dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 31 Maret 2011


We must still remember when Dani Pedrosa from Repsol Honda Team is very strong and fast in Qatar but in the last lap the power has gone, he lost power on his left hand so very hard to handle and control his bike on the corner.
So he decided to make everything safe and forced him to accept podium three in Qatar.

This is certainly not a happy thing for Dani Pedrosa, as well as for us MotoGP lovers. After his surgery in October last year we all think the problem has done and he will back with a perfect condition, but the fact he still got his effect after crashed in Japan 2010. According to MotoGP.com after several test and check with Doctor Eusebio Sala Planell, a specialist in vascular surgery, Dani Pedrosa has been diagnosed with intermittent compression of the subclavian artery, causing numbness and lack of strength in his left arm.  In the operation, the titanium plate and screws will be taken out of the collarbone in order to release the compression pressure.

And we all hoping he will back to the race in Estoril Purtugal on May 1st, so he  will not lose his point. And the big reason is without Dani Pedrosa in the MotoGP race, it will make the atmosphere of the race to be flat and uninteresting.  Dani Pedrosa is included in one of the most exciting rider to watch.

As usual  Dani Pedrosa always calm and cool with all quote, he said : “It’s never nice to have an operation, but we've had a lot of time searching for an answer to the effects of this injury and I’m relaxed because I finally know what has happened. Now, we are in Jerez , I want to concentrate on the race and work with my team in the best possible way to prepare for the race. This race is special, the crowd is always there to give you an extra point and I hope it helps me, as always. I like the track, I’ve had always good results here and I face the weekend with an open mind, trying to do my best in my current condition”.

What he said is very true, maybe for this time he should be focus to Jerez race first and get podium again for all fans in Spain like he did in 2008 so after  finishing race at Jerez  he will focus for his operation. 

It's never late to say in any case. we never know what will happen, but if we can prevent the possibility that  is the ULTIMATE LUCK.

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