dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

Valentino Rossi Quote on Point of my View

Valentino Rossi finished the Grand Prix of Qatar in seventh place, and all riders always make a statement as usual, but for me Valentino Rossi statement have a some great meaning 

"For sure we’re not here to get seventh-place finishes, but there are also positive things from this race, starting with the times, because we were lapping pretty quickly." ---> I can see he always have a great spirit and optimistic when he do something on his life

 "I had a great start, and that was a nice feeling because the horsepower that this bike has really helps it to launch." ---> he always make 46team happy and he was always proud of what bike he had. So for sure he can tame Desmo soon

"Then I made a small error in the first turn, which is a shame because I got stuck behind Barbera for a few laps." ----> from this words u can see he never blame other, he always said and look something from him self and he always sure with his team and his bike. that why many people love with him

"Otherwise I would have been closer to Simoncelli and Dovizioso, since anyway there was a period when I lapped with them. I wouldn’t have beaten them though, because at the end of the race, I’m no longer able to ride like I have to. I’m not referring to the Ducati because even last year, after I hurt my shoulder, I had the same problems in the latter parts of the races, and since the two bikes are so different, it means that it’s really a matter of me not being physically right." ---> Ooo my...., see, he could always say that all riders in front of him better with him when they can got it. He humble in every situation

 "It’s not just that. We also have to improve the bike because the others have clearly made a step forward since last year. Still, I learned a lot in this test and in this race, and we’ve already given very specific instructions about what must be done in the long term, in order to improve for the second half of the season for example" --->  hohoho... this the reason why he be a living legend . From the statement we can see he very intelligence. He's not only a great Rider, he also mechanics and designer , one important thing  he's the best analysts. He not only ride his bike, but he summarizes all data and he share to all team and also thinking about what to do for all improving 

" In the near term, on the other hand, we’ll work on the setup, we’ll keep gathering experience, and I’ll continue exercising and doing everything I can to recuperate physically." ---> For his last statements no idea to writing anything again just want to write VALENTINO ROSSI is a complete and 
perfect Idol

We are still here Love you, Support you and always follow all the goodness, greatness and sincerity that you have

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