dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Result Free Practice 3 MotoGP Estoril Portugal (Round 3)

The Final Practice already done for MotoGP Estoril and the result no body expectation. Because from GP Qatar and Jerez alway Free Practice dominated from Honda bike or Yamaha bike, but in this Result the fastest is Ducati bike with the rider is Loris Capirossi, rider from Bologna Italy born April 4th, 1973.

Loris Capirossi already riding Ducati bike since 2003 and he clear enough tame his Ducati. Actually he never be fastest with his Ducati at Estoril race , the best position he achieved is 3rd at Estoril 2003. 

For The Final Practice, Ducati show they best performance, because three riders Ducati on big five, Nicky Hayden grabbed 3 position and his team mate Valentino Rossi very good on 4th position.

For the detail of the Final Practice Saturday May 30 2011 in Portugal :
  1. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team – 1.44.515
  2. Jorge Lorenzo  – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.45.079
  3. Nicky Hayden  – Ducati Team – 1.45.955
  4. Valentino Rossi  – Ducati Team – 1.46.481
  5. Casey Stoner  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.47.676
  6. Andrea Dovizioso – Repsol Honda Team – 1.47.489
  7. Dani Pedrosa  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.48.102
  8. Toni Elias  – LCR Honda MotoGP –  1.48.140
  9. Marco Simoncelli   – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.49.117
  10. Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing Team – 1.50.896
  11. Karel Abraham  – Cardion AB Motoracing  – 1.51.497
  12. Colin Edwards – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.51.611
Not Qualified :
  1. Ben Spies  – Yamaha Factory Racing –   1.52.111
  2. Hector Barbera  – Aspar Team  – 1.52.704
  3. Hiroshi Aoyama  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.53.671
  4. Cal Crutchlow  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.53.872
  5. Alvaro Bautista  – Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 

The Drama is happen again on Free Practice 2 at Estoril MotoGP

Free Practice 1 and 2 already done  with the dry race. And like we know Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner got the same time sheet at the end of FP 2. 
And the Drama is happen again, look like Casey not really happy about he got the same time sheet with the G.O.A.T Valentino Rossi and he not really understand about what he said  at Jerez about "It was a racing incident and there's not much we can do" . Look like he doesn't know clearly what's came out from his mouth is honestly or only fake 

He look not ready to accepted than Valentino Rossi more tame his Desmo. Before the flag down on FP 2 Casey Stoner still push his self to make a better time and Valentino come to him and follow him (because the track is suppose not only for one rider) and it was make Casey bit worried and said  (MCN) :  "It was like calling Valentino who was always following me. To find the best lap he was always behind me. It's like a dog always following you everywhere so it was like c'mon (whistles), good boy. If he is struggling to do a lap time this is it. We had our problems during the session and we were focussing on this but I also saw he held up Toni Elias a lot to find his lap time so I don't think it is so correct."

What's he talking about, It was look he don't understand clear what means Racing.

And when Media talking with Valentino Rosso about his reaction about Casey Stoner, like always he answer and talk with all honestly and forthright opinion, not fake, So when he said its clear its clear and when he said I still want to finished it he will do. So not make too long drama what with his statement.
motogp.com pic
Lets we see how he can explain all his problem with very clear (via Sport Rider Magazine) 

Valentino Rossi said "a lot of bad things about me and my team, and especially speak about the things that he doesn’t know.” Rossi believes Stoner said "that Rossi was forced to go to Ducati because Yamaha doesn’t give the same money because of Lorenzo. He speak about my team, he speak about my shoulder like he’s the first doctor in the Melbourne Hospital of Shoulders. He doesn’t know nothing."

And about what happened in Jerez when he come to Casey Paddock to asking his apology and like we knew Casey just talk about shoulder and his Valentino Rossi reaction "Jerez I cannot say nothing because I make a mistake,what I say I expect that he say to me you are a f***ing idiot, you are a bastard. You make a stupid mistake. But he say to me about the shoulder like he don’t trust that my shoulder has a problem and he say he thinks about my talent or my ambition. So I understand a little bit, but I expect a different reaction from him. But anyway, this is what I think.’

And Vale answer calm about Casey said the Jerez accident is Rookie mistake, “I hope that in his career Stoner never make any mistake like this. If not, everybody say ‘Ah, you make a rookie mistake.’ I make a mistake, I make a stupid mistake. And I say straight away, ‘I’m so sorry that I hit him,’ because I was more happy if I crash alone. But this is racing. Unfortunately it happens.”

See...so it was clearly who's more mature person, who's more honest and who's more understand what meaning of sport is. Sport is not war, its a game, he always happy and smile what the result he got, as long as the battle between two rider is fair, honest then it become a real sporting contest which delight the spectators. That's my Valentino Rossi be a legend, very popular and amazing person.

MotoGP 2011 Free Practice 2 Estoril

Who is the happy rider on Free Practice 2 at Estoril? Of course Marco Simoncelli. He plugged and proved that he was fastest in both of Free Practice today at May 29th 2011 in Estoril. But he still have a problem on his grip and the brakes.

Jorge Lorenzo was happy with his achievement after got 4th position and FP1 and improve to 2nd and very close to the 1st position on FP2

Dani Pedrosa after his 2nd surgery showed his good performance and very happy with his 3rd.

How about the best rider Valentino Rossi, day by day he always trying to improve his bike and his recovery, and look like he will tame his Desmo soon. He's very confident to ride lap by lap and finished for 21 lap. Good sign too for his shoulder is mean the shoulder already get strength back to handle his bike with many lap.

Karel Abraham the Ducati Rider from Cardion AB made his great progress for FP2, and for sure he was very satisfied with this result and for sure the setting in FP3 he will use and improve again to FP3 and Qualifying Practice. He's more fast than Nicky Hayden for this time, Nicky look like not happy with his result but he jump very good after stuck on 12th, so he know well for now what the setting he will use for tomorrow

And for the detail about the Result Free Practice 2 in detail with time in here :
  1. Marco Simoncelli   – San Carlo Honda Gresini –  1.37.663
  2. Jorge Lorenzo  – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.37.724
  3. Dani Pedrosa  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.37.727
  4. Valentino Rossi  – Ducati Team – 1.38.102
  5. Casey Stoner  – Repsol Honda Team – 1.38.102
  6. Colin Edwards – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.38.203
  7. Karel Abraham  – Cardion AB Motoracing  – 1.38.473
  8. Ben Spies  – Yamaha Factory Racing –   1.38.563
  9. Nicky Hayden  – Ducati Team – 1.38.596
  10. Hector Barbera  – Aspar Team  – 1.38.611
  11. Hiroshi Aoyama  – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.38.645
  12. Andrea Dovizioso – Repsol Honda Team – 1.38.658
  13. Cal Crutchlow  – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.38.760
  14. Toni Elias  – LCR Honda MotoGP –  1.38.912
  15. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team – 1.39.021
  16. Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing Team – 1.39.137
  17. Alvaro Bautista  – Rizla Suzuki MotoGP – 1.40.173

Jumat, 29 April 2011

MotoGP 2011 Free Practice 1 Estoril

Free Practice 1 MotoGP already done at 10.10 am Local time.
At the first when FP 1 start Pedrosa got 1st position and just over 11 minutes Simoncelli clear Pedrosa and take a lead until 11 minutes to go Lorenzo grab the 1st position and not long time ago Stoner clear Lorenzo and be the fastest But at the end of FP1 Simoncelli achieve his mission be the fastest for FP1. He's very dominated time in FP1 and he can hope to make his dream come true to be the new king on MotoGP

And Valentino Rossi reached the second position at beginning of time FP1 but he going down to 8th and Valentino never give up he jump up to 4th until the flag droped. look like his shoulder much stronger and can support more longer his bike.

Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden with his Ducati team, they both used the new electronic but still with same chassis. And Nicky got the problem with New Electronic, his bike was stop at turn 6 . But its the best way so he can using the data to make improvement for the race.

Here the result of MotoGP Free Practice 1 :
  1. Marco Simoncelli – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.38.032
  2. Casey Stoner – Repsol Honda Team – 1.38.241
  3. Dani Pedrosa – Repsol Honda Team – 1.38.259
  4. Jorge Lorenzo – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.38.431 
  5. Valentino Rossi – Ducati Team – 1.38.569 
  6. Andrea Dovizioso – Repsol Honda Team – 1.38.781 
  7. Colin Edwards – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.38.862 
  8. Ben Spies – Yamaha Factory Racing – 1.38.895 
  9. Hector Barbera – Aspar Team – 1.39.042 
  10. Randy De Puniet – Pramac Racing Team – 1.39.779 
  11. Loris Capirossi – Pramac Racing Team – 1.39.848 
  12. Hiroshi Aoyama – San Carlo Honda Gresini – 1.39.856 
  13. Cal Crutchlow – Monster Yamaha Tech 3 – 1.40.129 
  14. Nicky Hayden – Ducati Team – 1.40.199 
  15. Toni Elias – LCR Honda MotoGP – 1.40.407 
  16. Karel Abraham – Cardion AB Motoracing – 1.40.469 
  17. Alvaro Bautista – Rizla Suzuki MotoGP – 1.41.034

    Kamis, 28 April 2011

    Complete Riders For MotoGP Estoril

    Estoril will be the three round of MotoGP event on this season, After a long rest  because of postponed Race at Motegi until October, all riders have enough time to prepare everything to going better at the race on May 1st.

    As we know when the Grand prix open we didn't have compalete riders at the race, even though actually the race rider still 17 except at Qatar only 16 rider. After Alvaro Bautista absent because his injured we still asking until when Varo will be absent and his blue bike ride with other rider.

    But the Fact After he got permission from Dr. Vilamor on April 26th, we all very happy because its means any chance he will back for Estoril. But its not over yet, Varo still need permission from Medical race about back to race after his injured and on April 28th he was check by the chief medical center Dr. Sarmento and after check careful, Varo deemed fit to return back to Estoril for Free Practice 1 on Friday but he still need assess his condition by him self, its mean if he not feel ready after Free Practice on Friday he can decided to rest again from rest, because Rizla  Suzuki Team already have Factory test Rider Nobuatsu Aoki to deputise Varo if he's still not ready.

    One rider again has done his second surgery for his left hand after Jerez race. And he's Dani Pedrosa, He's decided to return to Estoril after feel the recovery is going well. But same as Alvaro Bautista, he need to feel the bike for first and make sure he already fit to ride on the race. 
    And he got a big motivated because his score is on second place only different nine point from the ladder at its very great way to grab a chance for the champhionship which has only just begun. We can see the positive spirit on his quote : “I’m eager and motivated to return to competition to test the feeling I have on the bike, and to see if I can forget about these problems as soon as possible,The past few days I have been relaxing at home, getting in the rest recommended by the doctors. Even though a break in the calendar has coincided with the recuperation I have a lot of motivation to return to competitive fitness, working with the team and above all getting on the bike'

    Jumat, 22 April 2011


    What is the next race after Jerez dramatic race ? The answer is Estoril race in Portugal. The circuit was used for MotoGP since 2000.

    The Characteristic of circuit is have a longest straight is about 986 m almost 23.6 % from the length of circuit 4182 m. The circuit have 4 left corners and 9 right corner. And this circuit constructed in 1972 and modified in 2006 when the circuit renews agreement with Dorna for two years on October 2006. 
    From the characteristic with the long straight at the track is very suitable for Honda and strong to Yamaha too  and let's look back all a victory all happened here, what the bike dominated and who is the riders frequently won in here.

    Years               Bike                    Riders                Classification
    2000               YAMAHA            Gerry McCoy           500 cc
    2001               HONDA              Valentino Rossi      500 cc
    2002               HONDA              Valentino Rossi      MotoGP
    2003               HONDA              Valentino Rossi      MotoGP
    2004               YAMAHA            Valentino Rossi      MotoGP
    2005               HONDA              Alex Barros            MotoGP
    2006               HONDA              Toni Elias              MotoGP
    2007               YAMAHA            Valentino Rossi      MotoGP
    2008               YAMAHA            Jorge Lorenzo         MotoGP
    2009               YAMAHA            Jorge Lorenzo         MotoGP
    2010               YAMAHA            Jorge Lorenzo         MotoGP    

    After see the table the dominate bike is Yamaha and Honda. For the rider dominate like always he is Valentino Rossi.

    Look from the two race before, we all very sure Honda and Yamaha will get a podium on there. and how about other bike like Ducati ? Do you think they don't have a chance to grab the podium on there??
    Of course not, Ducati have a great progress in Jerez race, so its very possible to get podium on there. And look like Valentino Rossi have a lot experience on there to be a winner. We already know he not healthy 100% for Estoril but only 90% , but the 90% for him it could be 100% for other, so the possibility still open.

    And we all hoping in this race all rider can follow the race, no one absent so the race feel complete and no empty. 17 rider is very short grid in MotoGP but when its can running full its good enough to make the race very interseting.

    Alvaro Bautista got a positive update about his recovery and when we read his update on his twitter account @19Bautista , he really one back to Estoril and his said "I want to return at Estoril but it's not yet 100% certain". but he still have a time to make sure his recovery, and we just support to he back when he 100% ready.

    Dani Pedrosa from Honda Racing Team, after left arm surgery he already official said "Eager to back at Estoril" and I got reply too from Official twitter from Honda @HRC_motogp "Dani is doing well - thanks! Just want to get to Estoril and get racing..."

    Now when after see the characteristic of race, the history of victory and the possibility, we will know soon about the schedule. and like usual this schedule is available for Local Time and GMT +7 Indonesia

    Local Time at Estoril GMT +1                   Indonesia Time GMT + 7

    Friday April 29th, 2011                            Jumat, 29 April 2011
    125 cc   FP 1      09.15 - 09.55                   15.15 - 15.55
    MotoGP FP 1      10.10 - 10.55                   16.10 - 16.55
    Moto2    FP 1     11.10 - 11.55                   17.10 - 17.55

    125cc    FP 2      13.15 - 13.55                   19.15 - 19.55
    MotoGP FP2       14.10 - 14.55                    20.10 - 20.55
    Moto2    FP 2     15.10 - 15.55                    21.10 - 21.55

    Saturday, April 30, 2011                           Sabtu, 30 April 2011
    125 cc    FP 3      09.15 - 09.55                  15.15 - 15.55
    MotoGP FP 3       10.10 - 10.55                  16.10 - 16.55
    Moto2    FP 3      11.10 - 11.55                  17.10 - 17.55

    125cc    QP         13.00 - 13.40                  19.00 - 19.40
    MotoGP QP         13.55 - 14.55                  19.55 - 20.55
    Moto2    QP        15.10 - 15.55                  21.10 - 21.55

    Sunday, Mei 1th, 2011                              Minggu, 1 Mei 2011
    Moto2    WUP      09.00 - 09.20                 15.00 - 15.20
    MotoGP  WUP      09.30 - 09.50                 15.30 - 15.50
    125 cc    WUP      10.00 - 10.20                 16.00 - 16.20

    Moto2    Race      11.15                            17.15
    MotoGP  Race       13.00                            19.00
    125 cc    Race      14.30                            20.00

    Jumat, 15 April 2011

    MOTOGP 2013 at Sentul International Circuit ( in my dream )

    After so many news about MotoGP will add a lot of circuit for next season, like India, Singapore, South Africa and South America, a couple days ago on April 12th 2011, Texas lands already confirmed to be circuit for three classes of MotoGP World Championship, and they have confirmed  for 10 years.At present the circuit is under construction and will be finished sometimes in the middle of 2012.

    Whats the Grand prix Championship? All people know about MotoGP, it is very popular  around the world. Indonesia have a lot of fans of  MotoGP. And they all are very enthusiastic to watch live the Grand Prix. The nearest circuit from Indonesia is Sepang International Circuit.

    Not many people know that Indonesia has ever organized MotoGP in 1996 and 1997, and Valentino Rossi the best rider ever has already rode at the circuit and got Championship at 1997 when he was in 125 cc class and in 1996 Valentino Rossi only able on 11th position.

    The circuit name is SENTUL INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT , the characteristic of the circuit is 4.12 km with the width is 15 meter, 11 corner and have 50 pit garage.The  circuit was constructed in 1990 and was concerned  to be used for F1 circuit and in 1993 for the first time officially opened and used for  the Australian based Formula Holden series as a demonstration.but the  tight corners and short length circuit was rendered  unsuitable for the fast and furious world of Formula One.

    In 2008, Sentul circuit was scheduled for SBK at October 12th, but the FIM canceled it because of the safety factor like the track and drainage conditions are considered poor and although heavy rain fell a few days before the race,the asphalt condition still not accepted to be used. The condition of the track became a major problem. Vehicles and helmets of the drivers were hit by gravels that flies from the broken circuit.Its all happened during the event of GP2 Asia.

    When we look all the story of Sentul, looks like Sentul International circuit already confirmed to be MotoGP 2013 is only in my dream. So do you think its all over, of course not, Indonesia is a big country and very rich, the country has a lot of beauty and charm.and as a large country in Asia, of course, Indonesia deserves to be the host of MotoGP championship.

    Indonesia should be in communication with motor racing federation, about what steps should be done in order to gain trust as the host of MotoGP. And do not stop dreaming about this. All will be beautiful and come at the time. I love Indonesia

    This article put in website Motomatters.com, link here:
    World Superbikes Look East: Indonesian Round Of WSBK Set For 2013 And Beyond

    Minggu, 10 April 2011

    First Podium for Nicky Hayden and Ducati in MotoGP 2011

    This proves not only the speed that makes rider could took his team to the Podium and Nicky Hayden Prove it on Jerez.

    After the hard Free Practices and Qualifying Practice, he only can grabbed outside from top ten. but like we know before no body can predict at this year's race. all is full of surprises-to surprise that makes us have to pay attention to every movement on MotoGP 2011.

    At Jerez when many people crashed and try to take his bike back, Nicky Hayden always stable with what he has. The bike is very fast at first lap he can got 6th position at 23 laps to go after a worst start in 11th position. He look comfort and sure to ride his bike. When Valentino Rossi crashed and take out Casey Stoner, but Valentino back to the track again (he never lost his spirit anyhow), at 19 laps to go Hayden can felt his 3rd position.
    Many riders crashed as well as Simoncelli in 15 laps to go and make Lorenzo lead this race and Ben Spies and Dani Pedrosa pass him, so he was 4th position now.
    He always ride and ride all laps with calm and patient and he maintain on 4th until Ben Spies crashed after over take Dani Pedrosa and than Colin Edwards with his Yamaha with all his experience he has taken a 4th position from Nicky Hayden in 2 laps left. When you see the time only 2 laps left on this season, surely  we can say the podium will Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Colin Edwards... but  this time that's all wrong, Colin Edwards bike jamed and forced him to quit and end the race that is very close with Podium.

    And Automatically Nicky Hayden up to 3rd position and only 2 laps left again but he was very worried about the condition of the tires on the last lap. Hiroshi Aoyama very close to him and Nicky couldn't have anything to pushed his bike very dangerous when the tyre strength is over. But now he could say anything cause podium 3rd at Jerez race is his . no one can doubt it anymore.

    But when the camera shoot him before he up to podium stage, his face didn't look convinced. I just wrote on his twitter account " Its all your achievement Nicky, please be happy and smile for your team and your fans"

    Could be he still didn't believe with the result he has achieved. He look disappointed when riders pass him and he can't push his bike more because the condition of track and his tyres but in fact he grabbed the prestigious podium. podium three is a wonderful thing and beneficial to the collecting point to final standing.

    But I love his quote after back from the podium he look very humble with this sentences "Overall, a few guys tipped over and helped me out ......Don't think I'd be up here in the dry". and after the podium, when we wait Ducati team riders quote really need a time to get it. Like I show on Pra test at Sepang twice after the end the riders always make a meeting with all crew and looked the time record and they discuss about what he felt when he ride. so need to be patient to get all his interview. and Nicky Hayden Said to motogp.com "I want to say thanks to my team and to everyone who is helping me. Certainly it hasn’t been an easy start to the season, but we’ll enjoy this result. It was a good chunk of points and hopefully we can build on it, we’ve got a month off and it will be a big Test in Portugal, so we’ll just try to keep working and keep pushing. We’ve got a really good team and a good bike. We’ve just got a little something missing with the setting and I’m also not happy with me and the job I’ve done so far. I want to be on the rostrum every race and in the dry when it counts.”

    and the end of his quote is "I know Ducati's not sleeping. They've got some work to do, but I think our bike is better than we've been showing. We've just been missing a little bit, but I'm confident we can still recover and have a good season.

    I love his quote very much...thats why he and Valentino Rossi can be a great team mate, they complement each other. and the first thing I knew  with my self is " Nicky Hayden never close his eyes  and he was very  manners to admit that at present the greatest racer  should  emulate the spirit and the way it works is Valentino Rossi" and when people can see and recognize the greatness of other people then you will be great and with great humility you can take a positive side to progress your self.

    I Love Nicky Hayden, I knew him long time ago, when he was World Champion. But honestly I love him more since 10-10-2010, he carve the most beautiful thing in my life and most importantly with all the fame he has, he still remember me and consider me to be his friend. It's incredible

    Kamis, 07 April 2011

    After The Big Drama from Jerez (Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner)

    On the lasted post it was said the big Drama between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner, not end until finished the race. When Valentino Rossi  back to ride his bike after crashed because lost his front, Casey Stoner didn't do the same, he can't control his emotion and very upset with Valentino and he was angry with Marshals. He was thinking Marshals were regularly favouring Valentino Rossi. 

    It was very funny as we all know, like what Casey always acted when he crashed he never try to take his bike and back to race again.Same like in Valencia 2010, when he crashed on warming up season before race started, he didn't try to up and used his 2nd bike, and many more again, that's why in 2010, the final standing Valentino got 3rd place in World Champion, even though he absent for 4th race because his injury after big crashed in Mugello

    And as usual it was said Casey Stoner always speak up and blame other people than think and open his mind.

    This is what Casey Stoner said and I try to see from my point of view as a MotoGP fans not specifically as Valentino Rossi fans

    Here we go :

    "I think if we'd got over the hill with more people pushing, there's a good chance we could've started the bike." (the autosport.com website quoted Stoner as saying.)

    ---> Lets we see the past race, are you ever seen Casey Stoner back to the race after he crashed.... but after that,  he always said The bike is broke and etc, etc. But why this time he make it like a big problem, and I think he feel very terrible because the fact Valentino Rossi, Karel Abraham, Cal Crutchlow can bike and fight after crashed in Jerez.

    "When I looked back I had like one guy pushing me, all the rest were walking back to their posts... What am I supposed to do with that?" 

    ---> I see the video from you tube over and over again. The Marshals help too push him but he not ready in his bike at the time so they move to pushed Valentino Rossi bike first, and Casey look backed only one marshal that's right but after that Marshals run to his bike and trying to push but Casey choose to be angry with Marshals rather than telling them to help push the bike

    "I just think it's completely unfair. There's not enough consistency in the marshalling all around the world. There's got to be consistency with everyone, not hampering someone's race just because of popularity." 

    --> Ouch I will noted this, so you really understand now that Valentino Rossi is the popular rider in the world but I thought the Marshal didn't do because of that mind. They might see from the pass experience,looks like you never have a big spirit and big courage to come back riding your bike after you had fallen and could finish in the back row.

    "...I heard Valentino arriving and I wasn't worried about anyone passing me at that point in the race so I gave him plenty of room. It was a racing incident and there's not much we can do. What is more frustrating is the reaction of the marshals and their assistance for Valentino and not for me, it was unbelievable." 

    --> So in this statement it is clear, seen that Casey fully understood  that this should not Vale's mistake  but you believe it?? After u read this detail bellow you will not believe what his reaction was.

    After the Jerez race end and Valentino Rossi got 5th position and he collect point to standing world in 5th position. He always figured that if every thing is from him. That's the nature humbly that makes his name bigger especially followed by a very spectacular performance of him. He noticed he made a mistake so no excuse abouit it. Apart from that he  immediately visited  Casey Stoner in the Repsol Honda box asking for his apology, and Casey responded as follows : 

    CS   : “How's your shoulder? Is it okay?” 
    VR  : “I'm very sorry.” 
    CS   : “Okay. You have some problem with your shoulder?” 
    VR  : “I make a mistake” 
    CS   : “Yeah. Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent.”
    VR   : “heh ?” 
    CS   : “Ambition is more than the talent.” 
    VR  : “I'm very sorry.” 
    CS   : “No problem.” 

    What is your opinion about that conversation ? Looks like Casey Stoner look still angry  and blame Valentino. Also he did not heartily accept the apology, and the middle of Casey respons was "AMBITION IS MORE THAN THE TALENT"
    hahaha very funny word it might he didn't know Valentino well... He still asking about the talent of Valentino Rossi?? 

    Like Davide Brivio said : "Do you think he (Vale) has enough talent to try to win the races?" People don't need the answer , all people know how big his talent that's why he is more popular than other riders.

    And we love when Vale still calm and out from the Honda box he visited, he got many applause from people outside.

    But do you think the drama is finished? No of course not it's still continuing like we read again what Stoner said after the two exchanged words, he told the official motogp.com website as follows:

    "I would prefer it if Valentino did it away from the cameras and would say something to me quietly without always having to have proof, Valentino doesn't do this for himself, he just wants to show to everybody that he has apologised. 
    --> Oooh...come on, think maturely. Smiling in front of and talk differenly  behind. Casey statement before Vale came...." he very understand is a racing incident", but now why he must said like that. If is racing incident so no need to apologize, right?? and Stoner said away from Camera... I thought he forgot, how popular Valentino Rossi is, so where ever he go in the circuit all camera always on his side. Did you remember when he ride Ducati for 1st time in Valencia so many camera in his paddock.

    I thought the drama never end until the next race or might be until  the end of season, but for me I'm so  excited about this, because I love racing sport, many happening in this sport and the best rider always try their best. 

    This all I wrote is my opinion , everybody has one. So just enjoy and be brave to make your opinion. I love Racing Sport

    Rabu, 06 April 2011

    MotoGP 2011 Jerez Race Result 2011

    The weather is wet when the race came, so made all Riders and crew busy in setting the bike and tyres, cause all Free Practice and Qualifying Practice was running in a dry race. but I thought the Universe on Vale's side cause after he got 12th position to start he just hope the weather will rain for tomorrow race and its be come true.

    If you didn't watch the Jerez race, for sure you really miss watching a wonderful race full of unexpected moment and full of Drama.

    And unpredictable race results can be seen as follows:
    1. 1  Jorge Lorenzo  - Yamaha Factory Racing       – 50.49.046
    2. 26 Dani Pedrosa  - Repsol Honda Team            - 51'08.385   
    3. 69 Nicky Hayden  - Ducati Team                      - 51'18.131   
    4. 7   Hiroshi Aoyama  - San Carlo Honda Gresini   - 51'18.597   
    5. 46 Valentino Rossi  - Ducati Team                    - 51'51.273   
    6. 8   Hector Barbera  - Mapfre Aspar Team MotoG - 51'51.486   
    7. 17  Karel Abraham  - Cardion AB Motoracing      - 52'03'166   
    8. 35  Cal Crutchlow  - Monster Yamaha Tech 3     - 52'08.156  
    9. 24 Toni Elias  - LCR Honda MotoGP                  - 52'31.952  
    10. 21 John Hopkins  - Rizla Suzuki MotoGP            - 52'37.441  
    11. 65 Loris Capirossi  – Pramac Racing Team         - 52'40.922  
    12. 4 Andrea Dovizioso  - Repsol Honda Team         - 51'39.633 
    Not Classified :
     - 27 Casey Stoner     - Repsol Honda Team        - 20 laps to go
     - 58 Marco Simoncelli - San Carlo Honda Grasini  - 16 laps to go
     - 14 Randy De Puniet - Pramac Racing Team       - 11 laps  to go
     - 11 Ben Spies          - Yamaha Racing Team      -  3 laps to go
     - 5   Colin Edwards    - Monster Yamaha tech 3   - 1 laps to go

    Really I never imagine before the race result will be like this. Let's  review again what happened on the track so the result be like above.

    When the race started Valentino Rossi has a good start he jump from 12th to 4th position. He over take Nicky Hayden and 25 laps to go he pass Andrea Dovizioso and 1 lap after that he clear Dovi and grab  4th position, and he look very confident he follow Jorge Lorenzo on 3rd position after he ride for 3 laps he was very smart over taking Lorenzo for 3rd and 2nd place now is Casey Stoner after passing by Marco Simoncelli. But when he tried to over take Casey he lost his front and he crashed and take out Casey Stoner too. But you can't called him Valentino Rossi if he desperate after crashed, like always he must trying to ride his bike and he feel the bike is okay he will try to catch up and you can see the result, he successfuly finish  perfectly on 5th position. 

    (Actually the stories about Valentino Rossi and Casey stoner didn't stop until here. I'll write on the next page and telling you detail)

    And When the drama between VR and CS over, Super Sic look strong and  very stable and fast with a long gap with the second place but after 4 laps done he crashed on the same place with Vale on a turn 1 and he broke his bike so he was out of the race. (I dont like when it happened cause I really want look him on Podium, he has struggled so I really want him get it maybe for the next race)

    After Super Sic crashed, Jorge Lorenzo automated lead and he still lead until the end of the race. 

    Dani Pedrosa with less than perfect condition, look very calm to maintain 2nd place, but Ben Spies very patience over take one by one and very close to Dani Pedrosa and need 4 laps to Ben clear Dani for 2nd, he trying to manage this position he rode more slowly than before and he flying to gravel too, and he said maybe is because the limitation of tyres.

    This condition make sure Dani will get 2nd place, for 3rd Collin Edward still running well with his Yamaha, consistently on the fastest, but only 1 lap to go, his bike stop, not a crash but just stop, the engine was not running again, really bad situation he stop because pure of technical problem.

    And the situation make Nicky Hayden grabbed the 3rd position, because his patience he grab this position. I'm really happy with this result and I still remember about what me and Nicky  said about this situation "Just belive and focus, than she will synergy with you and you can get what you want." 
    (I want write about Nicky Hayden Podium in my next post, its very interesting for me)

    And the other riders, Cal Crutchlow also crashed when he on the 5th position 8 laps to go but he manage rejoined to finish 8th position. Its really very great experience and unbelievable race and not one of the easiest he has had in his career.

    The Rookie Karel Abraham got the best result for 2nd race in MotoGP, he finished 7th position and I like when he pick up the bike and he still try to push hard to finish all laps. He  has a spirit and ambition to be a great rider for next race

    Randy de Puniet not classified because he broke his bike when he crashed. But the last one rider make me very happy too in Jerez race is Toni Elias after finished on the last row in Qatar, he got the point for finish in 9th, three a head from the factory bike Andrea Dovizioso. Hoping he always feel and ride his bike like this.

    Thats why do not ever miss the race from circuit by circuit, will be a lot of incredible things that we do not expect before. See you in Estoril May 01, 2011

    Sabtu, 02 April 2011

    MotoGP 2011 Jerez Qualifying Practice Result and Review

    And the time for determine the position for the "unpredictable" Race in Jerez is coming. The weather condition is Dry, 30 degree on the ground. We all know practice is not race, but is important to be the fastest on this season because the grid  for riders  start for race is coming from this practice.

    And Casey Stoner has a pole position again, so its second pole position for him on the season. Dani Pedrosa with his injury and have a plan to do 2nd surgery on Monday after race. But he look still strong and fast and like he said "be on the front row is always very important and second is a good place to start the race" he look like not need the surgery if he always have a good time like this. but its of course very important surgery for the future health of his left arm. 

    Yamaha Racing Team with Jorge Lorenzo as a rider very happy get his 3rd position for start the race tomorrow.

    And the position for Jerez Race , April 3rd 2011 :
    1. 27  Casey Stoner        - Repsol Honda Team       - 1.38.757
    2. 26  Dani Pedrosa        - Repsol Honda Team       - 1.38.915
    3. 1    Jorge Lorenzo       - Yamaha Factory Racing  - 1.38.918
    4. 11  Ben Spies             - Yamaha Factory Racing  - 1.39.390
    5. 58  Marco Simoncelli    - San Carlo Honda Gresini - 1.39.486
    6. 4    Andrea Dovizioso   - Repsol Honda Team      - 1.39.709
    7. 14  Randy De Puniet    - Pramac Racing Team      - 1.39.892
    8. 5    Colin Edwards       - Monster Yamaha Tech 3 - 1.39.895
    9. 35  Cal Crutchlow        - Monster Yamaha Tech 3 - 1.40.019
    10. 7    Hiroshi Aoyama     - San Carlo Honda Gresini - 1.40.168
    11. 69  Nicky Hayden        - Ducati Team                 - 1.40.175
    12. 46  Valentino Rossi     - Ducati Team                   - 1.40.185
    13. 8   Hector Barbera       - Mapfre Aspar Team       - 1.40.217
    14. 21  John Hopkins        - Rizla Suzuki MotoGP      - 1.40.310
    15. 65  Loris Capirossi      – Pramac Racing Team     - 1.40.523
    16. 17  Karel Abraham      - Cardion AB Motoracing   - 1.40.601
    17. 24  Toni Elias             - LCR Honda MotoGP       - 1.41.114
    Look like Nicky Hayden from Ducati still not find the best setting, he run very slowly and will start on 11th position a head from his team mate. I really like when he tells the truth about what he feels with this result : "I'm not happy about the performance. I don't want to make a lot of excuses; the bike-rider combination wasn't really good today, but anything can happen in the race tomorrow. The weather seems pretty unpredictable at the moment, so we've just got to get prepared for anything and see what happens.” ( I ever heard these quote in my ear very closely when I met him in Pre Test Sepang I) 

    pic. zimbio                                                   
    Many Rider Crashed on the Qualifying Practice in Jerez, the 1st rider crashed is Valentino Rossi he lost the front like and the problem always happened with Ducati before. He must felt the gravel in corner 6 and the 2nd riders is Hiroshi Aoyama from San Carlo Honda Gresini, he losing the front in a right hander. and the 3rd rider to feel the Jerez gravel is the Rookie Karel Abraham and he got same problem as Valentino did. And before the end of QP season Randy De Puniet rider from Pramac Racing team drop to the gravel too.

    Ben Spies from 7th position jump to 3rd position at 11 min to end of season, and after that he feel the taste of Gravel at Jerez too so must happy to start from 4th position and Collin Edwards crashed at turn 2 lost the front, and the fastest  rider from Repsol Honda Casey Stoner run his bike out to the fence track.

    Can't you imagine many riders crashed was 7 riders on Dry condition what will happen if tomorrow race will be wet race?

    Not Happy Qualifying Practice day for Valentino Rossi after a great result on all Free Practice he  start at 12th. He really not happy with this situation because after crash he has ride with a 2nd bike, and its totally different and he feel very slower than his 1st bike in the morning. but he always show the great spirit for him self, his crew and his fans “The top three are going faster, but the difference isn't as big as it was in Qatar. I like the track, and our pace isn't bad; we'll see what happens if we're able to get a good start.”

    I still remembered Valentino Rossi had start from 11th in Assen 2007 and finished for 1st position. Nothing impossible if we do everything with all spirit and sincerity and the ambition and talent must be very important for this.