dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 21 Juli 2012

MotoGP Mugello 2012 is Valentino Rossi

The MotoGP round 9 of this season at Mugello circuit which always very famous with great atmosphere of the crowd who really love and support the bike sport.

Unlucky at the begining their all quite sad with the result of Qualifying practice when no one Italian riders in any class got the front row. But the situation change suddenly when on Moto2 Class Iannone the "Crazy Joe" show to us what the meaning of ride to the max, after started from 4th place. He just got his winning overtake in the turn 1 on last lap after passed Espargaro and made an Italian Anthem who always we want to heard on this sport. So lovely, classy with the spectacular race Iannone gave to us, just proved without words what class Iannone is.

And after the wonderful winning from Andrea Iannone, The nine times World Championship Valentino Rossi gave his opinion about the young rider from Italian who born in Vato, Italy at August 9th, 1989 "It was fantastic race shown by Iannone, He really love Ducati and I think they should give the bike for the next season"

It was just clue by Valentino Rossi where Iannone will ride for next season. Maybe not on factory yet but after ride in low engine will be most appropriate when he learn on Satelite team first before take a ride on the Factory team.

And the spectators of Mugello circuit still waiting the promised from The Doctor he said before this series about will give extra effort and special performance. But until The Qualifying Practice done, our hero still struggling a lot for started the race from the 10th place and when Press confrense after QP he just said "don't have any idea yet for setup race tomorrow maybe we will run with this setup" sound not good at all. The different he just did until QP is about his new special helmet design with an image of Gianni Morandi the famous singers fro Italy and on the helmet written "Restiamo Uniti" in English means "Let's stick together" and all people think it was sign for next year where he will be.

In the difficult started on Mugello 2012 race, Valentino Rossi just proved again to all riders and all fans what we called Spirit never give up, shadowing for many laps with Cal Crutchlow and fighting a lot in every corner with limited bike and tire, the spirit of home race and fans around make him can fight consistantly and the bike support so stable and able to made him finished on 5th place. And when you watch the race Valentino Rossi really close with podium 3rd and at the final test take by Andrea Dovizioso and on 4th Place by Stefan Bradl.

Again Valentino Rossi who started the race and be the slowest Ducati, can show to us what the mean Nine Time World Champhionship and be the fastest of Ducati, while his team mate Nicky Hayden who started from 4th only able to finished on 7th and the satelite Hector Barbera who very strong started the race from front row can't consistant and only finish at 9th. What incredible is? 

Once interesting thing when all fans on Mugello called him to up on podium. we need to said no one so be loved with all people than Valentino Rossi. So lovely

Not only close until that after Mugello race the rumor who never stop to blow is about where Valentino Rossi will ride for next year from signed on his helmet thats seems he will stay on the Ducati and he already met with the new owner Audi who very enthusiasted to support Ducati to continue developing the bike, but the curiosity not stop on that after Valentino Rossi said no body can make guaranty about what the bike will bring next season, it's gamble. And continue with delay from Yamaha to announce who will be team mate of Jorge Lorenzo and following with rumor Marlboro would love to sponsoring Yamaha Factory if Valentino Rossi there. So many rumor come from the Valentino Rossi market, no other rider give so many attention like that and it will be only Valentino Rossi, so its amazing for Valentino Rossi but would be worst for this championship, because until now can't find someone with big charisma like Valentino Rossi has. Let's wait until it will more clear in Laguna Seca and before that the newspaper and media will be so happy and please to always writing about Valentino Rossi.

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