dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

Live is Balancing

2010 was the greatest years for ValentinoRossi. for the first serie in Qatar, Vale got victory on the 1st podium and everyone gave a big applause for his success. and the next circuit in jerez full of slip and grip for MotoGP riders and Valentino got a podium 3rd. 
We all optimistic that he would be a world champion for this season and it would be very great cause he would be champion for 10 time on October 10,2010. But all vanished when free practice at Mugello, we had to seen him having a big accident and had surgery into his leg. and he should rest for the recovery his leg for about 6 race. 

But Valentino is Valentino's with all the strength and spirit he has, he returned to race in Germany, and with just only 60% for condition, he managed to reach the 4th podium,and it makes him very happy. And also prove he's the greatest rider ever. 

After the 1st performance he cameback for his recovery, he pushed himself and show for all of fans around the
world, if life is balance when he had to rest due accidents,many speculation began to doubt it but he saw from the different side , he saw where its the real friends....that actually receive him in any condition. 

When he returned to the race and in the end he put the top three of the World Championship, he proved that every desire will be achieved with passion, hard work and sincerity. 

Yes life is balance, Not everything can go on as planned, that's why God created tears and smile. thats why God created the world with different time in each region, cause this earth need equilibrium.

sometimes we just ready to accept the happiness, but no with tears. The fact, that are two things can't be separated as long as we become human.

So when every condition come on you please see from the different side and the best way is from positive side

~Sorry for many mistakes that I made in this posting especially for grammar

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  1. Aye thats good that mate i like. You look a bit like Vale

  2. thanks mate, to always support me. xx