dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Selasa, 15 November 2016

Let's forget and forgive #Valencia2016

Just my opinion, really only my own mind.
I got my lucky in some occasions to enjoy the paddock life in lot of  Motogp and WSBK. Sometime just for have fun to meet with riders and crew, and sometime also I need to do little work.

And again in my view paddock is working area, area for riders, crew of teams and also for journalist for do some activities, just like office but in the different way, so there must be in there we can find some hectic, Rush, in stress, in hurry and lot of words again to describe "when you think time is running too fast then you breathing)

So in this condition, we need to grateful when Dorna give a chance for some lucky spectators to get in and enjoy the working area of them. And we need to understand  if sometime maybe some crew who bring the tyres and touch us little bit, or some journalist running to get in time to interview and make our walk stop a moment.

Now, very viral the video in social media, when Valentino Rossi with the bike touch little bit or some people wrote “kick” the lady who want to take selfie using the stick photo.
I'm not blame the lady because just same as me and maybe also others fans, when they can  able to enjoy paddock life was amazing experience so we want sometime take a photo of everything we see. And also I'm not blame Valentino Rossi (not because I'm his fans) but because we need to understand, maybe at that moment he need to be on time to arrive on debrief media or meeting or check the bike or even maybe to have a little food in his busy day.

For all who said that Valentino Rossi is arrogant because not stop and say sorry to that lady, I need to say, maybe he want to stop and say sorry if he have a time (we can see he really in hurry), and one thing I knew (just my view) if Valentino Rossi stop must be a lot of fans will come and try to take a photo with him and it will make the paddock more crowded.

And for all who said that lady totally wrong because take a selfie and not too aware about her surrounding, I also can say "not all her fault, it's normal to be happy and make a photo on the paddock but we should still aware with situation around"

But please don't make it bigger and bigger, Valentino Rossi already said sorry and apologize to the lady and we all just human, we need to forget and forgive and let start it with smile as a first time we come from home to cheer our idol and to watch the sport. Don’t make it turn out to make Dorna take decision to stop spectators come and visit paddock area.

Let's spread the love, not hate and make the world full of flowers and smile 

Sorry if my words not too good as I said this is only my view and my opinion, not have any intention to defend one and the other. 

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2016

We love you Valentino Rossi

If Lorenzo finish worst than 4th, Marquez will be world championship here in Japan. My friend text me , Valentino must be very unhappy if that happens. 

I think my friend doesn't know so well , how Valentino Rossi is. 

For feel sad in this condition, of course that is normal. Because when you can't active your dream while you already working so hard to make it come true, for me that's normal feeling to be sad.
But not to be unhappy, I'm very sure Valentino will congratulate Marquez if that condition happen today. 
As long as the tittle they get from the honest way, fighting spirit and not cheating anyone else. Then why need to be angry and unhappy. 

Come on guys Valentino Rossi already on this sport for so long, he love this sport so much, maybe more than we can imagine. 

He would be ok if the tittle not for him, the one he always under line is he will never stop to try, never stop to believe, never stop to dream and never stop inspiring. Because he is Valentino Rossi. 

So for all people not his fans yet or pretending to be not his fans. Please don't blame him if you don't know him. Life is about spirit , spirit to make every little thing in your dream be true.

Congratulation Marc Marquez for your World champion 2016 tittle here in Motegi. 

Rabu, 17 Februari 2016

Marc Marquez and Shaina

After the Interview Shaina did with Cal Crutchlow on the last October, she get exclusive chance to met up  with Cal Crutclow (Story in other article)  at the recent Sepang Test on February 2016.This little girl having lot of people around paddock who knowing her after the great interview with Cal Crutchlow that was published by Crash.net, Speedweek and one of biggest newspaper in German Motorsport Aktuell.

During the meeting with Cal Crutclow, she also had a chance to meet with Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa. Marc Márquez realized that she was the one who did the interview recently with Cal Cruthclow. With very humble way Marc Márquez said to this Indonesian little girl that the interview was very good and she should also make an interview for him sometime. And we were there only laughing because we just think it was only a polite way of Marc to make the 10th years old little girl happy.

But we never know because even articles develop their very own dynamics. And on this case it showed soon, that this was not only an empty phrase of Marc Márquez for this little girl. A nice coincidence happened, the Repsol Honda MotoGP factory teams launch their 2016 bikes in Indonesia with Honda Indonesia at the Sentul International Circuit, mean it is the Shaina’s home country.

Shaina already there waiting her fortune on the very big event of Repsol Honda MotoGP factory team and, It was a busy and rainy day, but lucky for Shaina, because she got access to the team´s restricted area. After Marc Márquez and Dani Pedrosa came, they both warmly welcomed her with nice hug and humble short conversation. But as they still had a lot of obligations, they asked her to wait. So she waited in front of Marc Márquez ´ room. 

Long minutes and hours passed, the program was almost over and the big luxury coach was already waiting at the end of the paddock with the engine running for bringing two Honda riders and team to the airport. Then suddenly Marc Márquez asked Shaina to come in to his private room with very lovable way. We could see very clearly he was already exhausted from all the day’s work and the hot weather combine with rain and high humidity, but he was cool and gave his tight time for making the words to Shaina come true.
So she sat down, face to face with Marc Márquez and automatically like provisional she took her tablet and started asking.   

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
My first question is: A lot of factory bikes are using wings on their fairings. Do you think the RC213V for 2016 also needs wings or is the wing from the Honda logo already enough? (Laughing)

Marc Márquez: (looking at Shaina and laughing) Yeah…, Honda is working on this because Ducati started with the wings already long time ago, a lot of year ago... and now as Ducati started, also Yamaha tried and also Honda is working on their wings in the wind tunnel to try their wings. I don’t know we will put or not. Depend on the result, maybe it will make a little gap but I don’t think it will make a big gap.

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
The next question: For 2016, what is the improvement on the 2016 bike, to make you fast again on the track?

Marc Márquez:
We change a little bit the specific on the engine for trying to improve the character of the bike and we are working there. And also we will try some different setup on the electronic, because now it’s common software for everybody to have the same software, the same electronic and we are trying to adjust this electronic.

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
Aaa ok, (and looking to her tablet) I have a little question again, what is actually your favorite circuit?

Marc Márquez:
My Favorite circuit is… One of my favorite circuits is Phillip Island. It is really nice. And then Aragon, I also like it a lot. Austin, I like it. So fast corners, I always like it.

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
Do you like in Indonesia?

Marc Márquez:
(Laughing) Indonesia …., I did few lap here in Sentul International Circuit with the small bike and it looks an interesting circuit, many change direction and someday maybe we will ride with the MotoGP.

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
(With her hoping face) Ya, I hope also. (And Shaina face look around), so you like playing PS4? (Curious voice)

Marc Márquez  :
Yes sometimes in my free time, We are playing FIFA for football game, some MotoGP, motor bike game, Formula 1 game, always on Play station.

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
(Very relax voice) same as my brother and me…

Marc Márquez:
Same heh? (Laughing loudly) You are good?

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
Hmmm. Not really (honest face but little disappointed) but …

Marc Márquez:
(Continuing Shaina word) but your brother beat you … you will beat your brother, because you are really smart (with his finger to his head).

(Both of them are laughing very friendly)
Shaina Salvia A.S.:
Thank you (with very happy but little shy face), Thank you for the time.

Marc Márquez:
You´re welcome (Hugging and surprisingly he kiss Shaina) muach …

And not to stop there, Shaina tried to remember and said:
“And Happy Birthday …..” (Shaina stops, because suddenly Marc Márquez is answering) “Thank you”. (With very happy face and Shaina continues)  “I know it is not your birthday yet because it is….” (Stops again) and Marc continuing “… yes Wednesday, It is on Wednesday”
Shaina Salvia A.S.:
Yeah ..So you will go to Phillip Island?

Marc Márquez:
Yes we are going now at 8 in the night we have the flight for the test.

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
 I’m sorry I can’t go there, I would like to go but I should go to school.

Marc Márquez:
No worry and of course school is important. (With serious voice to Shaina)

Shaina Salvia A.S.:
Thank you very much

Then Marc Márquez took his things and left the room, as the team was already waiting outside. They went down the long corridor, then suddenly Marc turned around, ran back to Shaina and gave her a pillow with his photo on it. And also Marc give one more chance for Shaina took a photo together with him.

Shaina was very happy about the present and keeps it among her beloved souvenirs. She actually had a few more questions on her tablet, but as she knew Marc Márquez had very little time, she was too anxious to ask them. She was so grateful with the big opportunity that she experienced.
She really hope this story can be publish on Marc Márquez birthday, as a present on his 22 years old at Feb 17th.. So here we go “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marc Márquez “

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