dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 24 Februari 2012


You ever read twitt FUN like this :

"Ieri è nata la figlia di Stoner.Visto il profondo rapporto di stima reciproca che ci lega,mi aspettavo che la chiamasse Valentina" Feb 17

(Eng) "Yesterday was born the daughter of Stoner.looks the close relationship of mutual respect that binds us, I expected that called Valentina"

or so FRIENDLY twitt :

"Thanks for all the greetings guys,arriving from all the world! Italy,England,France,Malaysia,Indonesia,Japan,U.S.,Australia!Fantastic!" Feb 16

or very HONEST like this one :

"hi guys,the leg give me some pain,first days are the worst because the stitches pull a lot.but all is ok." Feb 9

or the one like it very FULL OF MEANING :

"eh eh,very easy compare the numbers between me and Stoner from 2006,when I won already 5 champs and 53 races mgp"

or very SIMPLE twitt :

"hi,i would like to be verified,what do i need to do?thank you." Feb 2

or the HONEST one :

"il primo test dell'anno è sempre il più difficile fisicamente,mi fa male tutto!"
Feb 1

(Eng) "the first test of the year is always the most difficult physically, it hurtsall over!"


"ieri sera non sono riuscito ad aggiornarvi,sono crollato appena dopo cena(anzi già dormivo sul tavolo,come i bambini)" Feb 1

(Eng)" Last night I not able to update you, I broke down just afterdinner (even already asleep on the table, such as children)"

and so PURE :

"After Nicky also Dovizioso injure hymself before the first test.I hope both are fit for Sepang.good luck." Jan 6

Fun, simple, pure, honest, show spirit never give up and always full some meaning. Yeahh...., you're right is account of Valentino Rossi because no one idol can so complete like that. 

No wonder when he doesn't need long time to getting  lot of followers even he just opened his twitter for 4 months ago and he already got 604.094 followers and will add minute by minute in very fast for reach 1 milion soon

And like we all knew he just twitted for around 816 mentions. Always Awesome and this guy from Tavullia Italy always spectacular.

Many of his fans (Included me) who sent mention to Twitter and support him to get verified soon, but I think we don't need to do it now because with all the fact very easy to make them sure with naturally that is @ValeYellow46 is the real twitter account of Valentino Rossi.

That's why on Feb 24, 2012 not long from his 33th birthday on Feb 16, we can see on his twitter account the white checklist with blue circle and it was means his account already got verivied from twitter.

So follow him and feel close, enjoy his interesting twitt and for sure he will always share a positive energy for all of us
Congratulation Valentino Rossi, now no need to doubt the Twitter Account with user id @ValeYellow46 is the real account of our hero

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  1. Great ! can't stop laughthing about his profil pic x)