dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 10 April 2011

First Podium for Nicky Hayden and Ducati in MotoGP 2011

This proves not only the speed that makes rider could took his team to the Podium and Nicky Hayden Prove it on Jerez.

After the hard Free Practices and Qualifying Practice, he only can grabbed outside from top ten. but like we know before no body can predict at this year's race. all is full of surprises-to surprise that makes us have to pay attention to every movement on MotoGP 2011.

At Jerez when many people crashed and try to take his bike back, Nicky Hayden always stable with what he has. The bike is very fast at first lap he can got 6th position at 23 laps to go after a worst start in 11th position. He look comfort and sure to ride his bike. When Valentino Rossi crashed and take out Casey Stoner, but Valentino back to the track again (he never lost his spirit anyhow), at 19 laps to go Hayden can felt his 3rd position.
Many riders crashed as well as Simoncelli in 15 laps to go and make Lorenzo lead this race and Ben Spies and Dani Pedrosa pass him, so he was 4th position now.
He always ride and ride all laps with calm and patient and he maintain on 4th until Ben Spies crashed after over take Dani Pedrosa and than Colin Edwards with his Yamaha with all his experience he has taken a 4th position from Nicky Hayden in 2 laps left. When you see the time only 2 laps left on this season, surely  we can say the podium will Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Colin Edwards... but  this time that's all wrong, Colin Edwards bike jamed and forced him to quit and end the race that is very close with Podium.

And Automatically Nicky Hayden up to 3rd position and only 2 laps left again but he was very worried about the condition of the tires on the last lap. Hiroshi Aoyama very close to him and Nicky couldn't have anything to pushed his bike very dangerous when the tyre strength is over. But now he could say anything cause podium 3rd at Jerez race is his . no one can doubt it anymore.

But when the camera shoot him before he up to podium stage, his face didn't look convinced. I just wrote on his twitter account " Its all your achievement Nicky, please be happy and smile for your team and your fans"

Could be he still didn't believe with the result he has achieved. He look disappointed when riders pass him and he can't push his bike more because the condition of track and his tyres but in fact he grabbed the prestigious podium. podium three is a wonderful thing and beneficial to the collecting point to final standing.

But I love his quote after back from the podium he look very humble with this sentences "Overall, a few guys tipped over and helped me out ......Don't think I'd be up here in the dry". and after the podium, when we wait Ducati team riders quote really need a time to get it. Like I show on Pra test at Sepang twice after the end the riders always make a meeting with all crew and looked the time record and they discuss about what he felt when he ride. so need to be patient to get all his interview. and Nicky Hayden Said to motogp.com "I want to say thanks to my team and to everyone who is helping me. Certainly it hasn’t been an easy start to the season, but we’ll enjoy this result. It was a good chunk of points and hopefully we can build on it, we’ve got a month off and it will be a big Test in Portugal, so we’ll just try to keep working and keep pushing. We’ve got a really good team and a good bike. We’ve just got a little something missing with the setting and I’m also not happy with me and the job I’ve done so far. I want to be on the rostrum every race and in the dry when it counts.”

and the end of his quote is "I know Ducati's not sleeping. They've got some work to do, but I think our bike is better than we've been showing. We've just been missing a little bit, but I'm confident we can still recover and have a good season.

I love his quote very much...thats why he and Valentino Rossi can be a great team mate, they complement each other. and the first thing I knew  with my self is " Nicky Hayden never close his eyes  and he was very  manners to admit that at present the greatest racer  should  emulate the spirit and the way it works is Valentino Rossi" and when people can see and recognize the greatness of other people then you will be great and with great humility you can take a positive side to progress your self.

I Love Nicky Hayden, I knew him long time ago, when he was World Champion. But honestly I love him more since 10-10-2010, he carve the most beautiful thing in my life and most importantly with all the fame he has, he still remember me and consider me to be his friend. It's incredible

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