dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

dsulistiyo Love Valentino Rossi

Rabu, 04 April 2012

Schedule for the first race of MotoGP 2012 (Commercial Bank Grand Prix Qatar)

The first race of this season will start in very soon. And the one made us waiting with very curious of course the best rider ever Valentino Rossi performance with his bike. at present we all know that Vale's bike is under development because after he can’t reach what they think with the last bike (GP 11.1), the team are trying to build a new bike with so many different configurations. 

Like the position of engine the old bike used L Twin and the GP 12 will use V twin with the  hope the bike will be more easier to control and maneuver in the corner. The bike is also heavier due to the new regulation from Dorna for 2012 season from 150kg (800 cc) be 157 kg for 1000 cc. I think the change of the weight they did to make the bike more stable because the speed of the bike will be faster. For Ducati the speed of the bike with 1000cc engine is around 360km/hours
                                                                 pic by dsulistiyo
The names of the new bike was called GP12 or Phoenix means in mythology is the bird that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed again from its ashes.
Just like spirit of the team who last season very burned with the success they can’t get after all thing the best they did for make the bike perform but the success didn’t come until the end of the season, and they will keep the spirit up and renew the bike for make it able to have some battle with others bike like Honda and Yamaha.
What we can say from their spirit is They look the reality about how struggle they were in the past but doesn't mean they need to stop and just stay there but they move on to build in again part by part, and make progress gradually.

pic from @ValeYellow46
Here what Valetino Rossi's comment before the GP Weekend : "We worked hard over the winter, and although we went the wrong direction at one point, we once again managed to find the good feeling with the GP12 that we'd had in the first test - Valentino Rossi said - With those settings, which we'll start with in Qatar, I was able to get good feedback from the bike. At Losail it will be very important to work well during the sessions leading up to qualifying so that we can increase our confidence step by step as we approach Saturday, always trying to maximize our potential. I'm a realist, and I know well that our times are still a long way off and that there are still some things to fix. We won't be able to address some of them right away, but it's also true that both we at the track and the guys back home now have a direction to work in, and we must try to do as well as we can. We won't completely redo the bike during the season, but we'll try to progress little by little."

Lot of positive comments from other about what Valentino Rossi and Ducati team doing with their bike:
Dani Pedrosa said : “Valentino Rossi is Sunday rider so he still able to reach the podium”
Vittoriano Guareschi : He's not so young as when he first came to Yamaha in 2004, but his motivation is very high and I think Valentino with the support of good will can fight for victory
Jorge Lorenzo : “I think Valentino Rossi will fight to achieve the title for this year, he’s still strong and the bike more competitive”
Pernat : “for me Valentino Rossi can still be champion”

Dsulistiyo : “I don't know why, but I pretty sure Valentino Rossi will touch podium in Qatar”

Whatever the result will be in Qatar but we still expect some surprise from him. And starting from April 6th the adventure will begin with the classy of mega watt light in Losail Circuit, and the first time riders will doing Free Practice 1 at 19.55 Local time for 45 minute and here are the complete schedule for the exciting experience for new era of MotoGP 1000 cc : 
of the 21 riders in MotoGP this year, 11 have won world titles in GP,
WSBK or WSS while 16 have won races across the 3 championships ( @azifarni TL)  pic by Motogp
Local Time GMT + 3                          Jakarta Time GMT + 7
5 April 2012 , Thrusday                    5 April 2012, Kamis
FP1 Moto3 18.00-18.40                   FP1 Moto3 22.00-22.40
FP1 Moto2 18.55-19.40                   FP1 Moto2 22.55-23.40
FP1 MotoGP 19.55-20.40                FP1 MotoGP 23.55-00.40

                                                                6 April 2012, Jumat

FP2 Moto3 20.55-21.35                   FP2 Moto3 00.55-01.35
FP2 Moto2 21.50-22.35                   FP2 Moto2 01.50-02.35

6 April 2012, Friday
FP2 MotoGP 18.00-18.45                FP2 MotoGP 22.00-22.45
FP3 Moto3 19.00-19.40                   FP3 Moto3 23.00-23.40
FP3 Moto2 19.55-20.40                   FP3 Moto2 23.55-00.40

                                                                 7 April 2012, Sabtu
FP3 MotoGP 20.55-21.40                FP3 MotoGP 00.55-01.40

7 April 2012, Saturday
QP Moto3 18.00-18.40                    QP Moto3 22.00-22.40
QP Moto2 18.55-19.40                    QP Moto2 22.55-23.40
QP MotoGP 19.55-20.55                 QP MotoGP 23.55-00.55

                                                                 8 April 2012, Minggu

WUP Moto3 21.20-21.40                  WUP Moto3 01.20-01.40
WUP Moto2 21.55-22.15                  WUP Moto2 01.55-02.15

8 April 2012, Sunday
WUP MotoGP 18.00-18.20              WUP MotoGP 22.00-22.20
Race Moto3 19.00                              Race Moto3 23.00      

                                                                  9 April 2012, Senin
Race Moto2 20.20                              Race Moto2 00.20
Race MotoGP 22.00                          Race MotoGP 02.00

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