dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Valentino Rossi with Magnificent Podium at Le Mans 2012

Continuing the great result from three Free Practice and Qualifying Practice and finally Valentino Rossi start race on Le Mans circuit from the third row on 7th place, actually his result in qualifying was very close to achieve 2nd row on 6th but whatever the Qualifying  result he got it was the great result ever for this season, and we don't need to doubt when last race in Portugal he started from 9 and finished very well for 7th place and like he said on #askvalentino that’s clearly “we will build it step by step.” Ahh so realistic of you Vale.

And under the rain after so many riders crashed out on Moto3 and Moto2 due the slippery track condition, the class of the kings MotoGP starting without any expectation who will take the podium.

But as we know Ducati always very good to ride under the rain, in one part it was good because means we can hope some interesting race will happen and the important for me and all Yellow army we have some fresh hope for Valentino Rossi will get podium in the wet, but in other part which mean something not good in the bike, just like Valentino Rossi said when he was waiting to start the Le Mans race “I was hoping for the rain but when you hoping on it, you’re in the sh*t.” That is the way Valentino Rossi talking, he always honest and talk what he feel with heart nothing he hide just to make him look good, that the one reason he’s so different.

When the light went off, all riders started the race was very good except Randy de Puniet who crashed in the starting line but lucky for RDP he can continue the race with his 2nd bike  and Ben Spies who still struggling a lot with his M1 almost crashed with the bike.

Great battle for 3nd place Le Mans 2012
Valentino Rossi, Cal Crutchlow, Andrea Dovizioso
Jorge Lorenzo who started from 2nd row just flying to the front without any rival who battle his stable riding and Valentino Rossi got on 4 place behind Casey Stoner, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow on 5th the duoTech 3 for the last three race very good with the bike.

Valentino Rossi step by step took the position of Andrea Dovizioso, but the race totally very very tight, the gap between Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi, Andrea Dovizioso and Cal Crutchlow was very close, no one can predict at the moment who will win the battle. In the condition like that the one the riders need it’s not only the speed but they need to manage their heart also means need to more calm and patient.

And I think Valentino Rossi got it, he was very patient to following Casey Stoner and manage gap with duo riders Yamaha Tech 3. When we look the situation both Yamaha Tech 3 very close with their first podium on the season but the fact said different because pushing the bike so hard in the corner Cal Cruthlow crashed on the 10 laps to go but the bike still good enough to made him rejoin to the race again and then when the battle for 2nd place still happened between Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso but something happened with Dovi’s bike with his front tire and make him crashed and out from the 2nd battle on 3 laps to go but like his team mate, he able to rejoin on the track.

The clear overtaking Vale just did for his 2nd place
So now the battle for 2nd place is only between Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi, the great battle we never found from so long after drama happened in Jerez 2011 when Valentino take out Casey when crashed in front of Casey. And for sure it make Vale more carefully to overtake Casey even though the Jerez matter it’s not Vale’s fault. But surely this time we can see clearly that Vale did really good overtaking like he always did and at the first chicane on the final lap Valentino Rossi just prove to us without words that his skill and his talent stick with him and will never gone. 

Valentino Rossi and Ducati Team deserved with this victory
And here in Le Mans 2011 Valentino got his first and only podium for that year and Sunday May 2012 in Le Mans Valentino got his first podium for this season and his second podium with Ducati, the greatest of him not only stop until that even only got 2nd place but he be World Wide Trading Topic on Twitter. Incredible 

If I can put quote from the greatest boxer Muhammad Ali who said “To be great champion you must believe you’re the best. If you’re not, pretend you’re.” 
For me this quote is really like Valentino Rossi is when we know who we are, what we want, even in any difficult situation we are sure that we can pass it and reach what we want.

We miss a lot Vale's smile on podium
The podium must be meaning much for Valentino rossi morally made him have more motivation and desire to make Ducati more competitive. He  knows the podium is very important for himself, for the team and for all fans, but with very honest he said “It wasn’t mean the problem that Ducati solve already, they still have lot of work to do, and the next test in Mugello the Ducati team will try new engine and chassis, and after that he and Ducati will see.”

I like the humble he has, Valentino Rossi with the spectacular experience is very realistic, the target after the Mugello test is not podium yet, the first step it for make the bike more close with the Satelite team in this case is Yamaha Tech 3.

His smile and his eyes
describe a million meaning
"We all know the bike is not complete yet but we all sure you're so complete and you have something other don't have, that why you're so unique." 
"And beside that you always know how to mix racing and entertain, thats why when you have battle on there this championship will more interesting, and I think is reason why you always be attention in MotoGP."
"You teach to us one more time even without words is when you have a dream and you know where and what you want, just do it with all  effort and passion you have. Don't ever listen when other said bad about you, because you the one know what you do and  in some point the result will come and other will understand."

That's why we still here, support you and never leave you because we know you will back and we need you back


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