dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Laguna Seca 2012 is Nicky Hayden

The Laguna Seca circuit after delayed warming up due to the weather very foggy and cold just finished the race with very dramatic on Sunday July 29th, 2012.

So dramatic after two last races disappointed for Casey Stoner and he return back strong and show to us his talent   made him be the World Champion 2011, surely he passed Lorenzo with very good overtake and take him be the fastest for circuit with the famous corkcrow at corner 8. And Jorge Lorenzo took his  2nd place who made him more strong on the World Standing for this year and followed by Dani Pedrosa for the 3rd place.

And like always duo Yamaha tech 3 are Andrea Dovizioso who already got 3rd podium of this year and Cal Crutchlow did great battle and  a bit danger for both of them, and on that battle due to the broke of swing arm on Yamaha Factory bike pushed Ben Spies out from the track after his strong place on 4th position.

And very emotional situation came from the rider who for almost one and half year facing the difficult situation on his career, the nine times World Champion Valentino Rossi. He's still not finding  the ride style for making him able to enjoying ride the bike and the bike still not complete enough on the front tyre. Difficult to understand what the bike want and made him not get the best start only start from 10th place and almost finish for 8th place after passed Bautista, but the fortune was not on him at the moment in the corkcrow when he took a break and suddenly he lost his front and hard crash happen only 3 laps to go and he lost his opportunity to get a poin at Laguna Seca. But we're still grateful because he was ok and nothing hurt him.

It was very sad moment for him, the team and of course his fans, but Valentino Rossi never lost any respet from us, all his fans still supporting and be proud to have him to be an idol.  And he never lost the attention of many team and sponsor who want work together with him. That's why it's really difficult for him to take decision what team he will choice to work together next.

I read many time lot of fans and media wrote and want look him be the World Champion again and doing a battle on the front row like we always look every moment in his carrer and they all want Valentino Rossi back to Yamaha. I'm agree with that, just one point I didn't agree back to the old team. #IfI'mRossi I would like to stay with the Ducati and continue to develope the bike and try again on next two years to be World Champion and record in history be the World Champion on three different bikes. Must be awesome and always be awesome to feel that after very long and difficult moment. It's just my opinion, all can have a different one.

And the next moment we never forget in Laguna Seca 2012 came from Nicky Hayden. Nicky Hayden on his home race with his new helmet with very unique design, who made his full face helmet look like half face helmet, very interesting. And he really did a great job there after have difficult start on 8th place and very difficult on track he calmly get a point after finished on sixth place.

Not only having a great race and result, Nicky Hayden also show to us what means of sportmanship, after the chequered flag waved, Nicky stoped his bike and pick up Valentino Rossi on his bike and  gave lift for Valentino Rossi to give some waving for all his fans who came from around the world to see and watch him. Really sweet and fantastic moment, very lovely to watching the team mate respect and care with each other. Maybe the rider of Ducati, who's name Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden can't get a lot podium like other factory team but they got a lot of respect and proudness from us and show to us what means of friendship.

Last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKY HAYDEN on July 30th, always happy and success around you and keep humble and nice like you always did. Bless you The Kentucky Kid. Really grateful knowing you in the real life even only  in MotoGP Asia . Let's Get it from Indonesia

Rabu, 25 Juli 2012

Farewell Email to Yamaha from Ben Spies

When MotoGP lover counting the day for waiting announce from Yamaha Factory about who will be the next rider of them to be Jorge Lorenzo Team mate, the calm man from USA born July 11, 1984 who also we all know him as ELBOWZ, due from his riding style just sent email toSuperbikeplanet.com at June 24th, 2012 about his decision to leave Yamaha. But like he said on that email he can't tell more about the reason and where he will ride for next year. So homework for all MotoGP fans to guess how the position of riders on factory bike just add and will more complicate to finish the puzzle.

Here the outstanding homework on MotoGP before the round 10 in Laguna Seca circuit:

1. After Casey Stoner Retire the rumor on HRC team just done already when this team official announcement about Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez after break the Rookie rule, will ride for the next two years. but still have question about the mega project for their satelite team
2. Nicky Hayden rumor about he will leave MotoGP and ride on WSBK, but Nicky clarified already he doesn't have any discussion about it and he also said he had a good discussion with Ducati team and will know soon what the final decision around Laguna Seca
3. After good podium Italian rider Andrea Dovizioso some rumors said he will move to WSBK if he doesn't get Factory bike for next year. Still big question where he will ride for
4. The British rider Cal Crutchlow after heroic rode in his home race Silverstone who got offer from Ducati factory, but it's still pending after we don't know when will be official news.
5. The next home work is about will Yamaha have a same riders position for next two years already answered by the rider him self. . And now add by where Ben Spies will ride the bike for the future. He could ride in MotoGP championship or back to WSBK or maybe he stop riding the bike just like World Champion 2011 Casey Stoner. We still don't know not clue at all from any media, the team or Ben Spies. Be a big question mark.
6. And the next and mega puzzle is where Valentino Rossi will be anchored his heart for next year. And I think when this mega question can answer all the home work will be easy to finish and than we can put full concentrating on the rest of 2012 MotoGP championship.
 Again, we need to honest all news and curiosity to the market for 2013 year centralize to one rider who always get a lot attention in this sport and the rider name is Valentino Rossi.

Good luck for Ben Spies for whatever his plan for the future, because like I knew after couple time met him in live and watching his performance on this sport, he is really the good person, very nice even less of smile and always interesting to watch especially when he rode the bike on WSBK Championship.

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

MotoGP Mugello 2012 is Valentino Rossi

The MotoGP round 9 of this season at Mugello circuit which always very famous with great atmosphere of the crowd who really love and support the bike sport.

Unlucky at the begining their all quite sad with the result of Qualifying practice when no one Italian riders in any class got the front row. But the situation change suddenly when on Moto2 Class Iannone the "Crazy Joe" show to us what the meaning of ride to the max, after started from 4th place. He just got his winning overtake in the turn 1 on last lap after passed Espargaro and made an Italian Anthem who always we want to heard on this sport. So lovely, classy with the spectacular race Iannone gave to us, just proved without words what class Iannone is.

And after the wonderful winning from Andrea Iannone, The nine times World Championship Valentino Rossi gave his opinion about the young rider from Italian who born in Vato, Italy at August 9th, 1989 "It was fantastic race shown by Iannone, He really love Ducati and I think they should give the bike for the next season"

It was just clue by Valentino Rossi where Iannone will ride for next season. Maybe not on factory yet but after ride in low engine will be most appropriate when he learn on Satelite team first before take a ride on the Factory team.

And the spectators of Mugello circuit still waiting the promised from The Doctor he said before this series about will give extra effort and special performance. But until The Qualifying Practice done, our hero still struggling a lot for started the race from the 10th place and when Press confrense after QP he just said "don't have any idea yet for setup race tomorrow maybe we will run with this setup" sound not good at all. The different he just did until QP is about his new special helmet design with an image of Gianni Morandi the famous singers fro Italy and on the helmet written "Restiamo Uniti" in English means "Let's stick together" and all people think it was sign for next year where he will be.

In the difficult started on Mugello 2012 race, Valentino Rossi just proved again to all riders and all fans what we called Spirit never give up, shadowing for many laps with Cal Crutchlow and fighting a lot in every corner with limited bike and tire, the spirit of home race and fans around make him can fight consistantly and the bike support so stable and able to made him finished on 5th place. And when you watch the race Valentino Rossi really close with podium 3rd and at the final test take by Andrea Dovizioso and on 4th Place by Stefan Bradl.

Again Valentino Rossi who started the race and be the slowest Ducati, can show to us what the mean Nine Time World Champhionship and be the fastest of Ducati, while his team mate Nicky Hayden who started from 4th only able to finished on 7th and the satelite Hector Barbera who very strong started the race from front row can't consistant and only finish at 9th. What incredible is? 

Once interesting thing when all fans on Mugello called him to up on podium. we need to said no one so be loved with all people than Valentino Rossi. So lovely

Not only close until that after Mugello race the rumor who never stop to blow is about where Valentino Rossi will ride for next year from signed on his helmet thats seems he will stay on the Ducati and he already met with the new owner Audi who very enthusiasted to support Ducati to continue developing the bike, but the curiosity not stop on that after Valentino Rossi said no body can make guaranty about what the bike will bring next season, it's gamble. And continue with delay from Yamaha to announce who will be team mate of Jorge Lorenzo and following with rumor Marlboro would love to sponsoring Yamaha Factory if Valentino Rossi there. So many rumor come from the Valentino Rossi market, no other rider give so many attention like that and it will be only Valentino Rossi, so its amazing for Valentino Rossi but would be worst for this championship, because until now can't find someone with big charisma like Valentino Rossi has. Let's wait until it will more clear in Laguna Seca and before that the newspaper and media will be so happy and please to always writing about Valentino Rossi.

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello

Mugello always special for Valentino Rossi, 46 team, all his fans and  all MotoGP fans. And like we knew Valentino always give more than 146% on this circuit. Last year I wrote the article about  His helmets for Mugello since 1996 until 2010 .And this season he will share to us how the story behind the scenes, presented by Monster Energy. And here I trying to write what he said about some of his helmet.
For every riders, their home GP is a special occasion, but for Valentino Rossi it's a love affair
Mugello has seen The Doctor give eveything for his fans and as is now tradition a signature helmet that becomes a story in it's own right 

Hi to everybody, so we're here to speak about special helmet for Mugello for the Italian Grand Prix. and then is a long long time, we have this idea together with Aldo Drudi is the man usually design all my racing helmet. And for make something special for all the Italian GP and Mugello also one of the greatest and the funiest weekend during the season, because the atmosphere is fantastic and lot of fun and the track is great, so for all the reason we started design special helmet for the Italian GP. but from 2002 we star more serious of special helmet, always thinking and make together with Aldo.

And I take some helmet for show some of the good helmets and this is one of helmet from 2002 when I'm racing with honda and this is old desinged from Graziano my father and Aldo also started his carrier to design this helmet with my father and its worked first time with my father from  1979 when its borned. With the Italian flag here with special design and bring some lucky and take a victory and its so have great memory, you know because it was the most important helmet for Graziano and some racing on 250

Another one for 2007 with the big heart in front because it was difficult season but I still have lot of fans that coming in Mugello so this is a signed for all this guys to give the heart more than the normal in the race Grand Prix and also this helmet was very lucky because we got victory and it's one of my favorite. Because the big heart is very great and in fact I throw the helmet to the crowd after the podium because it was my gift for all their support in Mugello. We always have the Italian flag, always my dog behind that, very clasic helmet.

And after,  I bring for you my favorite from 2008 version  with  the Yamaha. One of the night before started, the time was quite finished. we have the idea to put my face, because this is my face when go down to the casanova and it was very fast so this is my face. It's my favorite helmet because it was very funny and I think all the MotoGP fans will remember with this helmet and like always we have the big Italian flag, we have the 46 with the Italian flag and with my dog who like fly on the sky and also this helmet bring lucky because we have a great victory

So we have together still thinking in the last moment a good idea with Aldo for the 2012 version and you will follow all the work for create the new version and so see you there, see you in Mugello and we will give you the new design as soon as possible. Ciao...

And here the video link from Monster Energy :  Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello: part.1 Valentino's iconic helmets

Valentino Rossi shared his favourite helmets from the past ten years. Now it's time for the real thing. This is a close as it's ever going to get to seeing the Mugello helmet before Valentino Rossi unveils it on Saturday morning
First Aldo Drudi drawing the design on the paper, seriously and full of consentration. And he brush the helmet with the logo of Monster Energy on the left side. And after that Valentino Rossi and Aldo in the serious discusion about what he want and what the next idea while they look the half design of the helmet with big yellow 46 on the back of the helmet. And he put some beautiful flowers on the top of the helmet with some Italian words "Fatti mandere dalla mamma" ahh actually I can't read clearly for the last word me wrote in yellow color, so we need to wait part 3 and it will be very interesting...really curious.

Again the link from Monster Energy video : Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello : Part 2 Valentino's iconic helmet

If I missed something about what he said, feel free to let me know, I would be  very grateful and happy to edit. Thanks

Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

Market Riders MotoGP for HRC Team was Closed at Mugello 2012

Finally on Thursday, July 12 2012 Honda Racing Team officially announced they have Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez for the next two years in MotoGP Championship.

pic by @birtymotogp
Not surprising at all, since Casey Stoner gave his decision to retire for 2013 and Dorna change the Rookie rule we all already knew that the new rule be prepared for the rider with number 93 from Moto2. And for Dani Pedrosa, although he doesn't get his World Champion title yet since he joining on this team from 2006 but his performance was good with this team, he has been runner up twice on his debut on MotoGP. The one thing delay him to be World Champion was about a bit missed of luck due the injury or something made him not be able to ride a 100%. But surely this renew contract will make him more confident to ride his bike on this season and reach the dream to be World Champion in 2012. The lucky one of course Marc Marquez, we all knew he is really fast on every race he did on 125 cc and Moto2.

pic from @Valeyellow46
We all like to watch him on Moto2 race that always interesting and lot of people said he will be the next Valentino Rossi. And it must be great opportunity for him to be able to ride on class of the Kings but maybe will be difficult for him to adapt with the bike which obviously different with his bike right now. But all thing can be learned so no need to worry about.

That's mean only three seats left for Factory bike. The two seats empty in Ducati Team and  one left in Yamaha Team. Still big question who will be team mate for Jorge Lorenzo in next two years, could be Ben Spies, Andrea Dovizioso, Cal Crutchlow if he doesn't sign offer from Ducati or maybe Valentino Rossi, even we know he looks like will stay to continue developing Ducati bike after positive meeting with Audi and positive progress of the bike in Sachsenring. And we still waiting who will be the next riders for Ducati Team, the same one with this year are Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden or will be changed ?

We never know until they announce it and anything could be possible, when Valentino Rossi hasn't taken any decision for next two year the market of riders in MotoGP still be big topic all people will wait, because he's the magnet on this Championship.

Selasa, 10 Juli 2012

Valentino Rossi Inspiring Roger Federer

Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer after won seventh Wimbeldon tittle after beating Andy Murray in London. Roger Federer has been playing the games very great and he can won with score 4-6, 7-5, 6-3 and 6-4.

He said he got lot of inspiration from the other great athletes in other sport to motivating him self and always working hard in every games he played.

He so adore and said thanks to Tiger Wood who texted him and gave support to him, just like he said on tennis.com

“He (Tiger Wood) was very pumped up for me, he was very supportive. It’s nice when other greats believe in me. They push me further, even in the rain delay basically when they cheer you on. So it was big. I wish him the best as well.”

And the great athletes who giving him some inspiration is also The great Tennis Players who also won Wimbeldon Seven times are Pete Sampras and Stefan Edberg. He also so inspired by Boris Becker, Michael Jordan And the last but not least, he mentioned the greates sport man on Motorcycle sport who got nine time World Champion Valentino Rossi.

Roger said : "They all teaching him to keep on pushing further. Not just being happy with world No. 1 or being happy with a Grand Slam title, but maybe to reach for more. Then obviously I have to drive myself. But you sometimes do need to see someone else do it for a long time so that you feel it is actually possible.”
So Happy and proud to knew the best Tennis player in history Roger Federer has a same idol with us Valentino Rossi who always give the names of spirit never give up,  just like Valentino Rossi  said : 
"When it's difficult like this, the taste of winning is better".
And yes, I agreed in every dark in the night we will find the light shining in the morning. Nothing impossible all thing is possible as long we believe and never stop to try and pray

Congratulation for Roger Federer and keep pushing hard until the limit.