dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 02 Maret 2013

NIcky Hayden talked after Sepang Test MotoGP 2013

The dominance of Repsol Honda and Yamaha Factory team is seen immediately in 2 times Sepang Test 2013. And on the last day of Sepang 2 Test, The American rider Nicky Hayden who be World Champion in the final year of the 990cc in 2006 got a great improve after struggling a lot with the front end of the bike. He can manage to make the gap with other more closer even still over from one second but better than before.

He always trying to handle the wild of big machine of the red bike and understand better even though the turning is still the main area where they need to improve.

And here some of Nicky Hayden commented after Sepang test that had able I record. But as you know Nicky Hayden voice is always sexy with his American Accent, so base on both of the reason made me difficult to hear what he talked about (so if something wrong with that, please give my sorry on it)

How do you think about the gap?
NH: I have a closer this week than last 1st test so I think it's good step, hopefully (you know...) here is difficult track so can't make something to closer the gap, but the turning still big problem

Are you crashed today?
NH: Yes in the turning one, I did my best lap in the day all pretty good but I did a couple mistakes and made the crashed.

So what do you think about this bike?
NH: You know from the beginning of this season was going to be tough but we have must stay focus, keep the course and hopefully we can try to get race from second grid and start from there.
In the last 1st test we got 2 seconds and now one a half second, I knew it's still big number but we work on it, we have some progress between two week test we have a good step, so I'm a quite happy with it. And also I'm rode in the rain and got the felling. 

Did you work with new fork today?
NH: We have a couple little adjustments and try new software but we didn't work on it (no new fork)

All talked about Austin test, do you will follow this test?
NH: No, Ducati already take a decision to not following this test

NH: I don't know the reason but maybe they need to focus in the factory. But we still have one test again in Jerez before the race of the season start.

And the interviews need to stop due Nicky Hayden and teams have some meeting to discuss about what they got in the test. I always saw couple time after the test or race Nicky always sat and read all the data from the test and made him sometime leave very late from the paddock.

This the one attitude made him so adorable, as we know he has a great talent in the race he already 5 years with Ducati and the best achievement with this bike only have three podium but he still focus and calm, trying hard with his motto Let's Get It and it's so inspiring x

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