dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 16 Februari 2012


Every second we have new comer in this world, baby with new hope and new wish to be useful and can provide wonderful history on this earth. And 33 years ago in Urbino Italy was born the cute baby boy to Graziano and Stefania. And the boy grew up in Tavullia, the bike atmosphere have been blended in his soul, even before when he was three years old. Unbelievable, He clearly shows to his father, Greziano about all the talent that he has related to the bike. The cute and great baby boy, named VALENTINO ROSSI.

I think everyone will know who Valentino Rossi is, not only because his brilliant achievements in the world of Motosport but because of his friendliness, cheerfulness and goodness as a human being. This is not a fairy tale, I was very lucky to get a rare opportunity to met him several time, and I can felt how humble he is, in every tired when he try to tame his Ducati, he always had a smile for all fans who wanted to be close with him. 

February 16th not only anniversary for Valentino Rossi, but the day is the great day for all bike lover around the world, because on this day was born the best rider ever who always teach us the meaning of sportive and the spirit of never say give up. Life's not always beautiful as in the story that we want, but it will be wonderful when we can create the difficult things become motivation to the people around.

I wish success, health, happiness and luck always be with you wherever you're.

Thank you Valentino Rossi for always share positive spirit to us and tell us "If you're ready to win then you must ready to accept defeat with a smile and keep trying the best to reach the glory"

below, i already compiled any pictures about you and it will make sure that the universe agree how gifted you are..

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  1. hiiik! miss that ! happy belated birthday Doc!