dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 28 April 2011

Complete Riders For MotoGP Estoril

Estoril will be the three round of MotoGP event on this season, After a long rest  because of postponed Race at Motegi until October, all riders have enough time to prepare everything to going better at the race on May 1st.

As we know when the Grand prix open we didn't have compalete riders at the race, even though actually the race rider still 17 except at Qatar only 16 rider. After Alvaro Bautista absent because his injured we still asking until when Varo will be absent and his blue bike ride with other rider.

But the Fact After he got permission from Dr. Vilamor on April 26th, we all very happy because its means any chance he will back for Estoril. But its not over yet, Varo still need permission from Medical race about back to race after his injured and on April 28th he was check by the chief medical center Dr. Sarmento and after check careful, Varo deemed fit to return back to Estoril for Free Practice 1 on Friday but he still need assess his condition by him self, its mean if he not feel ready after Free Practice on Friday he can decided to rest again from rest, because Rizla  Suzuki Team already have Factory test Rider Nobuatsu Aoki to deputise Varo if he's still not ready.

One rider again has done his second surgery for his left hand after Jerez race. And he's Dani Pedrosa, He's decided to return to Estoril after feel the recovery is going well. But same as Alvaro Bautista, he need to feel the bike for first and make sure he already fit to ride on the race. 
And he got a big motivated because his score is on second place only different nine point from the ladder at its very great way to grab a chance for the champhionship which has only just begun. We can see the positive spirit on his quote : “I’m eager and motivated to return to competition to test the feeling I have on the bike, and to see if I can forget about these problems as soon as possible,The past few days I have been relaxing at home, getting in the rest recommended by the doctors. Even though a break in the calendar has coincided with the recuperation I have a lot of motivation to return to competitive fitness, working with the team and above all getting on the bike'

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