dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013

Sachsenring MotoGP2013 reopen the chance for other

The quote for Sachsenring is we never know what will happened before, that's why we can't to give up.
As we know Sachsenring track is like roller coaster who full with fantastic corner. So when the tyres not ready yet the grip will can't work well.

When the practice all went as normal until the nasty crashed of Jorge Lorenzo on FP2, the crashed made his titanium plate put on last surgery in Assen was damaged and means the big surgery to repair it. The story of heroism in Assen immediately change into a sad story in German GP. The accident force him to comeback to Barcelona to did the Surgery and he need to more calm waiting to comeback to ride again the bike for this championship. Sometimes is hard to believe but we can do nothing because we never know what will happen until it happened. Get well soon for Lorenzo who will comeback in Indianapolis.

After that accident, all eyes on Dani Pedrosa to be the strongest candidate winning the World Champion tittle 2013, but all gone after Dani has crashed on Turn 1 and it was terrible scary. He throw from the bike and got pain in left shoulder. After that crashed all still hope Pedrosa can take a part in warming up practice on Sunday but with low blood pressure, he decided to absent from all part of Sachsenring race.

With that sad condition,  Marc Marquez, Cal Crutchlow and Valentino Rossi have a chance to still dream about 2013 tittle because the gap will be possible to catch. And finally the result of the race on Sunday made the new history. The biggest championship MotoGP lead by the 20 years old young boy, Rookie with name Marc Marquez. He totally amazing, fast and consistent.

Cal crutchlow who also crashed before, show the strong him when finally he can won 2nd place behind Marc Marqueze after overtake our hero Valentino Rossi, who had problem with the tyres which already he said before after practice. We need to notice is Cal Cruchlow really strong this year, he pushed the bike and learning from the mistake he made before, to be more carefully when pushed the bike, that we call learning by doing.

Honestly was bad to watched Satelite bike more faster than factory bike, bu unfortunettly is happened on Sachsenring.  But whatever the result for Valentino Rossi, at least we can see he comeback to the podium again, as he always said step by step, consistent, confident and do with all heart, then the result will continue after.