dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012


A couple day before I did the trip to Sepang for watch the first test in this season, I got lot of dm and some message on my facebook from the people and friends who really often talking with me and from person who never get comunication before. Almost all of them told me "how wonder they are with me able so many time met with Valentino Rossi and look like always got nice attention from him and all crew too" and on the second message after I replied them lot of them say want so bad to get some autograph from Valentino Rossi or from the person related with Valentino Rossi (The crew of Ducati 46 team).

I just answered it will be difficult because Valentino Rossi and team come to Sepang not for meet and greet with all his fans, they need to do some work to develop his bike and need as much as can to know what the bike way to easy to solve all things to help Valentino Rossi fighting in the all race he will do.

They all very nicely and understand well with what I said and they all keep support Valentino Rossi, but after I talked like that sometime I felt sad and think they (not all) maybe not happy with me. But what I must do, sometime it's really hard for me, I really want to do to help what they want but I have limitation as a only fans of Valentino Rossi and even if I be one of them (Ducati team wanna be) still difficult to get what all we want.

So I think hardly how to make all of my friends happy. The lucky I'm, the hotel I stayed is good they have a compliment to print free and with send email to business center there and they printed it and sent to my room.

It's really difficult to created because I really dont have lot of time to think who and what I wrote, because I just able to watch the test only on 1st day and 2nd day, and its already 2nd day of the test means it was my last day to go to circuit, and I'm go to there very lately cause lot of I need to do before go to circuit  (Really out from my expectation ).
Valentino Rossi very tired in 2nd day of test, he always do the best he can
And in the 2nd day of test was be really hard day for Valentino Rossi (read http://dsulistiyolovevalentinorossi.blogspot.com/2012/02/sepang-2nd-day-test-motogp-2012.html ) because he worked more hard than the first day ( on the1st day I met and talked with Vale couple time). 
I really not in free mode  to met with him waiting hours by hours to wait he finished the test, but the 2nd day totally difficult after the test over at 18.00 Valentino Rossi stay on his paddock in special room to  take some rest. And lot of media already waiting there to do some interview with the famous rider ever Valentino Rossi, after did some interview lot of fans take a picture and want some autograph,  I got a chance to gave him the present I bring special for him statue from Indonesia and we can talk a bit (will write the story soon) just in the front of the door before he get in fastlly to his box again and unfortunately I lose my chance to take an autograph of him on the paper to all of my friends.

So sadly because I can't make the plan going as well as I dream before, waiting until night and time keep going and not much time again to me to stay there due flight schedule I've and look like he didn't want coming out again because he totally tired when we can see how hard he rode the bike under the hot sun at the circuit. So I just think and I got some idea to talked with Alex Briggs the Australian famous mechanic of  Ducati team, and as we all know Alex has a famous account twitter also with his user name @Alex__Briggs. I explain to him how the first my idea and I know clearly even he so close with Valentino Rossi, he can't do nothing.

and is the conversation was happened : (some words maybe plus bit modification not to change the main subject just to make easy to read)

Me : Lot of Valentino Rossi fans want to meet and feel close with him, they all love, adore and support him. Would be wonderful if we can help them to get some autograph one by one, but I know it will be very very difficult that's why I created this paper with all they names to help them to reach the dream and to make them feel close with his idol. Not all asked to me to get it actually but almost all the names I wrote are the huge  fans who really always support Valentino Rossi in any condition.

AB : I understand but I can't do nothing, my advice it wait in here, he will go out at the time he back to the hotel for sure

Me : I can't because I need to go to airport for continue my trip to Spore. I know you can't help me to get his autograph because he must be very tired after rode his bike and I see with my self how hard today for him, so I have an idea, you're very famous also on twitterland for all MotoGP followers especially for Valentino Rossi lover, so could you please sign it for them

AB : with my pleasure but do you think it will make them happy. They expect the rider

Me : I know they will be very happy if Valentino Rossi sign it for them, but they will happy also for sure because you the one close with them in twitter, they know you well

AB : Ok, I will sign it for them

Me : Thank you very much, I'm so glad. Its mean much for me

And he stoped do his work for  a while and he signed the paper with all of your names there. I hope all my friends will like that and keep support Valentino Rossi and the important one keep your dream in your mind because lot of way to achieve our dream even it wil difficult as long as you have a great dream with all passionate you have it meas you can reach it at the time. Don't give up and never say never. When you sure it will happen it will. Forza Vale.
Thank you Alex Briggs and Thanks for Yellow Army to always support Valentino Rossi

All picture is taken by Satrya Fuad Afif Sulistiyo

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  1. I know u meet vale,,Little bit fiction I guess here.. Ups!

    1. Thanks for read and commented, yes I met him and take a pic of him but can't give the paper not much time. btw thanks for your words.have a great life friend xx

    2. Dian sulistiyo met with a famous rider ever in the world, friend. And for sure he don't have much time because he really busy. I thought that u doubt this story. If u don't believe it, just ask to Alex briggs. Here his twitter account @Alex_Briggs .Mention him and I wish u lucky to get replay from him :)

    3. mami kok namaku g ada dikertas itu :(

    4. ada dong itu didalam all Rossifumi kan artinya ada kamu xx

  2. Thank you mba for all the things you have done for us , ur very nice :) ur not only think about ur own pleasure but u share it with us..nice blog as usual(I think ur a journalist for the first time )...GBU

    1. Thank you and like always I'm journalist wanna be and I'm Ducati team wanna be too *lol. Thanks again for read and visit my blog xx

  3. WOHOOOOOO!!!!
    super and perfect as usual momm!!,
    so proud of you!!!
    Whooh....you take along our support to our Vale and it's so blessed to have Alex as Yellow Army...
    Thank you so much Alex, you're so kind hearted....

    1. Thank you and I'm so glad you like it. No doubt Alex was very kind and he understand well what Yellow Army want xx

  4. Oh, Shame on me, I have just read this blog :(
    Bit thrilled after reading journey to meet Valentino Rossi.. It's Ok Alex, never mind it's ur signature there instead of The Doctor. We are happy. Thanks a lot sist my name is also included there :D. Great blog as always <3