dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 31 Maret 2011


We must still remember when Dani Pedrosa from Repsol Honda Team is very strong and fast in Qatar but in the last lap the power has gone, he lost power on his left hand so very hard to handle and control his bike on the corner.
So he decided to make everything safe and forced him to accept podium three in Qatar.

This is certainly not a happy thing for Dani Pedrosa, as well as for us MotoGP lovers. After his surgery in October last year we all think the problem has done and he will back with a perfect condition, but the fact he still got his effect after crashed in Japan 2010. According to MotoGP.com after several test and check with Doctor Eusebio Sala Planell, a specialist in vascular surgery, Dani Pedrosa has been diagnosed with intermittent compression of the subclavian artery, causing numbness and lack of strength in his left arm.  In the operation, the titanium plate and screws will be taken out of the collarbone in order to release the compression pressure.

And we all hoping he will back to the race in Estoril Purtugal on May 1st, so he  will not lose his point. And the big reason is without Dani Pedrosa in the MotoGP race, it will make the atmosphere of the race to be flat and uninteresting.  Dani Pedrosa is included in one of the most exciting rider to watch.

As usual  Dani Pedrosa always calm and cool with all quote, he said : “It’s never nice to have an operation, but we've had a lot of time searching for an answer to the effects of this injury and I’m relaxed because I finally know what has happened. Now, we are in Jerez , I want to concentrate on the race and work with my team in the best possible way to prepare for the race. This race is special, the crowd is always there to give you an extra point and I hope it helps me, as always. I like the track, I’ve had always good results here and I face the weekend with an open mind, trying to do my best in my current condition”.

What he said is very true, maybe for this time he should be focus to Jerez race first and get podium again for all fans in Spain like he did in 2008 so after  finishing race at Jerez  he will focus for his operation. 

It's never late to say in any case. we never know what will happen, but if we can prevent the possibility that  is the ULTIMATE LUCK.

Selasa, 29 Maret 2011


After the emotional race in Qatar for the opening of MotoGP season, the 2nd round for all the kings of rider is Jerez Circuit. The circuit characteristic have 13 corners, 8 for right corner and 5 for left corner. The circuit length is 4423 km and the track width is 11 m. This circuit started for Motor cycle Grand Prix since 1987 and constructed in 1986, have been  modified in 2002.

For Repsol Honda team, won first place in Jerez is not new again, particularly seen their  power in Qatar two weeks ago, and notes that Dani Pedrosa has tasted First Podium at 250 cc and MotoGP classes, this course will make things very likely to be achievedAnd his team-mate Casey Stoner will certainly trying hard to feel the first Jerez podium after last year's Jorge Lorenzo managed to record his first podium with Yamaha Bike.

If we talked Honda don't forget to remember Marco Simoncelli and Andrea Dovizioso, they both have an experienced for podium in the lower category, so for sure they will push hard to get the prestige of being the fastest.

We still have many riders again,   who will compete to win the prestigious position at the Jerez circuit which will be witnessed by the 120,000 fans of Moto GP. Ben Spies with his Yamaha. The strong Satellite team Monster Yamaha Tech 3 with Colin Edwards and Cal Crutchlow they'll want to repeat the success of debut in Qatar. Hiroshi Aoyama with Honda and The other rider with Ducati bike Héctor Barberá, Loris Capirossi, Randy De Puniet  and rookie Karel Abraham will trying hard to find the progress improve and Toni Elías from LCR Honda last year got victory  in Moto2  although last race in Qatar he didn't get his point. 

Alvaro Bautista  certainly will not follow the 2nd series in Jerez, he's  still in the healing process due to an accident two weeks ago in Qatar, and Suzuki Rizla team has found a replacement for a while and the lucky one chosen is American rider John Hopkins.

The Kentucky Kid Nicky Hayden, with experience and enthusiasm, he surely will try to catch up and get a better place in Jerez.

24 times this circuit already used for motor cycling race and Valentino Rossi already got his victory with three class different and rider for three bike different manufacture. He  finished first in 1997 on the class category 125 cc  (Aprillia) and for 250 cc with a same bike Aprrilia be the fastest in 1999. And for the king class aka MotoGP , Valentino Rossi  managed to be the fastest and holds the first podium in 2001 until 2003 with Honda bike. Not only that he was the champion on Jerez with his Yamaha in 2005,2007, 2009.
So if on April 3rd  he can control his wildness of Desmo GP 11 and his shoulders strong enough to support the motor until the last lap, then  it is not impossible that he will feel again proudly in the first Jerez podium for several times, and certainly made ​​history with Ducati motorcycles after Loris Capirossi with his Ducati in 2006.

As we already know, this year will be the season's most emotional and unexpected, so any rider may be able to reach the podium first,second and third at JerezSo should we wait for the results of the race in accordance with the schedule listed below :

Local Time at Jerez GMT +2                                 Indonesia Time GMT + 7

Friday April 1st, 2011                                                   Jumat, 1 April 2011
125 cc   FP 1       09.15 - 09.55                                     14.15 - 14.55
MotoGP FP 1      10.10 - 10.55                                     15.10 - 15.55
Moto2    FP 1       11.10 - 11.55                                    16.10 - 16.55

125cc    FP 2       13.15 - 13.55                                     18.15 - 18.55
MotoGP FP2       14.10 - 14.55                                     19.10 - 19.55
Moto2    FP 2       15.10 - 15.55                                     20.10 - 20.55

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011                                           Sabtu, 2 April 2011
125 cc    FP 3      09.15 - 09.55                                     14.15 - 14.55
MotoGP FP 3      10.10 - 10.55                                     15.10 - 15.55
Moto2    FP 3       11.10 - 11.55                                    16.10 - 16.55

125cc    QP         13.00 - 13.40                                     18.00 - 18.40
MotoGP QP        13.55 - 14.55                                     18.55 - 19.55
Moto2    QP         15.10 - 15.55                                     20.10 - 20.55

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011                                               Minggu, 3 April 2011
125 cc    WUP      08.40 - 09.00                                     13.40 - 14.00
Moto2    WUP       09.10 - 09.30                                    14.10 - 14.30
MotoGP WUP      09.40 - 10.00                                    14.40 - 15.00

125 cc    Race      11.00                                                 16.00
MotoGP Race      12.15                                                 17.15
Moto2    Race      14.00                                                  19.00

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Valentino Rossi Quote on Point of my View

Valentino Rossi finished the Grand Prix of Qatar in seventh place, and all riders always make a statement as usual, but for me Valentino Rossi statement have a some great meaning 

"For sure we’re not here to get seventh-place finishes, but there are also positive things from this race, starting with the times, because we were lapping pretty quickly." ---> I can see he always have a great spirit and optimistic when he do something on his life

 "I had a great start, and that was a nice feeling because the horsepower that this bike has really helps it to launch." ---> he always make 46team happy and he was always proud of what bike he had. So for sure he can tame Desmo soon

"Then I made a small error in the first turn, which is a shame because I got stuck behind Barbera for a few laps." ----> from this words u can see he never blame other, he always said and look something from him self and he always sure with his team and his bike. that why many people love with him

"Otherwise I would have been closer to Simoncelli and Dovizioso, since anyway there was a period when I lapped with them. I wouldn’t have beaten them though, because at the end of the race, I’m no longer able to ride like I have to. I’m not referring to the Ducati because even last year, after I hurt my shoulder, I had the same problems in the latter parts of the races, and since the two bikes are so different, it means that it’s really a matter of me not being physically right." ---> Ooo my...., see, he could always say that all riders in front of him better with him when they can got it. He humble in every situation

 "It’s not just that. We also have to improve the bike because the others have clearly made a step forward since last year. Still, I learned a lot in this test and in this race, and we’ve already given very specific instructions about what must be done in the long term, in order to improve for the second half of the season for example" --->  hohoho... this the reason why he be a living legend . From the statement we can see he very intelligence. He's not only a great Rider, he also mechanics and designer , one important thing  he's the best analysts. He not only ride his bike, but he summarizes all data and he share to all team and also thinking about what to do for all improving 

" In the near term, on the other hand, we’ll work on the setup, we’ll keep gathering experience, and I’ll continue exercising and doing everything I can to recuperate physically." ---> For his last statements no idea to writing anything again just want to write VALENTINO ROSSI is a complete and 
perfect Idol

We are still here Love you, Support you and always follow all the goodness, greatness and sincerity that you have

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Just For My Alvaro Bautista

The Suzuki Rizla team this  season  only  have one rider for Moto GP race. And the lucky rider they choose is Alvaro Bautisa
The young  rider  from Spain Talavera de la Reina was born 21 November 1984. He really like bike since he was little boy. And he start his international debut in 2002 with Aprilia for 125cc until 2004 and joint with Honda in 2005 for 125 cc. For 2006 he back to Aprilia and be World Champion for 125 cc he got 138 point.
And he started his new debut in 250 cc in 2007 with Aprilia. He got all support from his team and he did very well and got 4thposition for overall standing with 181 point. and was subsequently awarded the MotoGP / FIM "Rookie of the Year" Award for the 250cc class.
In 2008 he didn’t  stop trying  to get a great achievement, and shiningly with final standing on 2nd position with different point only  37 point with Marco Simoncelli.
2009 he only finish two times for 1st podium in Japan and Catalunya and he grab 4th position in final standing. Not too bad and he decided  moving to MotoGP class in 2010, class for all the Kings. And he’s for the first time on his debut in MotoGP the highest achievement  in 5th position in Sepang Malaysia and he get almost always in 8th position in Indianapolis, San Marino and Aragon. So on the final standing he on 13th position from total 15 riders.
Honestly I 'm very  interesting with him , in 2011 when he is only the one rider in Suzuki Rizla. He look bright and charming of course because all media only focus on him. And when I met him for the first time in Sepang, he is very kind and nice to me, so I told to him that he is the sweetest rider I ever met before.
He really like sport, when he in Talavera waiting for the race in Qatar, he only doing activity with riding bike, gym and all related with sport.

After his good performance in every pre  test in Sepang on Feb and Qatar he showed the constant position  but in FP 1 , FP 2 before the race he only got 15th position and time not improve well. The bad thing for him when he crashed and got injured and broken left femur and need for surgery on March 19th in Doha. And after success with his surgery he need to stay in Doha Hospital for a while until his condition improve, and on Wednesday March 23th he went back to Madrid with Medical flight to meet famous  surgeon Dr. Angel Villamor  in USP San José de Madrid  Hospital to start and check  for his first steps of his recovery.
And the Doctor decided to do some surgery again to   begin the reduction of the quadriceps muscles which had become herniated through the open incision (which was 6x30 cm on the outer side of the thigh). Because Alvaro Bautista come to the hospital with tired and got a lot of pain, so the Doctor give him a high doses as well as preventative antibiotics to help Alvaro take a rest and more comfort.
No official announcement about when he will back to the race with his blue bike again, the time he got crashed there was rumor  is was about 10 weeks , but after he did his operation in Doha it was  said he will be back for 8 weeks and the last issued after he success his surgery in Madrid he could be back to race on May 2011 in Estoril Circuit Portugal. But about who will replace him for Suzuki rizla as long he still in Recovery is John Hopkins he is a rider for MotoGP from 2002 with Yamaha, 2003-2007 with Suzuki and 2008 ride bike Kawasaki. Its official statement from Suzuki and will be start in Jerez race on coming April 3rd 2011.
Many support and reaction from his fan and they all can send directly to Alvaro Bautista official twitter in @19Bautista and we can know about what his condition from Varo on that’s account, but he sometimes just twitting with Spanish. so we need to translate first before trying to reply. Little bit hard for someone can’t speak Spanish but it’s fun because we must trying to understand about our Idol from him self.

Finally I just want to say hoping he will get speedy recovery and back  to perform with his blue bike Suzuki Rizla with number 19. Can’t wait longer for his performing, he gave us the meaning of a word SPIRIT. He trying to push hard for FP 3 to pursue a better time but he forgot about temperature in the new tyre still cold, but he just have name of spirit to make him still smile even with his pain after crashed and surgery. So I’m sure he will be back soon to race again. We miss you Varo.

Senin, 21 Maret 2011


When the race really kick off at March 20th, 2011. under the spotlight of thousands of sparkling lights in the circuit Losail Qatar and  the weather is pretty good on dry condition  temperature 20 degree with a humidity 31%.

And like a stable result from Pra test , Free Practice, and Qualifying Practice Casey Stoner from Repsol Honda  finished 3.440 second place the world Champion 2010 Jorge Lorenzo with his Yamaha bike and Stoner grab the Victory for the first season in 2011.
  1. Casey Stoner  – Repsol Honda Team – 42.38.569
  2. Jorge Lorenzo  – Yamaha Factory Racing – +3.440
  3. Dani Pedrosa – Repsol Honda Team – +5.051
  4. Andrea Dovizioso  – Repsol Honda Team – +5.942
  5. Marco Simoncelli  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – +7.358
  6. Ben Spies  – Yamaha Factory Racing – +10.468
  7. Valentino Rossi – Ducati Team – +16.431
  8. Colin Edwards  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 - +26.293
  9. Nicky Hayden  – Ducati Team – +27.416
  10. Hiroshi Aoyama  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – +28.920
  11. Cal Crutchlow  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – +34.539
  12. Hector Barbera – Aspar Team – +34.829
  13. Karel Abraham  – Cardion AB Motoracing  – +37.957
Not Classified :
  1. Toni Elias – LCR Honda MotoGP – 4 laps to go
  2. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team – 21 Laps to go
  3. Randy De Puniet  – Pramac Racing Team – 22 laps to go
And look like the short grid not a pretty good for MotoGP race, when Randy De Puniet crashed on his 1st lap, and Capirossi back to his pit early on 2nd laps, the circuit look very empty and Toni Elias downed after fight for 18 laps.

So totally the riders finished only 13 riders, very short grid.

But  like always, the most interesting performances showed by Valentino Rossi. He is very confident and comfort riding his bike and he was the fastest from Ducati than other Ducati bikers. He shows a great spirit, he gave us the full charm of race. And like we all waiting he gave us the surprise : when he still stable on his bike until finish when nearly fell on the battle with Ben Spies from Yamaha.

And The Important thing, Now Valentino Rossi know the characteristic in the race, and he with 46 team can start working to his bike and turn there attention to getting more power for top speed.

I'm sure he will back on Podium soon and make the podium not too odd, they need bright color on there, RED combine with YELLOW and MOTOGP podium will be more luxurious and gorgeous. The time will come, we all have to be patient to bring back  the REAL KING TO THE PLACE

Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

MotoGP Qualifying Practice Classification 2011

QP for this season all finished and Honda always not touched with any bike. They look so strong got 1.54 time for 1st. But Yamaha still push hard to make time more close with Honda and They Get it.
So pole position for tomorrow of course for Honda Casey stoner and 2nd with Dani Pedrosa from Honda, but Yamaha make the first row more coloring they get a 3rd position for tomorrow.

You want know the whole QP result, just read this one :
  1. Casey Stoner  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.54.137
  2. Dani Pedrosa – Repsol Honda Team – 1.54.342
  3. Jorge Lorenzo  – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.54.947
  4. Marco Simoncelli  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.54.988
  5. Ben Spies  – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.55.095
  6. Hector Barbera – Aspar Team – 1.55.223
  7. Andrea Dovizioso  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.55.229
  8. Cal Crutchlow  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.55.578
  9. Valentino Rossi – Ducati Team – 1.55.637
  10. Colin Edwards  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.55.647
  11. Randy De Puniet  – Pramac Racing Team – 1.55.656
  12. Hiroshi Aoyama  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.55.724
  13. Nicky Hayden  – Ducati Team – 1.55.881
  14. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team – 1.56.323
  15. Karel Abraham  – Cardion AB Motoracing – 1.56.665
  16. Toni Elias – LCR Honda MotoGP – 1.57.992
What the amesome QP ? when you get the Rookie improve time very well than an expectation and Cal Crutchlow did it, he push hard and good showing to manage on 8th position on his first debut in MotoGP.

And for all Ducati the fastest for this QP riding by Hector Barbera  in 2nd row on on 6th position and the worst Ducati is Karel Abraham on 15th he still can handle the power of Desmo and Poor for Nicky Hayden he was down only for 13th position.

For the Star of Ducati Valentino Rossi he look like very unhappy we can see from his eyes, he really look worried with this result. He said "I had a better felling with this bike but we have to improve a lot yet. For tomorrow I hope to find something"
about his shoulder the pain not feel too hurt again but he still lose of power with it, he couldn't hold his bike for a long lap. 

Look like he not on good condition, so I hope he will ride with this condition and not push to hard. 

Whatever happen with Valentino Rossi, I still here to support him like he was did when  I'm down, Vale spirit always with me to make me up and now I'll do the same thing when he's not on the top. Love you Valentino Rossi 

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

MotoGP 2011 Qatar Free Practice 3 Results

FP3 MOTOGP Qatar finished and Casey Stoner completed his time and be the fastest again. And the complete FP 3 result here :
  1. Casey Stoner  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.55.035
  2. Dani Pedrosa  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.55.193
  3. Andrea Dovizioso – Repsol Honda Team – 1.55.740
  4. Jorge Lorenzo  – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.55.814
  5. Ben Spies  –Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.56.003
  6. Hector Barbera  – Aspar Team – 1.56.266
  7. Colin Edwards – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.56.302
  8. Valentino Rossi  – Ducati Team – 1.56.306
  9. Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing Team – 1.56.362
  10. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team  – 1.56.434
  11. Cal Crutchlow  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.56.437
  12. Hiroshi Aoyama  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.56.517
  13. Marco Simoncelli   – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.56.540
  14. Nicky Hayden  – Ducati Team – 1.56.586
  15. Karel Abraham  – Cardion AB Motoracing – 1.57.275
  16. Alvaro Bautista  – Rizla Suzuki MotoGP – 1.56.601
  17. Toni Elias  – LCR Honda MotoGP – 1.58.123

Who is the consistent rider  fastest on FP 1,2,3 the answer is Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa. And Andrea Dovizioso and his team did a great job to solve the vibration in the middle of the corner that they had on FP2. so He got a 3rd position this time.

The fastets Ducati on FP 3 is Desmosedici ride by Hector Barbera, he get time 1.56.226 and he look like was controlled and comfortable with his Desmo

And The Doctor still look slowly with his Desmo, so the best result is on FP 2 on 5th position and he must accept that just being in a position to eight on FP3.

Last night at 10.00pm local time Ducati have a event name is MotoGP Ducati Party (Ducati night) and Nicky Hayden and Randy De Puniet was there but without Valentino Rossi,  he was in his garage with all mechanics and crew   to prepare his Desmo setting for Qualifying Practice. 

Hope he get the best setting and can start on front row for race and get podium.

What the worst thing happened in Qatar FP3 ? Alvaro Bautista crashed and the accident immediately ended his participation in this weekend’s to Qualification and race, he had a very bad accident and he diagnosed with left femur fracture this day he get surgery in Doha hospital and everything seems to have gone well. He need recovery for estimated 10 weeks. Get Well Soon Alvaro Bautisa.

MotoGP 2011 Qatar Free Practice 2 Results

FP2 MotoGP Qatar finished. Do you still want who be fastest on  that Practice? Yes, you're right still Casey Stoner the Aussie Boy be the first and he have a lot improve again on his time. So the complete FP 2 Result in here :

  1. Casey Stoner  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.55.457
  2. Dani Pedrosa  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.55.854
  3. Ben Spies  –Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.56.116
  4. Andrea Dovizioso – Repsol Honda Team – 1.56.172
  5. Jorge Lorenzo  – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.56.220
  6. Colin Edwards – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.56.259
  7. Marco Simoncelli   – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.56.378
  8. Cal Crutchlow  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.56.518
  9. Valentino Rossi  – Ducati Team – 1.56.532
  10. Nicky Hayden  – Ducati Team – 1.56.626
  11. Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing Team – 1.56.668
  12. Hector Barbera  – Aspar Team – 1.56.735
  13. Hiroshi Aoyama  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.56.790
  14. Alvaro Bautista  – Rizla Suzuki MotoGP – 1.56.833
  15. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team  – 1.57.304
  16. Karel Abraham  – Cardion AB Motoracing – 1.57.683
  17. Toni Elias  – LCR Honda MotoGP – 1.58.801
Oh..my.., Repsol Honda team look more strong day by day from the test until the Practice. They bike very fast with the perfect electronic. Stoner 1st, Dani Pedrosa 2nd and Dovizioso 4th.

Yamaha Racing team, still maintenance to not far from the 1st row, and their lucky with Ben Spies get 3rd position on FP2 Jorge Lorenzo closed FP2 with 5th position.

This nite Monster Yamaha Team very impressive with they result jump to 6th position with Collin Edward , and Cal Crutchlow with his injured finger flied to 8th position. Wuhuuu...!!

Marco Simoncelli the Italian man I like getting a nice position  on 7th with San Carlo Honda Gresini. (be careful with all Italian, they are rock!!)

Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden, almost every test pre season get this position 9th and 10th. But Ducati still sure he will get the key on race... and for me the champion is between Valentino and Rossi.

I like what he said before "Everyone is really tight on times, and I think that’s pretty cool. I like how competitive it is, and we know it’s going to be like that all season."

Randy, Barbera, Aoyama, Bautista, Capirossi, and Karel always trying to find the way, and their did a great way until now.
Just want to know what happened with Toni Elias bike, why his time so worst in every result ?