dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Just For My Alvaro Bautista

The Suzuki Rizla team this  season  only  have one rider for Moto GP race. And the lucky rider they choose is Alvaro Bautisa
The young  rider  from Spain Talavera de la Reina was born 21 November 1984. He really like bike since he was little boy. And he start his international debut in 2002 with Aprilia for 125cc until 2004 and joint with Honda in 2005 for 125 cc. For 2006 he back to Aprilia and be World Champion for 125 cc he got 138 point.
And he started his new debut in 250 cc in 2007 with Aprilia. He got all support from his team and he did very well and got 4thposition for overall standing with 181 point. and was subsequently awarded the MotoGP / FIM "Rookie of the Year" Award for the 250cc class.
In 2008 he didn’t  stop trying  to get a great achievement, and shiningly with final standing on 2nd position with different point only  37 point with Marco Simoncelli.
2009 he only finish two times for 1st podium in Japan and Catalunya and he grab 4th position in final standing. Not too bad and he decided  moving to MotoGP class in 2010, class for all the Kings. And he’s for the first time on his debut in MotoGP the highest achievement  in 5th position in Sepang Malaysia and he get almost always in 8th position in Indianapolis, San Marino and Aragon. So on the final standing he on 13th position from total 15 riders.
Honestly I 'm very  interesting with him , in 2011 when he is only the one rider in Suzuki Rizla. He look bright and charming of course because all media only focus on him. And when I met him for the first time in Sepang, he is very kind and nice to me, so I told to him that he is the sweetest rider I ever met before.
He really like sport, when he in Talavera waiting for the race in Qatar, he only doing activity with riding bike, gym and all related with sport.

After his good performance in every pre  test in Sepang on Feb and Qatar he showed the constant position  but in FP 1 , FP 2 before the race he only got 15th position and time not improve well. The bad thing for him when he crashed and got injured and broken left femur and need for surgery on March 19th in Doha. And after success with his surgery he need to stay in Doha Hospital for a while until his condition improve, and on Wednesday March 23th he went back to Madrid with Medical flight to meet famous  surgeon Dr. Angel Villamor  in USP San José de Madrid  Hospital to start and check  for his first steps of his recovery.
And the Doctor decided to do some surgery again to   begin the reduction of the quadriceps muscles which had become herniated through the open incision (which was 6x30 cm on the outer side of the thigh). Because Alvaro Bautista come to the hospital with tired and got a lot of pain, so the Doctor give him a high doses as well as preventative antibiotics to help Alvaro take a rest and more comfort.
No official announcement about when he will back to the race with his blue bike again, the time he got crashed there was rumor  is was about 10 weeks , but after he did his operation in Doha it was  said he will be back for 8 weeks and the last issued after he success his surgery in Madrid he could be back to race on May 2011 in Estoril Circuit Portugal. But about who will replace him for Suzuki rizla as long he still in Recovery is John Hopkins he is a rider for MotoGP from 2002 with Yamaha, 2003-2007 with Suzuki and 2008 ride bike Kawasaki. Its official statement from Suzuki and will be start in Jerez race on coming April 3rd 2011.
Many support and reaction from his fan and they all can send directly to Alvaro Bautista official twitter in @19Bautista and we can know about what his condition from Varo on that’s account, but he sometimes just twitting with Spanish. so we need to translate first before trying to reply. Little bit hard for someone can’t speak Spanish but it’s fun because we must trying to understand about our Idol from him self.

Finally I just want to say hoping he will get speedy recovery and back  to perform with his blue bike Suzuki Rizla with number 19. Can’t wait longer for his performing, he gave us the meaning of a word SPIRIT. He trying to push hard for FP 3 to pursue a better time but he forgot about temperature in the new tyre still cold, but he just have name of spirit to make him still smile even with his pain after crashed and surgery. So I’m sure he will be back soon to race again. We miss you Varo.

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