dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez and MotoGP Austin Test 2013

Finally the exclusive and private test of giant team in MotoGP Yamaha Team and Honda Racing started at 11.42 Austin time. For all the team who following this test the main purpose is too understand well the circuit and also to know the technical things of the bike and the tyre, 2 days only for Yamaha Team and full 3 days for Honda Team.

The most topic on this test is about The G.O.A.T Valentino Rossi and The Rookie Marc Marquez, lot of people said rider with number 93 is the next Valentino Rossi and Valentino Rossi him self also said he look some of his style on Marc riding style and for this sport it's very positive thing, so we will find again the spectacular battle in MotoGP.

And in The COTA Austin, Marc Marquez really did a great job, he really on fire always be the fastest started form the 1st day until finished on the 3rd day. Consistant and really fast to control in the blind corner of Austin track. When we look him, the shine of Marc Marquez just starting before the race going. For sure
the test result made him really confident for start the first race in Qatar. And he still have one test again to learn the bike in the lastest test in Jerez next week, when he can be the fastest again so the potition in the race can draw more clearly who will often fighting for the podium this season.

While the young boy Marc Marquez had euphoria with the success in every test he did, Valentino Rossi still trying to find the good in acleration on his bike, just like his same commented in Sepang test, he still has some problem in his baby M1 and he still focusing to find the solution and make the bike more easy and smooth to ride in every corner. He only able to finished behind his team mate Jorge Lorenzo and also behind satelite rider Stefan Bradl. Some commentator said Valentino Rossi getting hard to find the way be the world champion on this season, but he with his own style keep calm and did the test maximal as he can, he trying so many lap in the first test around 64 laps and also 67 laps for his 2nd day test.

In every photo shoot in the test show to us how tired Valentino Rossi, he did too many laps really to maximaze the information in every lap to know how the bike will be in the race. The Acceleration and & the difficult to brake still be the hot issued of Yamaha this season but with the hard trying from Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo and also all Yamaha Team , we will find the complete bike soon hopefully before Jerez test, before the team launching the new livery at March 22 "To Be Illuminated"

Hope is the best word for this situation, working hard is the key word for this condition, believe is the great word for all the 46 fans in this season.

Just do it Valentino Rossi and team, as we all know your are the Sunday rider who always find the way to grab the best achievment in every difficult things. We love you and always support you

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