dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Final Day Winter Sepang Test MotoGP 2013

Today on the last day of test not lot an update timesheet we can report, but the bike many think happened on the track. Just like Lorenzo got a problem engine and forced the bike to stopped before touchdown in the real track, the starting battle in some lap between the legend Valentino Rossi and the rookie Marc Marquez, the simulation of race did by Dani Pedrosa and also Jorge Lorenzo and many think happened. All they did only to make some understanding with what the bike and the riders one, because with all report they have will determine how the bike will going for the real race

The weather around Sepang circuit was support how the tests went, and in the afternoon around 2-3pm all riders who wearing the leather with helmet under the 54 degree of sun really make them sweat a lot. But that is why we so proud with all of them because they’re still riding and reporting what that felt and they get to their team.

Valentino Rossi the rider who yesterday on 2nd day test only able to put the position on 5th, on the last day he got always the same problem, the power is not too good when he entering the corner. After stuck so long in the last day for 7th place, Valentino Rossi got a great improve after did some rest around 30 minutes, so in the last two hours, he got really good improve and can put 4th for the last day test of second test with the gap not so far from his team mate Jorge Lorenzo +0.070 second.

Not too bad but also not too good, but Valentino Rossi saw it from the different side, he realize that the fastest now Honda with Dani Pedrosa and also Yamaha with Jorge Lorenzo also he will not forget to put the rookie Marx Marquez with his Honda who consistent enough and very brave and very well when he riding the bike, and Valentino Rossi called him Spectacular. He said this year will have lot of great battle and will not too boring, will much some effort to beat the three fastest guys and need more than 100% , so this year will be hard but will be fun also.

That's one of his attitudes who very unique and sometime can easy to understand. But with this way we know he so passionate with this sport.

For Honda and Yamaha Factory, they will have one test in the middle of March in Austin circuit Texas, and Valentino Rossi so enthusiastic with this test, new track and new experience to control his baby M1 on the 20 corner.

And here the last result of the test and also the combination from the three day.

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