dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 02 Februari 2012


After positive 1st day test for Valentino Rossi with his phoenix bike, the 2nd day was coming with very hot condition of weather, the Doctor is the one rider never stop to tried his bike when the weather was very hot after lunch time. I looked him in the paddock after rode his bike, his handsome face very red and look so tired, he sat and the whole team listened carefully what Vale said about what he felt with the bike and not long after the garage close because too many photographer and fans want to saw him.

And at 18.00 when the sun is high it was the end of the 2nd day of  testing, Valentino Rossi  finished his test on 7th position with gap more less than 1 second more precisely 0.991 s. And for Valentino Rossi the result made him happy at least the gap is under 1 second for the first position and its really good sign for the totally new bike, and the most make Vale happy is the front end really stable to ride at the corner make him able to not push so deep hi brake of the bike, thats's mean will be good on the real race because not lost much time in the corner.

Nicky Hayden very limited to try his new bike, its not because he doesn't want to try the bike but he lost of his strenght when the bike shaking and it will be danger if he cant hold the bike and will make him crash so I think the decision he take out was the best for him. But with only done 16 laps he rode the bike he could concluded that the Ducati have been done a great job with the new bike and will be awesome for him if he can try for the last test tomorrow with more of laps. Get well soon Nicky, the bike also require some input from "kentucky kid" ride style.

The senior riders Colin Edwards still struggling with Electronic problem, but Edwards has some good motivation even with gap around 4 seconds with Casey Stoner, for him to develope bike from nothing to be something nice to ride was brilliant thing and he was stunned with the engine of BMW because really excelent to made power on his bike.

Casey Stoner feel more good on 2nd test he ride his bike and at  16.30 Local time, Casey Stoner grabbed his 1st position with 2.00.729 and like we know when he on the top very difficult for other riders to catch him. And on his last interviewed looks he was very happy cause his condition better and made him can  rode his bike, and today he riding with the new chassis and went very well. Look like it will be some indication the race in this season will going not too much different with 2011. That's why we really hope Vale and team will find the best settings for the phoenix and make the bike able to compete in the first row and make MotoGP back interesting for all Racing lover.

And here we go the result for 2nd day Test of MotoGP Sepang 1 Februari 2012 :

1. Casey Stoner -->  Honda -->  2.00.895 --> 29 laps
2. Ben Spies --> Yamaha  --> +0.157 --> 37 laps
3. Jorge Lorenzo --> Yamaha -->  +0.173  --> 40 laps
4. Dani Pedrosa --> Honda --> +0,613 --> 35 laps
5. Cal Crutchlow --> Yamaha --> +0.670 --> 42 laps
6. Hector Barbera --> Ducati --> +0.893 --> 50 laps
7. Valentino Rossi --> Ducati --> +0.991 --> 44 laps
8. Alvaro Bautista --> Honda --> +1.038 --> 46 laps
9. Andrea Dovizioso --> Yamaha --> +1.265 --> 42 laps
10. Nicky Hayden --> Ducati --> +1,459 --> 16 Laps by NH & 25 laps by Franco Battaini
11. Stefan Bradl --> Honda --> +1.519 -->41 Laps
12. Karel Abraham --> Ducati --> +1.703 --> 66 laps
13. Katsuyuki Nagasuka --> Yamaha Test --> +2.046 --> 40 laps
14. Franco Battaini --> Ducati --> +3.416 --> 38 laps
15. Colin Edwards --> Suter --> +4.708 ---> 37 laps
16. Ivan Silva --> BQR-FTR --> +9.402 ---> 16 laps
17. Jordi Tores -->  BQR-FTR  --> +10.998 ---> 2 laps
18. Robertino Pietri --> BQR-FTR  --> +11.651 ---> 5 laps

All pic took by my self except NH when he on Sofa

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