dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Jumat, 27 April 2012

Valentino Rossi Return for Jerez 2012

After surprising commented by Valentino rossi after struggling and finished 10th place at Qatar, so for almost two weeks after we can read lot of issued and rumors came about Valentino Rossi relation with his new baby the duke and will divorce before the end of the contract.


@ValeYellow46 Siamo noi siamo noi i campioni
della terza siamo noi!!!Tavullia campione!bravi ragazzi
(Are we are the champions of the third is us!Tavullia champion! Good guys)

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The ironic one our hero Valentino Rossi keep calm and enjoying his rest for the next race at Jerez with some sport and activity he like. He followed monza race and driving his 4 wheels with Uccio and we can know from them account how they enjoyed a lot. And many enjoy things he was did with all his friend on Tavullia. It was mean he already release what make him so hard on Qatar and back to be Valentino Rossi who we know before with his spirit never give up

And its totally clear about Valentino Rossi situation when Italian TV invited him to be reporter for his father Graziano. In here we will not put all of them interview just some poin very interesting on my point of view.

How Graziano explain to Valentino Rossi when he asked about what the good one and the bad one The Duke need to do to make Vale easier to ride, and Graziano answeres with very technical words, he said the power of  the bike (engine) is very fast but need some modification to make the engine easy to ride and to change weight distribution to lose the understeer. Look so interesting and made us realize from who the great talent of Valentino Rossi come.

And when Valentino Rossi asking about what Vale must do in this situation and again Graziano with very smart and brilliant said "For me Valentino Rossi need more tougher than ever before (Even he already tougher) and he need to more commit and believe with himself fully. And if any case it will not going well he can't give up or give in because in my view it is really not time to quit, Here the truly chalange for Valentino to win here with Ducati"

Any idea how strong relation between Valentino and his father, how big the support he get from his family. That is the base for someone can be so big and excelent like Valentino when he do all thing with heart the reasult will be with him even now he on the difficult situation

We all know Valentino Rossi very like with Jerez track and on the last test before he had a good result for his GP12 so it will be very important race for him and the duke. he drawn it on the interviewed on Jerez and like usual with the wise he said  "When you sign a contract  you have to arrive at the end and always giving the maximum effort and this is the target for us"

Really love his way to face this situation and this one make him so special because not many people who have great behavior. Love you always

source : gpone.com & motomatters.com & my self :)

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