dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Rabu, 27 Maret 2013

Finally 2013 time for Valentino Rossi on Facebook

After got more than 1,7 million followers on his official twitter account @Valeyellow46 since he creating the account on Oct 7, 2011 at 15.00 Italy time zone, and also ValeYellow461 on January 2012 open channel on  youtube.

Valentino Rossi starting to make an explotion again on social media matter and he chose  Facebook become his movement in 2013 after so long waiting from fans and as we know before he doesn't like much about the expose of himself with social media but now time is different, on March 2013 when other busy with Jerez test, Valentino Rossi running by his official fan club in Tavuilla promoting his new facebook account with name is ValentinoRossiVR46Official and no need too long  he already got more than 40.000 likers.

Fantastic.....!!! It's more amazing following with his good result on Jerez test before the first round of 2013 season. So who said Valetino Rossi lost his charm?? Better who said that need to think again because his charming still with him and for sure it's more than you ever think. With the hard last two years of him, less with podium and trophy but he still have a million fans who adore and loyal with him, not only because his good result on his carrer and his handsome face but all people still love him because his humble, his spirit and also his way to rise from his difficult season.

He still the fastest rider on MotoGP and he still very adorable person as well. We all always love and support you, The one and only  Valentino Rossi

Result Jerez Test changing the prediction for MotoGP 2013

At the beginning lot of people doubt about Valentino Rossi return to Yamaha, and especially with the lack of good result obtained in the previous test. The King only able to put on 4 and 5th place, has never been faster than duo Honda Factory Team even with his teammate Jorge Lorenzo. In Jerez test duo Honda factory riders not got a good result as usual, Dani Pedrosa miss the last day test due the pain on his neck and Marc Marquez a bit far from front row on the 2nd and 3rd day of test, but the gap still close enough.

But as we know Valentino Rossi never stop to trying and solve all thing on his face, because every problem came must be with the way to solve. And finally in the 2nd day of Final preseason test Valentino back to the place he should be, Top Position.

After very bad weather as always on Jerez test on the 1st day, on the 2nd day Valentino Rossi rode his bike with very comfortable and consistent in every corner and finished 46 laps and got the fastest time on 29 laps. Just perfect he close the days before the rain came and made him be a faster with time 1.39.525. And more convincingly with the third day result, he became the 2nd fastest.

Of course is not only make Valentino Rossi happy but he was Very happy because the great result not only came to him but also for all Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo, also Cal Crutchlow. not good result for Bradl Smith yet but that because he need more time for trying that bike. With this result Valentino Rossi really can't wait for the first GP in Qatar, for him the result of Jerez test not important but very important because finally after so many test he did, the YZR-M1 got the setting as his style and it will be good because in the third day while he trying new chassis he also had a good result, and it's really they need before starting the circus on April 7th in Qatar even though he will not use the new chasis on 1st race, he need to understand more first and will use after sure about it.

With the result of Jerez test lot of media also fans changing their prediction, before their very confident the rider will got 1st podium is between Dani Pedrosa or Jorge Lorenzo and also Marc Marquez but for now they all together put Valentino Rossi as the mega rider who has big chance to be the fastest on the first round  and not forget to put Cal Crutchlow for the rider who will fighting for podium. We all know Valetino Rossi not really like with this circuit he also had some won in here but nothing special, so he will  ride the bike with all his heart like he always did.

In this time not many people put duo Ducati Nicky Hayden and Andrea Dovizioso to gain the podium in Qatar, we all knew they both finish not too far in the position thing but the gap still very far especially when it happen in race, the accumulation of the gap with so many lap will more big with others. But we still hope they will improve soon because with lot of competitive big the show will be great to watch for all fans around the world and also good for this sport.

Really happy to look Valentino Rossi smile after the pass hard two year and with the confident he had after very great test who generally show to us how synergy the YZR-M1 and him, we so please to waiting the first round in Commercial Bank Grand Prix Qatar.

Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Yamaha MotoGP Launched New Livery for 2013

Finally today March 22 2013, The Yamaha racing team show to the world how they look for 2013 season in MotoGP. Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi for first time launching their new livery before the last test in Jerez circuit.

The color of the bike not look so different with the last one in 2012 but still very interesting with white strip and dominant strong blue for covering the bike and make it more beautiful with the "bling-bling sticker in the behind of the number. But the unexpected is the color on rider with number 46, usually he always put the yellow color as much as he can on that bike but for this season not too much Yellow but still have chic design like always.

And also be a concern with so many people is about the main sponsor title, lot of the so wonder because until now the team still not get the sponsor title as they think before, like we know Valentino Rossi is the magnet of MotoGP and he also the one rider who has so many fans around the world, but Lin Jervis as his opinion like here what they have for now and he still very happy because have a Monster Energy and the sponsor from last year still stick there with them, the rest they hope will come soon after the first race, and he also hope The MotoGP race can be able to host in Indonesia, because the passionate of Indonesia people with this sport are very good and incredible to support the team especially Valentino Rossi.
Many thanks from all Indonesian fans for the awesome words came from Lin Jarvis and we always hope the same.

On this event Valentino Rossi can't tell to us what he expect for, he just put a target to get many podium and win as much as he can. The truly potential of him also he can see more clearly in the first race at Qatar, the first for him is enjoy to ride the M1 after separate for 2 years. Valentino Rossi since his return to Yamaha always said that he not too young anymore but he still feel very good and he always put some technical thing in every time he talked with the media about what the team need to improve the bike and the point he underline after did some of test are speed, stability in acceleration and also to keep faster from the corner. He said the M1 is perfect bike already and also very friendly with the rider but with the faster improve from the other team, the three things is still need to be the focus for this season.

Good luck team, we always put lot of hope with you, because in every time you riding your bike you always put a soul and the classy passion, and for sure the thing is the one make us following to always have a spirit in  our life to do the best with whatever we had.

"The last two years is never happened" Valentino Rossi Video 
pic by yamaha-racing.com and source from motogo.com

Minggu, 17 Maret 2013

Valentino Rossi dancing samba in Brazil 2013

Whatever the result test in the Austin, Valentino Rossi still be the big magnet in MotoGP. All people always dream to be like Valentino Rossi, to be close with the rider with number 46 and always want to meet with this lovable Italian rider.

And this time the luckiest country get visit from Valentino Rossi is Brazil, with the dance samba, famous yellow football jersey, all made the visit really complete and warm. And Valentino Rossi with his sharp eyes and his sweet smile really enjoy to rode the Yamaha YZF-R1 with the blue bike. blue shirt and blue helmet combaine with the VR46 color style really make all fans in Brazil so hysterical. And with his energic movement to dancing traditional Samba dance with the luckiest two girls there.

Valentino Rossi so excited and really enjoy the visited after almost ten years and he really want Brazil will be host of MotoGP again because the enthusiasm of the fans really big and will have good potential to get lot of spectator. And Valentino Rossi also remain back his memory when rode his bike in MotoGP Rio de Janeiro. Classy moment.

The visited to Brazil was his personal visit  to launched the new product in Yamaha Brazil and like his last visited in Indonesia to Launched the Yamaha Indonesia new product and logo, the meaning on his visit is to make the sales of the bike will more positive and full with passion, because Valentino Rossi has so many fans who really love and support him in whatever his condition. The good quote from this visit his come from Shigeo Hayakawa - President Yamaha motor Brazil ".... I was again very surprised to see how "easy" he was"

Yes, that's the one I always said about him, as a big rider like him he so simple and humble, just like when I met him in the public transportation in 2010, not much the superstar like him go travel without many safeguards and also my experience with got an exclucive interview with him, he really nice and answered all question with his charm. Really great and complete idol ever. We love you Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and MotoGP Austin Test 2013

Finally the exclusive and private test of giant team in MotoGP Yamaha Team and Honda Racing started at 11.42 Austin time. For all the team who following this test the main purpose is too understand well the circuit and also to know the technical things of the bike and the tyre, 2 days only for Yamaha Team and full 3 days for Honda Team.

The most topic on this test is about The G.O.A.T Valentino Rossi and The Rookie Marc Marquez, lot of people said rider with number 93 is the next Valentino Rossi and Valentino Rossi him self also said he look some of his style on Marc riding style and for this sport it's very positive thing, so we will find again the spectacular battle in MotoGP.

And in The COTA Austin, Marc Marquez really did a great job, he really on fire always be the fastest started form the 1st day until finished on the 3rd day. Consistant and really fast to control in the blind corner of Austin track. When we look him, the shine of Marc Marquez just starting before the race going. For sure
the test result made him really confident for start the first race in Qatar. And he still have one test again to learn the bike in the lastest test in Jerez next week, when he can be the fastest again so the potition in the race can draw more clearly who will often fighting for the podium this season.

While the young boy Marc Marquez had euphoria with the success in every test he did, Valentino Rossi still trying to find the good in acleration on his bike, just like his same commented in Sepang test, he still has some problem in his baby M1 and he still focusing to find the solution and make the bike more easy and smooth to ride in every corner. He only able to finished behind his team mate Jorge Lorenzo and also behind satelite rider Stefan Bradl. Some commentator said Valentino Rossi getting hard to find the way be the world champion on this season, but he with his own style keep calm and did the test maximal as he can, he trying so many lap in the first test around 64 laps and also 67 laps for his 2nd day test.

In every photo shoot in the test show to us how tired Valentino Rossi, he did too many laps really to maximaze the information in every lap to know how the bike will be in the race. The Acceleration and & the difficult to brake still be the hot issued of Yamaha this season but with the hard trying from Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and also all Yamaha Team , we will find the complete bike soon hopefully before Jerez test, before the team launching the new livery at March 22 "To Be Illuminated"

Hope is the best word for this situation, working hard is the key word for this condition, believe is the great word for all the 46 fans in this season.

Just do it Valentino Rossi and team, as we all know your are the Sunday rider who always find the way to grab the best achievment in every difficult things. We love you and always support you

Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Valentino Rossi curious for Austin test 2013

Monday March 11, 2013 at 18.46 pm Valentino Rossi team just finished setup his garage and also their bike for the important test of Austin. For first time this circuit will be run for MotoGP make all team who following the test very curious how the track will bring it on. We can call Austin Circuit with COTA Circuit Of The America

HRC team with Dani Pedrosa and the Rookie Marc Marquez and Yamaha Team Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, also the luckiest satellite team LCR Honda with Stefan Bradl will trying the new track who always have very sensatiable feeling for riders. Lot of things to do for the team, to setting the tyre, the gear box and many thing else for the adapting with the new track.

Unlucky for Ducati factory riders team who can't joint this test due their need to wait the new part of the bike and they need to work first in the factory and make some improve for the official test in Jerez. They are think Austin test is important but with the team so close with the last Sepang test on end of February 2013, the result will be not maximal, so the Jerez test will be the last test for Ducati before starting this season.

The curious of MotoGP fans answered first came from Matteo  Flamigni, one of Italian crew of Valentino Rossi, he said on his official twitter account @mflamigni "The track is nice, technical and very demanding...I like"
With that commented the challenging track already draw in our mind. And for Valentino Rossi who still finding the best setting for his baby M1, this test really important to make him understand well the bike and the real potential of the bike with the other bike which mean's with Honda bike.

As we know the last Sepang test, didn't make Valentino Rossi happy 100% he still got some problem with the bike and finished the test out from big three, that's one of reason why he so excited with Austin test March 12-14. Even for this test Valentino Rossi didn't bring whole team but half of the good guys will be there to make the bike ready for the first round on April 2013 in Qatar. And the genius and very lovable mechanic Jeremy Burgess will be ready to explore the technical of the bike

We are sure Valentino Rossi will continue the good things they already found in the last 2 hours before end the sepang test. Continue your job hero as we all here always continue to support you. We love you Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

NIcky Hayden talked after Sepang Test MotoGP 2013

The dominance of Repsol Honda and Yamaha Factory team is seen immediately in 2 times Sepang Test 2013. And on the last day of Sepang 2 Test, The American rider Nicky Hayden who be World Champion in the final year of the 990cc in 2006 got a great improve after struggling a lot with the front end of the bike. He can manage to make the gap with other more closer even still over from one second but better than before.

He always trying to handle the wild of big machine of the red bike and understand better even though the turning is still the main area where they need to improve.

And here some of Nicky Hayden commented after Sepang test that had able I record. But as you know Nicky Hayden voice is always sexy with his American Accent, so base on both of the reason made me difficult to hear what he talked about (so if something wrong with that, please give my sorry on it)

How do you think about the gap?
NH: I have a closer this week than last 1st test so I think it's good step, hopefully (you know...) here is difficult track so can't make something to closer the gap, but the turning still big problem

Are you crashed today?
NH: Yes in the turning one, I did my best lap in the day all pretty good but I did a couple mistakes and made the crashed.

So what do you think about this bike?
NH: You know from the beginning of this season was going to be tough but we have must stay focus, keep the course and hopefully we can try to get race from second grid and start from there.
In the last 1st test we got 2 seconds and now one a half second, I knew it's still big number but we work on it, we have some progress between two week test we have a good step, so I'm a quite happy with it. And also I'm rode in the rain and got the felling. 

Did you work with new fork today?
NH: We have a couple little adjustments and try new software but we didn't work on it (no new fork)

All talked about Austin test, do you will follow this test?
NH: No, Ducati already take a decision to not following this test

NH: I don't know the reason but maybe they need to focus in the factory. But we still have one test again in Jerez before the race of the season start.

And the interviews need to stop due Nicky Hayden and teams have some meeting to discuss about what they got in the test. I always saw couple time after the test or race Nicky always sat and read all the data from the test and made him sometime leave very late from the paddock.

This the one attitude made him so adorable, as we know he has a great talent in the race he already 5 years with Ducati and the best achievement with this bike only have three podium but he still focus and calm, trying hard with his motto Let's Get It and it's so inspiring x

Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Final Day Winter Sepang Test MotoGP 2013

Today on the last day of test not lot an update timesheet we can report, but the bike many think happened on the track. Just like Lorenzo got a problem engine and forced the bike to stopped before touchdown in the real track, the starting battle in some lap between the legend Valentino Rossi and the rookie Marc Marquez, the simulation of race did by Dani Pedrosa and also Jorge Lorenzo and many think happened. All they did only to make some understanding with what the bike and the riders one, because with all report they have will determine how the bike will going for the real race

The weather around Sepang circuit was support how the tests went, and in the afternoon around 2-3pm all riders who wearing the leather with helmet under the 54 degree of sun really make them sweat a lot. But that is why we so proud with all of them because they’re still riding and reporting what that felt and they get to their team.

Valentino Rossi the rider who yesterday on 2nd day test only able to put the position on 5th, on the last day he got always the same problem, the power is not too good when he entering the corner. After stuck so long in the last day for 7th place, Valentino Rossi got a great improve after did some rest around 30 minutes, so in the last two hours, he got really good improve and can put 4th for the last day test of second test with the gap not so far from his team mate Jorge Lorenzo +0.070 second.

Not too bad but also not too good, but Valentino Rossi saw it from the different side, he realize that the fastest now Honda with Dani Pedrosa and also Yamaha with Jorge Lorenzo also he will not forget to put the rookie Marx Marquez with his Honda who consistent enough and very brave and very well when he riding the bike, and Valentino Rossi called him Spectacular. He said this year will have lot of great battle and will not too boring, will much some effort to beat the three fastest guys and need more than 100% , so this year will be hard but will be fun also.

That's one of his attitudes who very unique and sometime can easy to understand. But with this way we know he so passionate with this sport.

For Honda and Yamaha Factory, they will have one test in the middle of March in Austin circuit Texas, and Valentino Rossi so enthusiastic with this test, new track and new experience to control his baby M1 on the 20 corner.

And here the last result of the test and also the combination from the three day.