dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 30 April 2011

The Drama is happen again on Free Practice 2 at Estoril MotoGP

Free Practice 1 and 2 already done  with the dry race. And like we know Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner got the same time sheet at the end of FP 2. 
And the Drama is happen again, look like Casey not really happy about he got the same time sheet with the G.O.A.T Valentino Rossi and he not really understand about what he said  at Jerez about "It was a racing incident and there's not much we can do" . Look like he doesn't know clearly what's came out from his mouth is honestly or only fake 

He look not ready to accepted than Valentino Rossi more tame his Desmo. Before the flag down on FP 2 Casey Stoner still push his self to make a better time and Valentino come to him and follow him (because the track is suppose not only for one rider) and it was make Casey bit worried and said  (MCN) :  "It was like calling Valentino who was always following me. To find the best lap he was always behind me. It's like a dog always following you everywhere so it was like c'mon (whistles), good boy. If he is struggling to do a lap time this is it. We had our problems during the session and we were focussing on this but I also saw he held up Toni Elias a lot to find his lap time so I don't think it is so correct."

What's he talking about, It was look he don't understand clear what means Racing.

And when Media talking with Valentino Rosso about his reaction about Casey Stoner, like always he answer and talk with all honestly and forthright opinion, not fake, So when he said its clear its clear and when he said I still want to finished it he will do. So not make too long drama what with his statement.
motogp.com pic
Lets we see how he can explain all his problem with very clear (via Sport Rider Magazine) 

Valentino Rossi said "a lot of bad things about me and my team, and especially speak about the things that he doesn’t know.” Rossi believes Stoner said "that Rossi was forced to go to Ducati because Yamaha doesn’t give the same money because of Lorenzo. He speak about my team, he speak about my shoulder like he’s the first doctor in the Melbourne Hospital of Shoulders. He doesn’t know nothing."

And about what happened in Jerez when he come to Casey Paddock to asking his apology and like we knew Casey just talk about shoulder and his Valentino Rossi reaction "Jerez I cannot say nothing because I make a mistake,what I say I expect that he say to me you are a f***ing idiot, you are a bastard. You make a stupid mistake. But he say to me about the shoulder like he don’t trust that my shoulder has a problem and he say he thinks about my talent or my ambition. So I understand a little bit, but I expect a different reaction from him. But anyway, this is what I think.’

And Vale answer calm about Casey said the Jerez accident is Rookie mistake, “I hope that in his career Stoner never make any mistake like this. If not, everybody say ‘Ah, you make a rookie mistake.’ I make a mistake, I make a stupid mistake. And I say straight away, ‘I’m so sorry that I hit him,’ because I was more happy if I crash alone. But this is racing. Unfortunately it happens.”

See...so it was clearly who's more mature person, who's more honest and who's more understand what meaning of sport is. Sport is not war, its a game, he always happy and smile what the result he got, as long as the battle between two rider is fair, honest then it become a real sporting contest which delight the spectators. That's my Valentino Rossi be a legend, very popular and amazing person.

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