dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 07 April 2011

After The Big Drama from Jerez (Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner)

On the lasted post it was said the big Drama between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner, not end until finished the race. When Valentino Rossi  back to ride his bike after crashed because lost his front, Casey Stoner didn't do the same, he can't control his emotion and very upset with Valentino and he was angry with Marshals. He was thinking Marshals were regularly favouring Valentino Rossi. 

It was very funny as we all know, like what Casey always acted when he crashed he never try to take his bike and back to race again.Same like in Valencia 2010, when he crashed on warming up season before race started, he didn't try to up and used his 2nd bike, and many more again, that's why in 2010, the final standing Valentino got 3rd place in World Champion, even though he absent for 4th race because his injury after big crashed in Mugello

And as usual it was said Casey Stoner always speak up and blame other people than think and open his mind.

This is what Casey Stoner said and I try to see from my point of view as a MotoGP fans not specifically as Valentino Rossi fans

Here we go :

"I think if we'd got over the hill with more people pushing, there's a good chance we could've started the bike." (the autosport.com website quoted Stoner as saying.)

---> Lets we see the past race, are you ever seen Casey Stoner back to the race after he crashed.... but after that,  he always said The bike is broke and etc, etc. But why this time he make it like a big problem, and I think he feel very terrible because the fact Valentino Rossi, Karel Abraham, Cal Crutchlow can bike and fight after crashed in Jerez.

"When I looked back I had like one guy pushing me, all the rest were walking back to their posts... What am I supposed to do with that?" 

---> I see the video from you tube over and over again. The Marshals help too push him but he not ready in his bike at the time so they move to pushed Valentino Rossi bike first, and Casey look backed only one marshal that's right but after that Marshals run to his bike and trying to push but Casey choose to be angry with Marshals rather than telling them to help push the bike

"I just think it's completely unfair. There's not enough consistency in the marshalling all around the world. There's got to be consistency with everyone, not hampering someone's race just because of popularity." 

--> Ouch I will noted this, so you really understand now that Valentino Rossi is the popular rider in the world but I thought the Marshal didn't do because of that mind. They might see from the pass experience,looks like you never have a big spirit and big courage to come back riding your bike after you had fallen and could finish in the back row.

"...I heard Valentino arriving and I wasn't worried about anyone passing me at that point in the race so I gave him plenty of room. It was a racing incident and there's not much we can do. What is more frustrating is the reaction of the marshals and their assistance for Valentino and not for me, it was unbelievable." 

--> So in this statement it is clear, seen that Casey fully understood  that this should not Vale's mistake  but you believe it?? After u read this detail bellow you will not believe what his reaction was.

After the Jerez race end and Valentino Rossi got 5th position and he collect point to standing world in 5th position. He always figured that if every thing is from him. That's the nature humbly that makes his name bigger especially followed by a very spectacular performance of him. He noticed he made a mistake so no excuse abouit it. Apart from that he  immediately visited  Casey Stoner in the Repsol Honda box asking for his apology, and Casey responded as follows : 

CS   : “How's your shoulder? Is it okay?” 
VR  : “I'm very sorry.” 
CS   : “Okay. You have some problem with your shoulder?” 
VR  : “I make a mistake” 
CS   : “Yeah. Obviously your ambition outweighed your talent.”
VR   : “heh ?” 
CS   : “Ambition is more than the talent.” 
VR  : “I'm very sorry.” 
CS   : “No problem.” 

What is your opinion about that conversation ? Looks like Casey Stoner look still angry  and blame Valentino. Also he did not heartily accept the apology, and the middle of Casey respons was "AMBITION IS MORE THAN THE TALENT"
hahaha very funny word it might he didn't know Valentino well... He still asking about the talent of Valentino Rossi?? 

Like Davide Brivio said : "Do you think he (Vale) has enough talent to try to win the races?" People don't need the answer , all people know how big his talent that's why he is more popular than other riders.

And we love when Vale still calm and out from the Honda box he visited, he got many applause from people outside.

But do you think the drama is finished? No of course not it's still continuing like we read again what Stoner said after the two exchanged words, he told the official motogp.com website as follows:

"I would prefer it if Valentino did it away from the cameras and would say something to me quietly without always having to have proof, Valentino doesn't do this for himself, he just wants to show to everybody that he has apologised. 
--> Oooh...come on, think maturely. Smiling in front of and talk differenly  behind. Casey statement before Vale came...." he very understand is a racing incident", but now why he must said like that. If is racing incident so no need to apologize, right?? and Stoner said away from Camera... I thought he forgot, how popular Valentino Rossi is, so where ever he go in the circuit all camera always on his side. Did you remember when he ride Ducati for 1st time in Valencia so many camera in his paddock.

I thought the drama never end until the next race or might be until  the end of season, but for me I'm so  excited about this, because I love racing sport, many happening in this sport and the best rider always try their best. 

This all I wrote is my opinion , everybody has one. So just enjoy and be brave to make your opinion. I love Racing Sport

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