dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Minggu, 20 November 2011

MotoGP Rookie Of The Year 2011 Coming To Indonesia

Welcome to Indonesia for MotoGP Rookie of the Year 2011, the British rider Cal Crutchlow on October 24th 2011. But for that time the one came here is not the rider but his "Racing Shoes" only. They followed with us in the same flight, in the same seat and now they stay in Indonesia in our home.

Yeah...once again I was given a fortune to feel the unexpected experience in MotoGP world. Since Cal Crutchlow join with this championship I never meet with him, difficult to meet even I'm waiting in front of his paddock, always didn't have any chance.

Until in October 2011 when the sun started high, and most of the MotoGP lover leave this circuit with feeling of each other and paddock quite empty only a couple riders still there without doing any activity. Me and my son with some friends and other fans just sitting around the paddock.

And not long time we were there, Cal Crutchlow came out from his office and walking to the paddock just to look around. My Son name Sakti just hystericaly but he just looking at me and said "mom..., Cal Crutchlow", but noticing Cal's face was very tired so I said to Sakti "The battery of Camera is empty, so if you want, you can take pic with my camera phone from a distance"

Sakti about 4 meters from Cal Crutchlow took the pic just one time and when he taken the picture, the sounds of the phone camera made Cal looks at my son's  position. My son just silent and felt confused and scared a bit,  because he took the pic without permission from the rider, and Cal Crutchlow walking back to his office and suddenly he turned around and walked towards my son, and ....

CC : "Take it" [with providing his SIDI racing boots to Sakti].
Sakti and I looked at each other, just confused then
Me : "means you want my son to helping you hold the shoes for a while" [with my confuse face]
CC : "No, take it"
Me : "I'm sorry but Do you mean these shoes for my son"
CC : "Yes this is for him, I love to see him" [smile and looks to Sakti]
and make us astonished, my son's face just smiling and still can't believe. Then Sakti took the shoes and said "Thank you, Thank you very much".

Cal Crutchlow was very kindly, he offered us to take photos together. I think, other than he did great race this year, his kindness and his friendly attitude that he provided to us also a very precise reason for him being "The Rookie of the year for MotoGP 2011"

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  1. so sweet of Cal.. He really is a good guy.. and Im happy for Sakti.. He must be very happy having Cal's shoes..

  2. Yeah, he did it without any plan just going natural. Really honest and kind of him. Btw thanks for read it xx