dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello

Mugello always special for Valentino Rossi, 46 team, all his fans and  all MotoGP fans. And like we knew Valentino always give more than 146% on this circuit. Last year I wrote the article about  His helmets for Mugello since 1996 until 2010 .And this season he will share to us how the story behind the scenes, presented by Monster Energy. And here I trying to write what he said about some of his helmet.
For every riders, their home GP is a special occasion, but for Valentino Rossi it's a love affair
Mugello has seen The Doctor give eveything for his fans and as is now tradition a signature helmet that becomes a story in it's own right 

Hi to everybody, so we're here to speak about special helmet for Mugello for the Italian Grand Prix. and then is a long long time, we have this idea together with Aldo Drudi is the man usually design all my racing helmet. And for make something special for all the Italian GP and Mugello also one of the greatest and the funiest weekend during the season, because the atmosphere is fantastic and lot of fun and the track is great, so for all the reason we started design special helmet for the Italian GP. but from 2002 we star more serious of special helmet, always thinking and make together with Aldo.

And I take some helmet for show some of the good helmets and this is one of helmet from 2002 when I'm racing with honda and this is old desinged from Graziano my father and Aldo also started his carrier to design this helmet with my father and its worked first time with my father from  1979 when its borned. With the Italian flag here with special design and bring some lucky and take a victory and its so have great memory, you know because it was the most important helmet for Graziano and some racing on 250

Another one for 2007 with the big heart in front because it was difficult season but I still have lot of fans that coming in Mugello so this is a signed for all this guys to give the heart more than the normal in the race Grand Prix and also this helmet was very lucky because we got victory and it's one of my favorite. Because the big heart is very great and in fact I throw the helmet to the crowd after the podium because it was my gift for all their support in Mugello. We always have the Italian flag, always my dog behind that, very clasic helmet.

And after,  I bring for you my favorite from 2008 version  with  the Yamaha. One of the night before started, the time was quite finished. we have the idea to put my face, because this is my face when go down to the casanova and it was very fast so this is my face. It's my favorite helmet because it was very funny and I think all the MotoGP fans will remember with this helmet and like always we have the big Italian flag, we have the 46 with the Italian flag and with my dog who like fly on the sky and also this helmet bring lucky because we have a great victory

So we have together still thinking in the last moment a good idea with Aldo for the 2012 version and you will follow all the work for create the new version and so see you there, see you in Mugello and we will give you the new design as soon as possible. Ciao...

And here the video link from Monster Energy :  Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello: part.1 Valentino's iconic helmets

Valentino Rossi shared his favourite helmets from the past ten years. Now it's time for the real thing. This is a close as it's ever going to get to seeing the Mugello helmet before Valentino Rossi unveils it on Saturday morning
First Aldo Drudi drawing the design on the paper, seriously and full of consentration. And he brush the helmet with the logo of Monster Energy on the left side. And after that Valentino Rossi and Aldo in the serious discusion about what he want and what the next idea while they look the half design of the helmet with big yellow 46 on the back of the helmet. And he put some beautiful flowers on the top of the helmet with some Italian words "Fatti mandere dalla mamma" ahh actually I can't read clearly for the last word me wrote in yellow color, so we need to wait part 3 and it will be very interesting...really curious.

Again the link from Monster Energy video : Valentino Rossi and the story of Mugello : Part 2 Valentino's iconic helmet

If I missed something about what he said, feel free to let me know, I would be  very grateful and happy to edit. Thanks

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