dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Kamis, 31 Januari 2013

Valentino Rossi 2nd activity in Indonesia with Yamaha 2013

First day Valentino Rossi in Indonesia , he already have very tight schedule. After the launching new logo of Yamaha Indonesia “Semakin didepan” , press conference with media and also the exclusive interview (I'm on the list) , he continue his day for shooting commercial break for product of Yamaha Indonesia.

Need a hour for him and team from the hotel to the shooting location in the central Jakarta, under the rain they continue the journey. Arrived on the location they don’t need to wait because all the spot for the shooting ready for them.

With the Indonesian comedian and who be icon of Yamaha Indonesia Mr. Komeng  who already  worked together with Valentino Rossi the shooting just going very well.  And Valentino Rossi is not only great in the race as we already know but he’s also so incredible in front  of camera, the photo shoot and the shooting of commercial break all moving very smooth and enjoyable. No need much repeat but  all things  very great to watched. He can be good actor for some movie  and also be a model for some cover magazine, his body and his smile just make all crew doing their job with very easy.

In the break time of the shooting, sometime Valentino Rossi sleep on his sofa and playing Play station, eat some bread and also burger king accompany with soft drink. Just to make him relax after long trip and the jetlag. 

We can say nothing than he’s so talented and very complete as a person and also as a rider. He blessing with lot of positive aura. And I really feel blessed to be able following him from the morning until he finished the 1st day in Jakarta when for first time he come back wearing blue uniform. 

Valentino Rossi full body 

If we have dream and we believe that the dreams can be true, just do it,  even though there is a wall it can be opened and let us go to through. Don't give up...dream come to build our spirit to reach it.

And here we go some picture who saw to us how fun the shooting is.

Valentino Rossi photo shoot for Yamaha Indonesia

Valentino Rossi with Indonesia komedian "Komeng"
 shooting for Yamaha Indonesia  commercial TV break

Posed in the middle of shooting break
(cool like always)

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