dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 06 Februari 2012


Februay 2nd 2012 be the last day of first test MotoGP before the season will run. And Casey Stoner clear to be the fastest with only did on second laps of the day and record spectacular time 1.59.607 and the gap with the 2nd position Jorge Lorenzo with his Yamaha is 0.591s.

Do you think the last day first Sepang Test will draw how this season going? I think, happy or not we need to realize the Honda bike really strong and fast. Last year when they were very fast with 3 riders on 800 cc engine and now the fenomenal of orange bike from Japan with 1000cc engine still there. And Dani Pedrosa was able to be the 3rd fastest with time 2.00.256 it means the gap is +0.649 and continue with Ben Spies with Yamaha success for being 4th fastest of the last day test.

So looking of the result we can see the big four of this championship still the same with the last year Honda and Yamaha Factory and Ducati following them to close the big five of the result of the test. But We need to see as this is just only three time rides for the new baby bike of GP 12, means still have a lot to do with the bike but the starting point to able solve all problem of the bike was start from here.

Valentino Rossi truly happy with the last result time he got with 2.00.824, still not good enough to be close of big five, But with all data they got its mean the start to looking forward what the bike need to improve. And over all test going will different with the race will be, so we still have positive sinergy to get what we all Yellow Army want, to see Valentino Rossi smile more often on this year. And they work hard to make it able not only hope but come true for all of us.

The last test day finished more earlier than the schedule due the weather very cloudy and dark, so around 5.25 pm Local Time was close, and Nicky Hayden still not health yet with his shoulder injuried and he stopped the test more early and it was the good decision he took that what Valentino Rossi said with his team mate. But in the spirit he has to know well the bike he will try to follow and ride in Jerez test along with the CRT team before the second test of Sepang conducted in end of February. So when people said he's not trying hard I think they need to think twice. But due what he felt when he tried to ride his bike in Sepang, he was realize that the problem of his shoulder was bigger than what he tought and the best one he can do is doing the surgery to make the condition better and do everything possible to get back on the bike in more good condition as soon as possible. And the effort Ducati gave to him to make the bike more competitive and easy to ride be the best motivation of him to face all of it.

The Rookie 2011 Cal Crutchlow after crashed on the turn 13 finally done the best test time with 2.01.108 on 7th position behind the Ducati satelite Hector Barbera at 6th position.

Alvaro Bautista with his new bike and team Honda still try to found how to ride the bike, but will sure he will adapt quickly on the next test.

We need to wait until the real race start in Qatar but with this result of the test we can imagine how the season will going. but dont to fast to said because we still have two test again before the real race start still have time to solve all thing on the bike 

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