dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Lovely day with some of Valentino Rossi crew and him self

27 February is the great and amazing moment I ever had. Never think can so close like this with all his crew. Before in Motegi 2012 I had a couple of conversation too with them but just a general conversation about MotoGP, bike and Valentino Rossi, but for this moment I feel so welcome with all happend. Just don't believe once again the incredible moment following me.

Before starting the lunch activity one by one all Valentino Rossi getting out from the box to their hospitality and the first coming out is Genius chief Engineer from Valentino Rossi Yamaha team Jeremy Burgess, he smile to me and open the nice conversation

JB : How are you?
Me : I'm so happy to have you return to Yamaha, hope all will good"
JB : Sure thanks (and he smile to me while he wash his hand with spray mechine which sometime use for cleaning tyre of bike and he start to open conversation to me)
So I come close to hear and than the continue happened is he spraying me with the water and laughing and said :
JB : Hahaha sorry...sorry it's ok
Me : You kidding me,  yes it's ok you so kind JB
JB : Thank you, again... (and put the spray to me again and laugh)
Me : Noooo...(with smile)
JB : Ok need to go for lunch
Me : Have a nice lunch JB

So lovely moment between fans and one of Valentino Rossi team. That's why since beggining I always feel the team is not only working team but their put friendship inside.

After that AB come out talking a bit about general matter and some of mechanic also recognize me and had a little conversation and then Matteo Flamigni come to me and talk about the interviewed me and Valentino Rossi. So close, so humble, so relax. I just can't believe they all  the great people who working with the amazing people Valentino Rossi can so kind with a fans who sometime bothering them with picture and autograph and also with all mention on twitter.

I'm truly proud,  as we know they meet with a thousand fans in every race  they did and when they can  put fans in his mind as a friend is something amazing.

The one I want to share in this article is sometime we thinking that something is very difficult and very far to achieve but when we believe and do the think with all effort we can,  all can be very simple. (Praying is the part we can't forget also)

Dreaming is something to start what we want but Doing is the important thing we need to do to make what we want come true.

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