dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Rabu, 07 November 2012

The Friendly of Gino Rea

Knowing him for the first time after watching commercial break in Indonesian Television for Federal Oil, and I started following him on his official twitter @GinoRea . To be honest he's a nice rider who often reply some messages from his fans and sometime he can start to sending message first to his fans. As we all know, not much riders who is famous or not famous yet, want to reply messages  from their fans on twitter, but he did quite often.

And I met directly with him for the first time at Motegi Paddock October 13th 2012. When I called his name and introduced my self, he replied my greeting with very friendly. When I told him I came from Indonesia, he recognized that I'm one of his fans who sometime he  replied on twitter. Our conversation went as we are a friend who ever met before and for me it's so pleasant to met a very nice and friendly rider like him, but the conversation was stopped because  he should immediately go to prepare qualifying practice.

At Motegi race day 14th October I met with him again and only just say hello, because as we know race day always be a very busy day for all riders. Not many riders come out from their box, they all must be busy discussing with their team and preparing for the best result on the race. He started the race from 28th place and finished the race for 25th, without any point. 

A week later I got a chance meeting Gino Rea again at Sepang circuit, and he was very friendly and nicely talked with his fans like the old friend. In our conversation I asked him about the possibility to come to Indonesia to promote the Oil product who sponsoring him. And he answered "Actually they invite me to Indonesia after Sepang race, but they canceled the schedule. For myself it was eager to come there and meet with Indonesian fans but maybe it's not the time yet"

It’s really great attitude for him and before the race started I said to him "Good luck for this race and thank you very much for your kindness. I'm sure you will get a good race here". At the wet race of Sepang circuit it's really love to watched when finally he able to grab his first podium on the very worst weather. Before the red flag stopped the race due  to the weather, Gino Rea very strongly ride his bike and finished third behind Anthony west and Alex de Angelis for first place.

I'm not his huge fans but I'm very happy to look him on the podium. He's very talented and rides well his bike and he was being so friendly also with me and all his fans. He really deserved to get his first podium on Moto2 with Gresini Suter machine. Congratulation Gino Rea, next year we wish will often to see you on podium and grab some point.

Every effort and hard work will bring a worth results at the time. To be a champion can be achieved  by learning and experience but to be a nice guy is only can come from the heart and you have it x

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  1. Mba.. pas ke motegi Mba beli tiket vip village atau memang ada undang khusus? Oh iya. Tips doong untuk ke motegi :) terima kasiiih @puputrossi