dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

Exclusive Interview Jorge Lorenzo for first time in 2013

The round of MotoGP 2013 will start on April and the first test in the early February but the joy s and excitement of this sport already we can feel especially for Indonesian fans. For the first time appearing together with the new format but actually old format,  Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi as a teammate again for the next two years. And after very greatinterviewed with his team mate Valentino Rossi and we get the awesome interview with the World Champion 2012 Jorge Lorenzo.

We  talked about general things, his chance, CRT bikes,  fans and many more. The interview went very well and so friendly becasue  for Jorge Lorenzo,   Indonesia is like his second home because this is the sixth time he visited Indonesia during five years riding with Yamaha in MotoGP.  

According with that so the first question is  being the only rider who very often come to Indonesia, what the most make you so interesting with this country ?
JL : For the first time I really love the country because lot of vegetation, lot of clear area, it’s so warn and yes it’s very important and the people is very kind, very familiar with people from other country.

And here we go the complete interview, enjoy it.

For last year you had so many podium in every race, only 2 left (brilliant) for this year what the strategy you will keep or continue  and what you will leave or change ?
JL : Well, it will be good to repeat the last season 2012, with a consistent result. It’s very taft because last year we been really strong and have a good bike, all really focus. But it’s not easy to repeat it because sometime we can do any mistake and you can out from podium sometime and it will make to difficult to always get podium like last year. But hopefully we can get the same result

Optimist yes?
JL : Yes, always

You have so many woman fans who love you, actually what the most you like from your self ?
JL : I’m very quiet, very curious with the new things. That what I like the most from me.  Hmm and I like to improve myself in every pasrt in my life

Yes.. we can see you look mature
JL  : Yes…it’s good or what ? (laughing…)

Of course it’s positive
JL : Ahhh thank you (smile)

You starting to driving four wheels sometime,  Do you like four wheels more than two wheels or …. ?
JL : The felling you get on the bike is the best , you can move on the bike, you can go up and down (he demonstrated his riding style like he always did in the corner) but on the car you only sitting and did a bit movement but the car make new feeling on me, I like it. For the bike, I have been riding bike for I was kid and for the car is only a few years ago, so the felling more new and more fresh.

As we knew the rule for aggressive rider will different for this years, what’s your opinion of this revised rule,  is it will going to improve this sport or it will not?
JL : (with enthusiastic face and voice) It will positive for all of us because when you crash not because your fault but because the other rider, this is not fair. Sometime we can do any mistake, it’s possible for everyone but when you do something like this one time, two times, three times and you don’t understand that you taking so many risk, not only for yourself but also for other riders than the rule will solve this thing because after that you will know if you do something wrong you will get the finalize. Before you don’t know but with this rule you will care a little bit.
Do you think it will not the race will boring, I mean as a convoy ?

JL : No..I think we still have overtaking the same but safe overtaking, taking care with yourself maybe 10 cm from the other, not really not care to make other crash, force him. I’s bit different so the new  regulation will help it. This is my opinion (Smile and look release)

CRT finished much much closer towards end of 2012, do you think this will continue for this season?
JL : Yeahh hopefully it will more closer, because last year maybe too much different around 2 – 3 seconds and sometime we overlap CRT riders, so all we  hope CRT come be closer to prototype. The ideal, all the bike is prototype but for this moment it’s difficult so we hope CRT will be more competitive

What you want to say for all your fans around the world , especially your Indonesian fans
JL : (thinking, smile and excited) Hi bro… (the new slogan of Yamaha Indonesia) thank you very much to all Indonesian fans, for all the support. That I know you give me support on here in every race, I know MotoGP in Indonesia is very popular. Thank you very much.
JL : We hope Yamaha can win the title. YAMAHA SEMAKIN DI DEPAN. Let’s try to win 2013 World Championship

I can feel, MotoGP 2013 will be very interesting with the two great rders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in one team and also Dani Pedrosa with the rookie Marc Marqueze and also strong satelite from Yamaha and Honda, and we can't forget the Ducati with the new owner hope can make them make the bike more better.

Once again I say Thank you very much for Jorge Lorenzo who so interactive to answered every question and also thanks for Yamaha Indonesia for invite him come here and Yamaha Italy for great chance to make this interview more easy for me. Last but not least Thanks to Moto.it who help me to find the way and wrote this interview in Italian.

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