dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 24 Februari 2012


You ever read twitt FUN like this :

"Ieri è nata la figlia di Stoner.Visto il profondo rapporto di stima reciproca che ci lega,mi aspettavo che la chiamasse Valentina" Feb 17

(Eng) "Yesterday was born the daughter of Stoner.looks the close relationship of mutual respect that binds us, I expected that called Valentina"

or so FRIENDLY twitt :

"Thanks for all the greetings guys,arriving from all the world! Italy,England,France,Malaysia,Indonesia,Japan,U.S.,Australia!Fantastic!" Feb 16

or very HONEST like this one :

"hi guys,the leg give me some pain,first days are the worst because the stitches pull a lot.but all is ok." Feb 9

or the one like it very FULL OF MEANING :

"eh eh,very easy compare the numbers between me and Stoner from 2006,when I won already 5 champs and 53 races mgp"

or very SIMPLE twitt :

"hi,i would like to be verified,what do i need to do?thank you." Feb 2

or the HONEST one :

"il primo test dell'anno è sempre il più difficile fisicamente,mi fa male tutto!"
Feb 1

(Eng) "the first test of the year is always the most difficult physically, it hurtsall over!"


"ieri sera non sono riuscito ad aggiornarvi,sono crollato appena dopo cena(anzi già dormivo sul tavolo,come i bambini)" Feb 1

(Eng)" Last night I not able to update you, I broke down just afterdinner (even already asleep on the table, such as children)"

and so PURE :

"After Nicky also Dovizioso injure hymself before the first test.I hope both are fit for Sepang.good luck." Jan 6

Fun, simple, pure, honest, show spirit never give up and always full some meaning. Yeahh...., you're right is account of Valentino Rossi because no one idol can so complete like that. 

No wonder when he doesn't need long time to getting  lot of followers even he just opened his twitter for 4 months ago and he already got 604.094 followers and will add minute by minute in very fast for reach 1 milion soon

And like we all knew he just twitted for around 816 mentions. Always Awesome and this guy from Tavullia Italy always spectacular.

Many of his fans (Included me) who sent mention to Twitter and support him to get verified soon, but I think we don't need to do it now because with all the fact very easy to make them sure with naturally that is @ValeYellow46 is the real twitter account of Valentino Rossi.

That's why on Feb 24, 2012 not long from his 33th birthday on Feb 16, we can see on his twitter account the white checklist with blue circle and it was means his account already got verivied from twitter.

So follow him and feel close, enjoy his interesting twitt and for sure he will always share a positive energy for all of us
Congratulation Valentino Rossi, now no need to doubt the Twitter Account with user id @ValeYellow46 is the real account of our hero

Kamis, 16 Februari 2012


Every second we have new comer in this world, baby with new hope and new wish to be useful and can provide wonderful history on this earth. And 33 years ago in Urbino Italy was born the cute baby boy to Graziano and Stefania. And the boy grew up in Tavullia, the bike atmosphere have been blended in his soul, even before when he was three years old. Unbelievable, He clearly shows to his father, Greziano about all the talent that he has related to the bike. The cute and great baby boy, named VALENTINO ROSSI.

I think everyone will know who Valentino Rossi is, not only because his brilliant achievements in the world of Motosport but because of his friendliness, cheerfulness and goodness as a human being. This is not a fairy tale, I was very lucky to get a rare opportunity to met him several time, and I can felt how humble he is, in every tired when he try to tame his Ducati, he always had a smile for all fans who wanted to be close with him. 

February 16th not only anniversary for Valentino Rossi, but the day is the great day for all bike lover around the world, because on this day was born the best rider ever who always teach us the meaning of sportive and the spirit of never say give up. Life's not always beautiful as in the story that we want, but it will be wonderful when we can create the difficult things become motivation to the people around.

I wish success, health, happiness and luck always be with you wherever you're.

Thank you Valentino Rossi for always share positive spirit to us and tell us "If you're ready to win then you must ready to accept defeat with a smile and keep trying the best to reach the glory"

below, i already compiled any pictures about you and it will make sure that the universe agree how gifted you are..

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012


A couple day before I did the trip to Sepang for watch the first test in this season, I got lot of dm and some message on my facebook from the people and friends who really often talking with me and from person who never get comunication before. Almost all of them told me "how wonder they are with me able so many time met with Valentino Rossi and look like always got nice attention from him and all crew too" and on the second message after I replied them lot of them say want so bad to get some autograph from Valentino Rossi or from the person related with Valentino Rossi (The crew of Ducati 46 team).

I just answered it will be difficult because Valentino Rossi and team come to Sepang not for meet and greet with all his fans, they need to do some work to develop his bike and need as much as can to know what the bike way to easy to solve all things to help Valentino Rossi fighting in the all race he will do.

They all very nicely and understand well with what I said and they all keep support Valentino Rossi, but after I talked like that sometime I felt sad and think they (not all) maybe not happy with me. But what I must do, sometime it's really hard for me, I really want to do to help what they want but I have limitation as a only fans of Valentino Rossi and even if I be one of them (Ducati team wanna be) still difficult to get what all we want.

So I think hardly how to make all of my friends happy. The lucky I'm, the hotel I stayed is good they have a compliment to print free and with send email to business center there and they printed it and sent to my room.

It's really difficult to created because I really dont have lot of time to think who and what I wrote, because I just able to watch the test only on 1st day and 2nd day, and its already 2nd day of the test means it was my last day to go to circuit, and I'm go to there very lately cause lot of I need to do before go to circuit  (Really out from my expectation ).
Valentino Rossi very tired in 2nd day of test, he always do the best he can
And in the 2nd day of test was be really hard day for Valentino Rossi (read http://dsulistiyolovevalentinorossi.blogspot.com/2012/02/sepang-2nd-day-test-motogp-2012.html ) because he worked more hard than the first day ( on the1st day I met and talked with Vale couple time). 
I really not in free mode  to met with him waiting hours by hours to wait he finished the test, but the 2nd day totally difficult after the test over at 18.00 Valentino Rossi stay on his paddock in special room to  take some rest. And lot of media already waiting there to do some interview with the famous rider ever Valentino Rossi, after did some interview lot of fans take a picture and want some autograph,  I got a chance to gave him the present I bring special for him statue from Indonesia and we can talk a bit (will write the story soon) just in the front of the door before he get in fastlly to his box again and unfortunately I lose my chance to take an autograph of him on the paper to all of my friends.

So sadly because I can't make the plan going as well as I dream before, waiting until night and time keep going and not much time again to me to stay there due flight schedule I've and look like he didn't want coming out again because he totally tired when we can see how hard he rode the bike under the hot sun at the circuit. So I just think and I got some idea to talked with Alex Briggs the Australian famous mechanic of  Ducati team, and as we all know Alex has a famous account twitter also with his user name @Alex__Briggs. I explain to him how the first my idea and I know clearly even he so close with Valentino Rossi, he can't do nothing.

and is the conversation was happened : (some words maybe plus bit modification not to change the main subject just to make easy to read)

Me : Lot of Valentino Rossi fans want to meet and feel close with him, they all love, adore and support him. Would be wonderful if we can help them to get some autograph one by one, but I know it will be very very difficult that's why I created this paper with all they names to help them to reach the dream and to make them feel close with his idol. Not all asked to me to get it actually but almost all the names I wrote are the huge  fans who really always support Valentino Rossi in any condition.

AB : I understand but I can't do nothing, my advice it wait in here, he will go out at the time he back to the hotel for sure

Me : I can't because I need to go to airport for continue my trip to Spore. I know you can't help me to get his autograph because he must be very tired after rode his bike and I see with my self how hard today for him, so I have an idea, you're very famous also on twitterland for all MotoGP followers especially for Valentino Rossi lover, so could you please sign it for them

AB : with my pleasure but do you think it will make them happy. They expect the rider

Me : I know they will be very happy if Valentino Rossi sign it for them, but they will happy also for sure because you the one close with them in twitter, they know you well

AB : Ok, I will sign it for them

Me : Thank you very much, I'm so glad. Its mean much for me

And he stoped do his work for  a while and he signed the paper with all of your names there. I hope all my friends will like that and keep support Valentino Rossi and the important one keep your dream in your mind because lot of way to achieve our dream even it wil difficult as long as you have a great dream with all passionate you have it meas you can reach it at the time. Don't give up and never say never. When you sure it will happen it will. Forza Vale.
Thank you Alex Briggs and Thanks for Yellow Army to always support Valentino Rossi

All picture is taken by Satrya Fuad Afif Sulistiyo

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012


"The stats say it all " HRC twitter
On February 8, 2012 , the most famous social media "twitter" especially for MotoGP lover have a great discussion topic after the official account twitter of Repsol Honda MotoGP team with user id @HRC_MotoGP made a twitt about comparison between his rider Casey Stoner and The lovable rider ever Valentino Rossi, with the tittle " The Stats Say It All". On the pic compare from 2006 - 2011 both of them career in MotoGP.

No need  long time lot of commented came to the orange team account twitter, and of course lot of people felt the stat its not fair enough and out from the team who was Valentino Rossi inside of it before.

And the great one when the account made this stats tried to remove the pic and said don't take serious, only a bit fun. And the commented after more seriouslly fun from some journalist, fans, mechanic of Ducati team and Valentino Rossi him self commented with it. Just like we know "when you want some atterntion just mention Valentino Rossi and the all eyes will look on you. No wonder because no riders can be so awesome like what he did in the race or in the real life and he is Valentino Rossi"

Twitt from Fans

But for me the best tweet ever is came from @Alex__Briggs really smart and wise tweet :

Selasa, 07 Februari 2012


Both of  our Ducati hero's Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden undergo surgery before start this season. But both of them have a different need to do the surgery,  with the one common goal to maximize their health condition for bringing Ducati to the forefront

After Sepang first test finished made Nicky Hayden know better that his shoulder injured more worst than he thought before. On his official  twitter account @NickyHayden69  update before and after his shoulder surgery, and totally all went well and now it's time for Nicky to start recovery and hope he will ready to ride his bike on Sepang test  in end of February 2012.

And the most wanted rider from fans and media is Valentino Rossi did surgery to remove rod from his right tibia after big crashed he ever have at 2010 Mugello GP Italy. On his twitter account @ValeYellow46 he said thanks to Dr. Lucidi and Dr. Porcellini and all staff in Cattolica's Cervesi Hospital.  After the small operation went well he need to take a rest for five days and that  means after it the injury will completely  recover, totally is good for his performance on this season and hopefully will make him more confident to ride his phoenix.

This is the style of our hero's Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden a head before their surgery , check it out :

Nicky Hayden before shoulder surgery

Nicky Hayden "Thanks for all the well wishes. All went ok. It's currently still happy hour in the recovery room "

Valentino Rossi "I tried to keep my usual elegance even in the operating room" ---> Always entertaining whatever the condition.



Senin, 06 Februari 2012


Februay 2nd 2012 be the last day of first test MotoGP before the season will run. And Casey Stoner clear to be the fastest with only did on second laps of the day and record spectacular time 1.59.607 and the gap with the 2nd position Jorge Lorenzo with his Yamaha is 0.591s.

Do you think the last day first Sepang Test will draw how this season going? I think, happy or not we need to realize the Honda bike really strong and fast. Last year when they were very fast with 3 riders on 800 cc engine and now the fenomenal of orange bike from Japan with 1000cc engine still there. And Dani Pedrosa was able to be the 3rd fastest with time 2.00.256 it means the gap is +0.649 and continue with Ben Spies with Yamaha success for being 4th fastest of the last day test.

So looking of the result we can see the big four of this championship still the same with the last year Honda and Yamaha Factory and Ducati following them to close the big five of the result of the test. But We need to see as this is just only three time rides for the new baby bike of GP 12, means still have a lot to do with the bike but the starting point to able solve all problem of the bike was start from here.

Valentino Rossi truly happy with the last result time he got with 2.00.824, still not good enough to be close of big five, But with all data they got its mean the start to looking forward what the bike need to improve. And over all test going will different with the race will be, so we still have positive sinergy to get what we all Yellow Army want, to see Valentino Rossi smile more often on this year. And they work hard to make it able not only hope but come true for all of us.

The last test day finished more earlier than the schedule due the weather very cloudy and dark, so around 5.25 pm Local Time was close, and Nicky Hayden still not health yet with his shoulder injuried and he stopped the test more early and it was the good decision he took that what Valentino Rossi said with his team mate. But in the spirit he has to know well the bike he will try to follow and ride in Jerez test along with the CRT team before the second test of Sepang conducted in end of February. So when people said he's not trying hard I think they need to think twice. But due what he felt when he tried to ride his bike in Sepang, he was realize that the problem of his shoulder was bigger than what he tought and the best one he can do is doing the surgery to make the condition better and do everything possible to get back on the bike in more good condition as soon as possible. And the effort Ducati gave to him to make the bike more competitive and easy to ride be the best motivation of him to face all of it.

The Rookie 2011 Cal Crutchlow after crashed on the turn 13 finally done the best test time with 2.01.108 on 7th position behind the Ducati satelite Hector Barbera at 6th position.

Alvaro Bautista with his new bike and team Honda still try to found how to ride the bike, but will sure he will adapt quickly on the next test.

We need to wait until the real race start in Qatar but with this result of the test we can imagine how the season will going. but dont to fast to said because we still have two test again before the real race start still have time to solve all thing on the bike 

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012


After positive 1st day test for Valentino Rossi with his phoenix bike, the 2nd day was coming with very hot condition of weather, the Doctor is the one rider never stop to tried his bike when the weather was very hot after lunch time. I looked him in the paddock after rode his bike, his handsome face very red and look so tired, he sat and the whole team listened carefully what Vale said about what he felt with the bike and not long after the garage close because too many photographer and fans want to saw him.

And at 18.00 when the sun is high it was the end of the 2nd day of  testing, Valentino Rossi  finished his test on 7th position with gap more less than 1 second more precisely 0.991 s. And for Valentino Rossi the result made him happy at least the gap is under 1 second for the first position and its really good sign for the totally new bike, and the most make Vale happy is the front end really stable to ride at the corner make him able to not push so deep hi brake of the bike, thats's mean will be good on the real race because not lost much time in the corner.

Nicky Hayden very limited to try his new bike, its not because he doesn't want to try the bike but he lost of his strenght when the bike shaking and it will be danger if he cant hold the bike and will make him crash so I think the decision he take out was the best for him. But with only done 16 laps he rode the bike he could concluded that the Ducati have been done a great job with the new bike and will be awesome for him if he can try for the last test tomorrow with more of laps. Get well soon Nicky, the bike also require some input from "kentucky kid" ride style.

The senior riders Colin Edwards still struggling with Electronic problem, but Edwards has some good motivation even with gap around 4 seconds with Casey Stoner, for him to develope bike from nothing to be something nice to ride was brilliant thing and he was stunned with the engine of BMW because really excelent to made power on his bike.

Casey Stoner feel more good on 2nd test he ride his bike and at  16.30 Local time, Casey Stoner grabbed his 1st position with 2.00.729 and like we know when he on the top very difficult for other riders to catch him. And on his last interviewed looks he was very happy cause his condition better and made him can  rode his bike, and today he riding with the new chassis and went very well. Look like it will be some indication the race in this season will going not too much different with 2011. That's why we really hope Vale and team will find the best settings for the phoenix and make the bike able to compete in the first row and make MotoGP back interesting for all Racing lover.

And here we go the result for 2nd day Test of MotoGP Sepang 1 Februari 2012 :

1. Casey Stoner -->  Honda -->  2.00.895 --> 29 laps
2. Ben Spies --> Yamaha  --> +0.157 --> 37 laps
3. Jorge Lorenzo --> Yamaha -->  +0.173  --> 40 laps
4. Dani Pedrosa --> Honda --> +0,613 --> 35 laps
5. Cal Crutchlow --> Yamaha --> +0.670 --> 42 laps
6. Hector Barbera --> Ducati --> +0.893 --> 50 laps
7. Valentino Rossi --> Ducati --> +0.991 --> 44 laps
8. Alvaro Bautista --> Honda --> +1.038 --> 46 laps
9. Andrea Dovizioso --> Yamaha --> +1.265 --> 42 laps
10. Nicky Hayden --> Ducati --> +1,459 --> 16 Laps by NH & 25 laps by Franco Battaini
11. Stefan Bradl --> Honda --> +1.519 -->41 Laps
12. Karel Abraham --> Ducati --> +1.703 --> 66 laps
13. Katsuyuki Nagasuka --> Yamaha Test --> +2.046 --> 40 laps
14. Franco Battaini --> Ducati --> +3.416 --> 38 laps
15. Colin Edwards --> Suter --> +4.708 ---> 37 laps
16. Ivan Silva --> BQR-FTR --> +9.402 ---> 16 laps
17. Jordi Tores -->  BQR-FTR  --> +10.998 ---> 2 laps
18. Robertino Pietri --> BQR-FTR  --> +11.651 ---> 5 laps

All pic took by my self except NH when he on Sofa

Rabu, 01 Februari 2012


After yesterday Valentino Rossi introduced to all his fans the most waiting bike on this season the Phoenix for first time on his account twitter, and the bike looks so pretty, slim and light.

Today in Sepang International Circuit the first test is started.
In the morning the track was so damp because last night got lot of rain, so all the riders just waiting the surface of  track going batter, and after 4 hours waiting the first rider out to test his bike was Dani Pedrosa but he not ride so fastly because he tried the grip on the bike first. But half day after he got the felling again with the bike in the corner with the new engine he can finished this day with 2nd place on his hand

And honestly not much we get some report from this first test but when the track getting dry all riders go out from his box and trying to find setting to improve the bike until the race start on April 2012. And look like Jorge Lorenzo was very happy with the result his standing on first position. and he said the bike is so competitive and he can felt the real different since first time he riding his M1 and he said Yamaha team working so hard on the winter to make the bike more and more improve and yes it is.

The world Champion 2011 Casey Stoner only did for lap and decided to stop due his bcak problem. So we can know actually what he will do again with the bike, for sure he will run very fast like on the last season, just flying like a wind, but for the 4 lap he did he got time 2.07.163.

Valentino Rossi with his pretty bike just able to finished for 4 position and the gap I think was quite good only 0,735 second mean he got a good felling with the Phoeniex. When he got his lunch he was very happy talk to the crew about the GP12 going, I really don't know exactlywhat he said because he use Italian language but when I saw his eyes and his smile I just realize that some good news he will give to us.
And it was happened after the test finished at 06.00pm Local Time, he gave very positive view with the bike. He said the first impression are very important and he get it with the phoenix, and he felt comfort when he sitting and riding the bike, so smooth and the brake was good and because of all the reason means the bike can be ridden. But he not arrogant rider so he said "We still have a lot to do before we can win like improve the electronics, acceleration, the setup and as you know the bike have big power so how the power to share"
All what he said make me know the phoenik in the right way to bring him to be on Top again.

The new one of this season is CRT bike, not all CRT team doing the test here some of them will ride in Valencia due the financial matter, We still hope they all still can join in this championship because after Anthony west gave us indication to retire just because he not get enough sponsor to his team, it was worst so the riders who will join on  MOTOGP 2012 is only 20. Very short grid for big championship hope all the bike can compete tight and not too much gap between Factory, Satelite and CRT.

Lets hope guys, keep MOTOGP here with us

Result here :
1. Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha 2.01.657
2. Dani Pedrosa Honda 2.02.003
3. Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 2.02.221
4. Ben Spies Yamaha 2.02.234
5. Valentino Rossi Ducati 2.02.392
6. Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 2.02.751
7. Hector Barbera Ducati 2.02.773
8. Katsuyuki N Yamaha 2.02.829
9. Alvaro Bautista Honda 2.02.869
10. Nicky Hayden Ducati 2.03.252
11. Stefan Bradl Honda 2.03.668
12. Karel Abraham Ducati 2.03.781
13. Franco B Ducati 2.04.986
14. Casey Stoner Honda 2.07.163
15. Colin Edwards Suter 2.08.249
16. Jodi Torres Avinta 2.10.671
17. Ivan Silvia BQR-FTR 2.11.267