when he on the difficult situation. Still Valentino Rossi be the number one. With twitter matter and since Valentino Rossi open his account on Oct 2011, media and all his fans who's very happy because we can get and know his story alive from him self and than easy to make any rumor from his simple mention.

After rumor about he will stop ride from Ducati and go to satelite team,  the retire this season when his contract with Ducati over, and the new one about he will join to World Superbike soon.

All happened just because after the race of wsbk on Donington which is the race more interesting than motogp because we can watched  lot  of battle happened and the bike quite similar. And than Valentino Rossi with his passion of this sport just commented on his twitter account and what he said be so booming on every where and make lot of speculation come about where he will do for 2013

@ValeYellow46 - 1st mention
First mention he wrote : "What kind of Superbike race got brawl, all good but shame about BMW on last corner". (I think he wrote it after he watched Melandri with Haslam who crashed together on the Donighton circuit, in my opinion he just tell to us fighting until the limit even already in the last corner).

@ValeYellow46 - 2nd mention
And than Vale was continue his twitt with : "Unfortunately, our race have become more much tedious". (and in my view he  commented like that not because he's not on front row again for last year until three last race on 2012 but we need to say with honest whoever in the front as long they can give us spectacular race who full with safety but still interesting battle, we can still appreciate to watch this championship. And in my view lot of MotoGP fans keep stay to watch MotoGP only for watch when Valentino Rossi will back strong and competitive and can give us what we call racing not only convoy of bike)

@ValeYellow46 - 3rd mention
Not only stopped there, Valentino Rossi just continued his extraordinary comment "Moto3 is beautiful, Moto2 bit scary, SBK is hilarious even the race are decided at the ranch last corner" (Any words for this statement, hahaha yahhh it's really honest commented out from the live legend on this sport and I think what he said is totally agree, no one can said do honest like him what he saw and what he felt, out from his deep heart. So for me Dorna must be concern about how to make this championship still be the classy one, the best one and the interesting race one. Not only Convoy between bike and bike without something to watch)

@ValeYellow46 - 4th mention
And can we imagine how speculation from his statement made any news this and that about WSBK will have Valentino Rossi soon and many more. But don't under estimate, our hero Valentino Rossi not only brilliant when he ride his bike but he so clever to know the situation who is he on this sport, with so calm he just twitt the last twitt of May 13 about plan he has for his career "But, having said that, I want to race on MotoGP for another year. I just want a little more  'brawl' that's all". (hahaha that's what we called "complete package" and yes Valentino Rossi is. Interesting on race, has a humble attitude with fans, has smart idea with the engine, funny man with his team and friends, has a handsome face, has a sweet smile on his lips, totally complete as an Idol in my view)

So guys who united in #YellowArmy keep here, let's hold hands together and keep believe"The Project between Valentino Rossi and Ducati will succeed and bring him back to show to us what's the meaning of battle on race and of course for save MotoGP to remain be the clasy and luxury championship in this world"

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